Sudden Onset of New Abilities? Things that run in families?

  • To Libraslair: Thank you for the additional info, feel like its a good crystal for me now... found a strand of it and going to make a necklace - thinking about mixing it with either moonstone or amazonite, maybe both. At any rate I figure it will be a good spring color.

  • Do what ever feels right when your putting it together. Follow that feeling. Have you heard of Fire Mountain Gems, Google them and see the great sales that they send me every week. Right now they have a 48 hour $1 sale. I forwarded it to Artbird yesterday an I thought she would come right threw my monitor she was so excited. Or give me your address and I will forward it to you too.

  • looks like I could use it too, I have been looking at some designs, but if I want to be lazy this isn't easy to find in readymades, mindyou I only looked on E-Bay so far and they didn't have much Hemimorphite at all, there are a few shops I can look into for beads but looking at the colours that Hemimorphite comes in I may already have some I admit I prefer to shop offline for crystals for myself as then I can get to touch them and get a feel for them as I find they all feel different even if they are the same gemstone

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • What Angek Cards do you use?

  • Take Vitamen E It calms flashes and night sweats.

  • Chrissicat I have never seen Hemimorphite on the site for Fire Mountain but the book that I found them in with only pictures showed 3 different colors of the stones. And autumwind I am not sure who your asking the question about the cards I may be Chrissicat because I don't use any. I take E but don't have the same problems these women do. Chrissi you may get hot flashes from the beer because there is sugar in it or it turns to sugar in your system. I know some alcohol has sugar in it because it help in fermenting.

  • LibrasLair as far as I know all beers and lagers have sugars in them , still I will take on the extra vit E as anything vitamin related will be good as I have a very bad habit of skipping meals, though at 180+lb and 5'6" you wouldn't think so.

    What were the extra colours in Hemimorphite, I only saw pale green and pale blue, very similar to the colours of peruvian opal or amazonite, close enough that someone who didn't know might mistake them, which is why I think I might have some as I have a necklace bought as amazonite which has no banding or marking it's just a solid pale pastel green

    any ideas of avoiding statins would be extremely gratefully recieved too

    Autumnwind, at the moment I don't have any Angel Cards yet, I have Medicine Cards and the Cat People Tarot, and a set of Amethyst Runes too, my "semi obsessions" are as you guess if you saw any of my previous postings, cats ,Ancient Egypt, Native Americans specially Apache and Navajo,and Celtic history closely followed by Crystals and Herbalism I have also developed an interest in past lives and what my astro chart says about me, especially as in my view I have no planets in certain sections in the view of it drawn up here

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • Hi Autumnwind,

    thanks so much for the advice to take Vit E. I really needed that help. I don't take it at present. Blessings on your dear head.

  • Chrissicat,

    feels like I am addressing my old cat, lol. I know I'm a Gemini, but girl, you must be my long lost twin - all the same interests and the same height and weight. I adore amazonite! It's a bit hard to find hemimorphite as interesting.

    I once successfully regressed my former husband and my daughter to past lives of theirs. It was one of the most fascinating experiences ever and certainly shed light on their challenges/interests etc. During group meditations at my old spiritualist centre, I often slipped right back into a past life as a type of Indian shaman. Had several in that culture. Love 'em.

    Am brewing up fenugreek and fennel teas at the moment - these sinuses are killing my 'joie de vivre'. Ah dear, gave in today and took the scripts for antibiotics and prednisone the lovely Dr gave me. I even agreed to go back some time and listen to his arguments for HRT. Horreur!

    Must be his paternal interest that weakened my spine.

    Just off camping in the gorgeous Bunya Mountains. Google it and drool! Love those huge trees and hiking amongst them. Any word from Amantim? Stay well you lovely lot.

  • Chenaya I have been wondering about Amantim for the last two days and thinking she must be having a lot of pain for her not to get on and say hi. Oh I hated taking prednisone when I was taking the chemo. They taste so nasty and they're isn't anyway of getting past that. I hate taking medications of any kind anyway. The multitude of vitamins I take is bad enough. Hemimorphite in this mineralogical pictorial book by Melody says Vitreous pearly white, bluish,greenish, yellowish and brownish colors. One of the pictures looks like a cluster of crystals. The others are shown as a bigger stone. I wish I knew how to shrink these down enough to put them on here.

  • Hello Ladies!!!!!

