Sudden Onset of New Abilities? Things that run in families?

  • Hello Everyone,

    Up front, in case it is relevant at all, my birthday is 6/16/1971 born at 7:07 pm in Phoenix, AZ. I was adopted and recently found my biological family on my mother's side so far, who was the oldest of 7 children in her family; my mother passed away but I found 5 siblings and tons of aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. I have had some intuitive type stuff my whole life and dreams coming true type abilities and empathic type abilities since as far back as I can remember as a child, but it has increased trememndousy over the years, particularly this past year this has sped up dramatically in frequency, and ther eis to many instance to really mention here, and now something starkly dramatic in the last few weeks that is beyond my ability to understand and need help with to understand what to do next. The only people I have told is a few people in my adoptive family because I just did not know what to do with it and had to tell someone to fiugre out what to do and was even afraid to tell them at first, not my biological family yet , as I don't know what their response would be and am still getting to know then since meeting them, but instead a few in my adoptive family I have told including my adoptive mother and they are supportive but she suggested I try to find someone who has the same thing and was a bit worried i'd b labeled crazy, but herself, is understanding. One of my adoptive brothers I told, too, but he suggested I do a series of paintings of what I see, jokingly, as I am an artist. LOL! least he was supportive! But they have never had experience themselves with this sort of thing and don't know anyone or where to begin either.

    For a bit more background, when finding my biological family, I knew all sorts of things about them and once finding them these things were absolutely true. Then, I found that my mother and other relatives also have similar abilities, are many of them are also very creative and artistic like me, which was neat to find, in fact I have an art school degree, was a graphic desinger, now am disabled and am just a painter and illustrator now, do a few websites for people here and there as health allows and that's it. Stranglely, before my mother died, she was working on an art degree! a strange coincidence, as I have one, and one of my brothers i just found is an artist and other relatives. I also always was into archaeology, indigenous tribal arts, art history, and my granfather was an archaeologist and professor at a University! Strange coincidence! He dragged my mom and her family all over living in national parks, etc, , taught universities as professor. Many tell me of some "abilities' running int he family but it is all "hush-hush" and but their religion discourages developing any psychic or other abilities they have or some interpret what is happening differently.. My biological brothers and sisters started looking for me 10 years ago after our mother passed, and I just found them finally this year myself after the need to find them became unbearable and there are many reasons I have found since finding them, that I needed or was supposed to find them, but that's another story. A week before finding out if my mother was still alive, though, in my search to locate them, i had a dream where my bio.mother came, told me she had already passed on to the other side but that she was going to be heping me, but i do not know with what entirely yet. I am now finding my biological father's side but we think he passed away too, so most people i tell that to think it has to do with this but I think it has to do with other things and maybe partly that but not entirely. I also found out that at different times in my life when things were happenening in their lives, I was sensing things, and now find out why???? That there was a connection all my life to them in what was happening in their lives. My mother also told my siblings, who are all considerably younger than me by 10 to 15 years, that I would come asnd find them some day and she sat down to prepare them for this day. She would ask them, "What will you do when that day comes?" And evidently this was about that she wanted to prepare them for this day and that she wanted them to welcome me with open arms, etc. SO that's another coincindence.

    Since meeting them certain "abilities have only increased". Like on eof my biological cousins was getting surgery and I had only met them once, and I got a bad feeling about a surgery he was having and that he was going to have complications with it. I called his dad, my uncle, and emailed him and his wife to warm them, and they actually listened, his dad too. I was panicked the whole day before his surgery with an urgency to get ahold of him. The kind of thing happens pretty frequently. I told them that when this happens to tell the doctors some info I was passing on before surgery so they are prepared what to do when he does have complications to save his life. My relatives did tell the doctors before his surgery, and i was supised they listened, barely having met me, and i am sure the doctors didn't believe a word, but then he did have complications as I knew he would but he is okay now. SO it is that kind of stuff.

    i feel my birth mother around all the time and now have actual physical things happning confirming things, like I will say something and actually get a response with mights flashing on and off quickly. i wasn't actually directly asking a question, I had said a prayer to God and at the end of it said to those I know on the other side no longer living thatif they can , round up a few angesl and put in a good word for me to hep me, t please do it, and that is when the ligth stuff happened and I got a call from someone immediately after that. I also knew that the lights would do the same thing two more times and it did. I have a lady that comes helps do housework and told her about it and as I was telling her after saying something specific, the lights did it again, not all the lights, just certain lights in the house, and she freaked a bit of course. There's more but don't want to write too much here and bore everyone. But I have had a lot od experiences happen in my life, a lot of intuitive experiences and dreams that come true not as frequently but they seem to be increasing.

