Sudden Onset of New Abilities? Things that run in families?

  • Hello Ladies! I made my way back "home". 🙂 I tried getting on earlier this morning and posted briefly, but it hurt to do so. So, I rested some more. I think I need to take everything a little slower than I have been. I have been going up and down the stairs since I've been home. The wonderful bathroom is upstairs and I've been residing in the recliner. I have not been eating anything solid, because I'm SO afraid of the bowel movement. Doc said that was okay. It's been my choice. They tried feeding me solids at the hospital and the most I ate was pudding, a couple bites of fresh fruit and some spinach. Mostly, I at broth and drank juice and water, and ice chips. Love the ice chips.

    I cam home yesterday at about 11 in the morning. I don't think I could've gotten out any faster. I had a lovely roomate, and I ached for her. She was in so much more pain than I was. She's stuck there until the 19th. The beds are like lying on cardboard, and the pillows weren't much softer. The great part was that I could adjust my bed with a touch of a button. After Tuesday morning, they took me off of the morphine drip. Gotta tell ya, I loved that drip! 🙂

    My son has been such a sweet heart. He brought down his old Spiderman table to put next to me and a bell for me to ring when I need his help for anything. He is such a gem. I am so lucky. I had my first hot flash Tuesday morning. Oh, that was just scary. The respirtory therapist took my oxygen off and my face just started burning. It was like it was on fire. I asked her if that was normal, and she told me no. She asked if I was allergic to the plastic, and I told her that I had had it on all night. So, then she suggested the hot flashes. They put an estrogen patch on my abdomen, and now all is well. I will have to change them weekly....not too bad.

    I am in tremendous pain right now, and continue to try to think happy thoughts. My leg pain has not gone away however. The doctor told me just before I went into surgery that he thought there were multiple things wrong with me though, and this was just the beginning. I asked him to be more positive and he flat out told me no.

    I get my stapes out tomorrow morning. My sisters are coming out tomorrow to help me with all that. My family has been so wonderful. My older sister even called me while at the hospital. She left a message on face book too. Not sure where I wanna go with that one. I'll just leave it for now. Deal with it when I'm healthier.

    I told my Mom that there might be a chance that I get to see Dad when I go under. When I awoke, she asked me, and I couldn't recall. However, when I started falling asleep for like 15 minute increments and such, I kept getting messages from him, like he was reminding me of our visit. Not sure though. The main message I got from him was to "take care of Mom".

    Okay, just took another percocet. I'll probably be nodding off in a few. I need to rest.

    Thank you so much everyone! Thank you. Oh, and I love the coop web site idea Artbird. 🙂

  • Dear Amantim,

    Great that you're home , I had to discharge myself as I couldn't eat the hospital food let alone sleep in their beds I always feel you are better at home somehow

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • Chrissicat -- Thanks! It's great to be back. The food actually looked good. I just wasn't about to eat anything solid yet. I'm sure I'll get to that. I'm drinking this yucky stuff called "muscle milk". It has protein, vitamins and minerals in it. We do what we can. 🙂

  • Hi amantim. So glad you are home and made it through the surgery! Take care my dear friend>

  • Thank you soapmaker. That book from Osho came in while I was in the hospital. I wait while my Mom is not here to read it. I have yet to crack it open. She's not that "open" to all of this. She's rather "anti" really. So, I need to be careful. Oh, and on another note, the nurse told me to wash my incision with soap that does not contain perfumes or lavish excessiveness that I didn't need. I was thrilled to know that I could go home and use what I ordered from your site. And yes, it worked wonders! Again. 🙂 It didn't hurt like other soaps would have. Thank you very much.

  • Amantim I saw your post this morning and got right on sending you healing energy and tried to ease your pain some. After reading what you had to say I guess it helped. Good to hear from ya. Take your time and what do they think about you climbing stairs? Or did you not tell them about it.

  • LibrasLair -- Thank you SO much for the healing. It sure is helping. I just went to the bathroom again. It is very difficult getting in and out of the recliner. My son helps me. He's so sweet. Yeah, the doctor said I was allowed to go up and down stairs slowly, and that I am allowed to lift up to 10lbs. I lifted a gallon of milk out of the refrigerator earlier today. (No one was home to help me at the time) and it was a higher reach than I realized. I didn't realize how many stomach muscles you use for simple little things like that. Boy, I thought I was going to drop the jug. Luckily, I re-positioned my breathing and focus of how I was handling the jug and it was a lot easier putting it back in than when I had gotten it out. I swung it right out of there, like I ding dong.

  • Hi Amantim,

    good to hear from you as we're all thinking of you and wishing you well. A couple of tips from one who is recuperating from the same op - Take your pain meds 4 hourly for a couple of weeks and don't let the pain get intense first. Don't be afraid to have a bowel motion; roll up a towel and clutch that to your tummy whilst you're trying for the first time, gently of course. It helps. Please avoid any lifting for the first two weeks or so. Forget the milk or get someone to put some in a small jug for you. There is a very thick muscle that has been cut out completely, so you simply won't be able to manage much for some months. Play ambient music through headphones to help you get off to sleep, even for naps as sleep heals. I couldn't cope with the immediate hot flushes as they woke me constantly for five minutes at a time, so hopped off to the herbalist and now take Femi Nan, made by Eagle, sort of natural treatment for this situation (menopause). I couldn't take the oxygen mask for long as the plastics they use in them are highly allergenic from my point of view. Consider taking some D3 drops to boost your immune function and because it is snowy there. Coughing when recuperating hurts. Try some positive affirmations; here's one for you - "I am nourished by the Spirit within. Every cell in my body is filled with light. I give thanks for radiant health and endless happiness." Namaste xx

  • Thank you, Chenaya19! Do you mind me asking your age? My doctor has me on the estrogen patch in fear that I would go into menopause too early. I told him that I wasn't comfortable going on synthetic hormones because I heard it helped cause breast cancer and such. He said, that only happens in women that take it past the menopause years. He was more worried that I didn't take it, because it causes cardiovascular disease, strokes, and such. With that running so high in my family already, I figured I follow the doc's orders. I'm 35 years old and he wants me to remain on the patch until I'm 48-50yrs old. I was also told that it is normal to have some hot flashes and menopause symptoms without being in full menopause (while on the patch). They told me that it was normal. So, yeah, I wake up being really hot. I just threw the blanket off of me because of this. It's in the 20's here! (Rather warm compared to more recent days).