    Libraslair, so thanks again for the "inside tip" on Fire Mountain Sale. lol

    I am now on the mailing list. I like their tons of jewelry and bead design ideas too. I was able to get some fantastic deals, now just waiting for them to arrive in the mail. There were a few others i wanted to get but they were all sold out for the sale. That's Lapis and can't remember what else. But that's okay, gives me an excuse to continue browsing around. I did visit a local gem place here that also has some good ones both in the rough and some tumbled. I have a tumbler but have to look what condition it is in as Ihaven't used it in ages. SO I have been readin gup on stones and crystals and geology of the earth in general (LOL). I have some books already that has some fantastic pictures and stuff so that ahs been good reading but it is more general on all rocks, gems, and stones, but very helpful.

    Can someone fill me in more on "cleaning" stones, though? Since I am so new to this? I also read one place online saying that you shouldn't put metal around crystals as it dewvoids its power or something? But I only saw thagt one place so far. Is this true? I would think things like silver or copper would add to the effects or act as somewhat of a conductor, not detract from it. Even gold supposively can store crystals energy or complement it, etc. Then for jewelry, I usually use copper wire and other metal containing type fixtures, etc. in beading them together. Also, what does combining hematite beads with gems do......anything?

    Can't wait to get the fire mountain stuff in the mail, and having fun learning everything rock and gem and might do a paitning series somehow abstractually incorporating crystal/stone forms or something, not sure yet. It's reminding me of my first adoptive father taking us on rock hunt walks and our pyrite and peacock rock and rose quartz hunting at old copper mines. He was always picking up rocks everywhere and telling us the properties of stuff---of course I only remember or retained a few things.

    CHrissicat! You mentioned about Celtic and some others using gems/stones and herbs--well it must be the part Scottish genes coming through, -lol-I've been interested in herbs for a long time, first introduced when doing some botanical illustrations for an herbal medicine man practitioner in Boulder right after art school. CHenaya---I have some scottish/possibly danish (we're still confirming my bio father, of course) too, and I am also gemini-we have a lot in common-not to mention some health junk (Hashimotos-etc) and art interests. Totally amazing. Are you working on any new spirit art? I t would be fantastic if you combined your poetic prose with art , also in a coffee table book of art and inspiration.

    Many blessings, everyone!

  • I will mail it to you.

  • Sorry Ladies! I have not been on for awhile cuz I'm been in some pain and have been really tired. My Mom keeps getting on me that I should be doing more. Maybe she's right. It's just when I get up and walk around, make a sandwhich, even go to the bathroom, I am SO tired. It just kicks my butt. I'm going to check out that site about D3 drops that you stated here, Chenaya. Thank you. Gotta check the other threads. 🙂

  • I thought you were in a lot of pain. But aren't you suppose to be walking around a little more? Take your vitamins. Multiple, Calcium/mag., D, E, A. Take them when you eat and not on an empty stomach.

  • In this life Dad is pure Dublin Irish and Mum was part Irish part Welsh so I am pure celt ( I think)

    the idea of Spirit art is really fascinating though My little brother has already had a coffee table book made he went on a trip financed by the princes trust to photograph a monastery in Egypt which is really good, he is Garry McNamara and also used to work for amateur photographer

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • LibrasLair -- Yes, I have been doing my walking since I've been home from the hospital. I think that I tried too much too quickly though, and it set me back. It was quite a long walk from the parking lot to my doctor's office. So, when we had to leave, my sister picked me up at the curb. After getting the staples out, it felt as though my guts were going to fall out. I know that sounds disgusting, but that's how it felt. The pain worsended and I started bleeding (vaginally) on Monday (a week after the surgery). Doc said it might be the stitches dissolving. I was supposed to see him this week because of it, but I didn't have a ride. So, I have an appointment this coming Tuesday. I think that I needed to re-rest if you will, to gain what I had lost in my recovery. I am doing much better today. I don't think that being completely healed is much further away. 🙂

  • Well I am glad of that. Just wondering how you were doing and thought it was the pain. How's your reading coming? Getting tired of that yet? Take care sending healing energy your way.

  • Interesting about heritage and stones and herbs. Scot/Irish, Dutch, English and Cherokee here. As close as I can get from my mom.

  • Oh, I'm in the middle of reading Phoenix Rising. It is awful of what is to come. I just knew that was She-Who-Sees! LOL! I am loving the read though. I really am starting to appreciate nature so much more too.

  • That book was written in the 80' a lot or most of that has already happened.

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