    But here is the big thing I need help with, please, for anyone. I really need input and help and direction. I don't know anyone at all to know who to ask or where to go.

    I don't know how to say it or describe it well or where to get help with it or who to talk to . I have some medical problems, have narolepsy, a sleep disorder, and because of that have had several concussions/minor head injury, so I can only think this might have something to do with an increase of "stuff" maybe, I don't know! I have always prayed as a child to the present that if such abilities ever kept increasing, I prayed to NEVER see spirits because I felt I could never handle it. Whenever I get impressions of things, feel something, etc., have some experience I am always praying, "Please, I don't want to see anything even though I know you are there", kind of thing!

    A few weeks ago, though, something strange has started. AS I look at photographs, I literal see other things in photos that other people cannot see. They also transform a bit right in front of me! They are very detailed overlays of images but just fainter, in the background nd other place sint he pictures,, mostly people, like as if it was people like ancestors and stuff and themn images almost of that peron younger and scenes of stuff maybe in their life and sometimes symbols and things. At first i THOUGHT i WAS GOING CRAZY! But my worst fear is coming true. My one thing I never wanted is here! There's much more to this but don't wan tot bore anyone. I see images of people, symbols sometimes, and objects and like when lookin gjust at a photo of a canyon and pine trees with a lake, it is as if I am seeing both animals and people that lived there or events that happened there in some images, as well as animals. I have one picture of a lake and well a lot of weird stuff I see, I just can't believe it. IN pictures of me in front of my own fireplace I see standing next to me by the fireplace (only in the photo of it, not in real life looking there) multiple "people" from several time periods of history. Ther eis an aboriginal or cave man type guy standing next to me as if he was a medicine man around a campfire and here I am in front of my fire so it is as if we are both enjoying the same "fire". On the other side, there is an Aztec type guy in full dress, I can draw the headdress for people, everything, highly detailed as I am ooking right at him in the photo. He has a sheathed knif eon his hip, he is smiling at the camera, real friendly, looking right toward the camera like I am. There is another guy more cowboy, western dress. There is a little girl more modern that looks like she is from INdia with a dot in the middle of her forehead, I mean the list goes on, with how many people I see, very detaile,d I could draw potraits in intimate detail off what I see, but no one else can see it.

    I do not know what is happenning to me, what it means, what I can do with it, but I NEVER expected this kind of stuff to happen. I have alway, always prayed to NEVER "see" the spirit world in any way, and don't knwo for sure if it is, maybe I have a brain tumor doctors can't find, maybe I am nuts! Bu evidently, meeting my biological family, several of them see spirits and things but they try to keep it to themselves and try to supress this because of religious beliefs.

    ANy one have any info, referral, advice, impressions, anything that might help me? I am open to anyone's thoughts, suggestions, ideas, PLEASE!!!!

  • Hi Artbird,

    Welcome to the forum!

    First thing I want you to do is take a deep breath, now let it out slowly. A couple more now. Ok. You are stressing yourself out and getting worked up, I can feel your anxiety, so I want you to relax. Some meditation will help.

    You are very gifted. I cannot personally help you with what's going on (you are way ahead of me!!!!) but I have emailed someone who may be able to help you, so later on when they wake up, you will get a reply.

    Take care of yourself, help is on it's way.



    P.S. I pulled an Angel Card for you so I offer you this:

    Archangel Michael - you are working very closely with this powerful archangel, who's protecting and guiding you through this situation.

    To increase your courage and confidence, say the following with sincerity......