    What are D3 drops? I'm really curious about herbal remedies. I will check into these, but it must wait until I get paid again. Pay check all went out to bills and my prescriptions. That patch is $44 and the percocet was only $14. It adds up though. Heavens above, it sounds like it's raining! I hope the ice doesn't follow.

    Sorry. Went off track there. I like the affirmations too. I will definitely do that. Thank you again.

  • Amantim I would suggest talking to someone at your local health food store they can help you. I take a soy estrogen and it's a generic one. Estroven, I had side affects but with Healthy Woman I didn't. I take the CVS store brand. You may not have that same drug store in your area. Walgreens will have a store brand I am sure. Also sugar will cause hot flashes. Mind you I have all of my parts so I went into the change of life without any problems. There are other things you can take that are in your natural estrogen. Black Cohash I don't know the spelling for it. But check some doctors will roll their eyes if you mention it but others like holistic treatments really.

  • I wonder if you might be an indigo? Very often they are late bloomers with regard to intuitive and psychic talent and a great many of them are artistic as well. You might do some research on typical indigo traits and see if perhaps they describe your characteristics.

  • virgogirl137 who are your talking to? I am sure Amantim is. Did you do Reiki for someone who mother I think was ill here of the forum? If it was you she was trying to thank you and I forgot who it was.

  • It was laie4 who started a thread to thank you if it was you that did it.

  • Libraslair, I think virgogirl37 was responding to my response to her post some days ago.


    SO glad you are okay! Missed you! DID you end up getting an open surgery or the bigger incision afterall?

    ALso, when I had mine done, about the hormone patch stuff, I wore one for maybe a year, at the most. Hot flashes can be even worse right after that surgery for several months as homrones in your body try to find some kind of balance after such a "trauma". Eventually, mine (hot flashes, spells) completely faded in about that year's time. Can;'t remember the last time I had a hot flash. I'd get more than one docs opinion on using the patch till you are 50. It's good especially the firstr year post operative till your body evens out hormones, and keeping hot flashes under control but there are some risks and with what you have describes as far as your family medical history too. There are some natural alternatives that work too, like Libraslair metnioned, and chenaya, i think. And yeah, those patches can be really expensive but I would definitely ask them to prescribe a different one---one that comes in generic or cheaper-there are several out on the market. When they first prescribe a patch for me post surgery, yeak they prescribed only the MOST expensive one! Hello???!!!!! Then switched it to a cheaper one at my request.

    How is everything else going for you though??

    Many, many blessings!!!!!!

  • Libraslair (and anyone else that may know)!!!!

    Can you tell me what you know about crystals and quartz, are they the same, like as in quartz crystal? Etc?

    SO I found some gorgeous blue quartz, as I mentioned before, I am incorporating into some jewelry, along wiht a few other things, like some aventurine, jasper, jade, and I have some old turquoise I have had for years, actually older than me, use to be my mother's (adoptive's) and you know, we take apart jewelry, make a new piece, get bored with that one, take it apart again, make a new necklance/bracelet, earrings, all that (LOL),. Well I am getting ready to do that again.

    I did notice these days there are tons of this howlite in the stores now, that they dye several colors. I almost mistoke (is that a word???lol) okay, let me say it right , "had mistaken" the howlite for turquois a minute there. DOn't know much abou howlite or if it is a cousin to turqoise or not. I also saw some turquoise that claimed it was real and not howlite and all that, but it definiteyl didn;t loo like it was? It was strange. I have a little of that greener turqoise and then the more blue kind, but years ago it came off of the Navajo reservation, probably 50 years ago. I ended up with it about 20 years ago when the original piece broke, and since then have redesigned new stuff froma sum of all the parts.

    Many, Many blessings!!!!

  • Yes quartz is crystal and it is the same thing. I am telling you get the book The Crystal Bible. You will see the colors that different stones are. Every stone your used to seeing could be another color depending on where it is found. Go to Fire Mountain Gems online and look at the different colors and it will tell you if its dyed or natural and the can be heated which makes them darker. And you can't go by colors all the time because they do dye some stones. I would be very careful just going into a store that you don't know much about and taking their word for it. If some of those stones are dyed and you sell it and as the person wears it and the color comes off on their skin and you didn't inform them it was dyed. Someone is going to be mad. Wet you fingers and rub the stone and see if the color comes off on your finger. No joking get the book. Your working in the blind and me telling you isn't as good as having a book with the pictures.

  • To LibraLair: I was actually responding to the original post but I should have noted that. I haven't been on-line for awhile so catching up on the postings.

  • To LibrasLair: The Crystal Bible is excellent.. I use that and a new book called, "Crystal Tips and Cures'. The Crystal Bible 2 is also good for unusual, hard to identify stones but haven't gotten that one. Lately I'm drawn to hermimorphite for some reason, but I have no idea what its good for. Maybe someone here knows, or I will look it up.

  • virgogirl I have many other books as well as both of the Crystal Bibles. I will see what I can find on hermimorphite.

  • Is that the correct spelling?Cause I have Hemimorphite.

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