    "Archangel Michael, I call upon you now. Please lend me your sword and shield of peace, and allow me to lean upon your strength and courage. Help me to know and feel that I am safe and protected emtionally, physically, financially, energetically and spiritually. Thank you.

    The angels can help you control your clairvoyance by asking them for help. You may like to ask Archangel Raziel.....

    "Archangel Raziel, I call upon you now. Please surround me with the highest and purest vibrations of Divine love to heal and release any old fears connected to my spiritual sight."

    I hope that helps until you get further help from others.

  • Hello Artbird that was a very interesting story about you and your family and I want to welcome you to the Tarot forum. I am not the one that Wenchie contacted but I would like to know if you have ever heard of A.R.E? And are you in the US. Ok one more question If you live here are you on the east coast? The A.R. E. If you didn't know stands for Association for Research and Enlightenment, it's in Virginia Beach Virgina.It's a Foundation established when Edgar Cayce was alive and they work with people that are gifted and they may be able to answer some of the questions you have. If you google them you may find out more information. Hope you can get something from them as well as from people on here.

  • Hello Artbird, I agree with Wenchie, The 1st step is to remain calm, panicking wont do any good. There is a reason the spirits have chosen to show themselves now. We have always been surrounded by them and only very few have the gift of seeing or hearing them. I have a great friend that can hear and see spirits. I dont know if I would post it in the paper. lol but you are definately not crazy. One step at a time, have you asked one if they wanted to tell you something or asked them what they want?

  • Wenchie!!!

    Many, many blessings to you! Thanks for the encouraging words. I am definitely NOT ahead of you in any way and know very little.

    As I read the prayers, it reminded me of a dream I had years ago.

    Thank you!

  • Artbird,

    You are very, very welcome and I am so glad it helped you in some way.

    Wenchie :-))

  • Hi Artbird. What a fantastic read! I read several times in your blog that you worried about "boring" anyone. On the contrary, I found myself hanging on every word. People with abilities may be found by others without them as crazy, but I and others like us find it comforting. I encourage you to explore as you are doing.

    Like Wenchie, you are far ahead of me, but I would look into past lives as well. A member on this forum helped me tremendously by telling me that I was a black male slave during the Civil War times (among other past lives). It explained a lot about me. I wonder if these images you are seeing are past lives. Just a thought. Nothing really to back that up, but it was a thought that came to me while reading your post. Thank you for sharing.

  • Hi LibrasLair,

    Thanks for the welcome and the info. I have heard of Edgar Cacey but have never heard of ARE at all, so I appreciate it and I will definitely look them up and see what they are all about. I am actually out west and yes I am in the United States. I appreciate it and thanks for replying. Many blessings to you!.

  • Hi Destiny 9709,

    No, I have'nt asked what any spirit wants' I'm afraid to get an

    DO you know what your friend experienced or experiences? What do they do now? How was it started? I have spoken to others I know on the other side as anyone might when a loved one passes I suppose, but am unsure about things not wanting to accidentally open a pandora box and not be able to close it. I know my birth mother has been communicating, starting from the dream one week before I got the call confirming she had passed over. Then, I was getting a CT Scan and got a mental image of one of the CT tech's father from Ethiopia . It was very a very quick picture in my mind of her dad standing in front of lots and lots of colorful flowers and he was smiling, but I did not know for sure what was happenening till i said that her dad passed away, and she said, "Yes!". It was very brief and I don't recall that happening before. Instead it has mostly been just knowing something, having a feeling, and then it's true. He looked just like the tech but much taller and shorter hair. When I think of Ethiopia I think of dry land and drought, not thousands of flowers but evidently there is a flower farm trade there for exporting and when mentioning it her eyes got very big and she confirmed it. but I don't have experience with this stuff, not like that. Not beyond basic intuition stuff. This is new and bizarre. About a week later is when the photo stuff started, where I thought first it was photo aberations or I was catching strange stuff in photos, first with a picture of me in front of a tepee on the Navajo Reservation, where I was seeing several native american faces.

  • Artbird that's how I first started my knowing things. I just knew something would happen but didn't know what. You are going to find the more you talk and share with others and read the more open you will become. Please don't be afraid of this I never was. But I was in awe of every new experience I had. Now you can give people a heads up on something going on in their life. You deliver the message like the guides give you or they keep, I call it dinging you till you do what they want you to do. Or you get tired from arguing with them. Delivering the message when you realize who its for is very important. And I had to learn that time on this side is of the essence because that person maybe on their way to go out and you have to talk to them before they leave. So do it right away like they push you to do or you could miss the chance. And if you fight them like me and say hey let me finish my hair or my make up or they aren't home today they work you will be tired. They know far better than you that the person is home but going to go out. It happened to me. Cause I thought my friend was working and I was shocked when she answered the phone in Calif. me in Mo. Her mom had messages for her to let her know she was around. Then my friend went on to go play Bingo. I hope you keep a cool head and don't be afraid I never have been afraid and you now allow people to make a choice because we all have free will. They can go, not go, go a different way or what ever. All you can do is plant the seed it is up to them to water it an make it grow. As I am with you.

  • MystoBlueStars:

    Thanks for the positive energy and love sent my way! And gosh by golly I have needed it and probably have a major deficit right now for the past couple weeks. By the way, I like yer name there! I am starting to pipe down a few keys a bit now, so thanks you all for caring enough to send your input and thoughts. Ya know, this kind of stuff was always taboo where I come from.

    Many, Many Blessings For You!

  • Hi Amantim!

    Thanks Amantim! How did you find out about your past lives? What do you remember about them? and you said you had past lives other than being a slave in the past, what were those and what do you remember about this? How do you feel insight into these are accurate for how you are now, etc? Thst's really interesting!

    Have you ever read a book out now (anyone read it???) called, "Courageous SOuls", "DO We Plan Our Life CHallenges Before Birth?", by Robert Schwartz? I haven't finished reading it yet to give any full opinion on it yet. SOmeone I know sent it to me but it is a very interesting take. It talks about before we come down here that we pre-plan lives, but with free-will intact, of course, our life challenges and everyone you know in your life, your family, friends, people you meet throughout your life, play a part and often agree before coming to earth in any particular lifetime (it also mentons or talks of reincarnation) . It is a good read, so far.

    Then, there is a book called, " Derech haShem or The Way of God", by Moshe Chayim Luzzatto, which is a Hebrew Book on Fundamentals (i like reading up on different texts or commentary from different faiths) , it has Hebrew on one side, the right snd then ENglish on the left depending what translation you get and you read it from the back to front, but it is pretty interesting, and in it, it talks about how Judaism also believes in reincarnation, but it is a more limited form. Like you may only do a few life incarnations instead of 10 to thousands, if once you finish one, you felt it wasn;'t enough for your progress, etc. This belief goes way, wat back,

    I like where it also talks about that as you do good int his world, your light shines brighter and that as your light increases in light (also called "glory") this also helps bring light into the world on a universal scale , pretty much elevating everyone on earth's progress. SO there is an individual path and also a universal one for all mankind. Anyone run into this anywhere else? I like doing comparisons of what is universal belief all over the world, regardless of the faith or religion, or group, or part of the world. For example, reincarnation, it is a belief all over the world among many different groups, sometiems onl subtly mentioned, but mentiond nevertheless.

    . I also saw a TV show recently where ther eis this Canadian man that remembers being in the holocaust and he found this clock in a museum and felt it was his. The Rabbi after questioning him about the man he knew who owned it, raised money to make sure the Canadian man was able to "get his old clock back" believing it truly was his clock and that he was reincarnated as this Canadian.

    Many Blessings!

  • Read some of Sylvia Browne's books. They are published by Hay House located in Carlsbad, Ca.

  • You know that's in San Diego right?

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  • Namaste Artbird, and Congratulations! Welcome aboard the strange and wonderful journey of Spirit. : )

    A couple of things to add to the wonderful messages from our lovely forum members.

    First, it is good to begin to understand that you are in charge of your visions. Yes, that's how it works. I know it doesn't feel like it right now but you'll come to understand this very quickly. This is not something that is being done to you, nor is it something you are saddled with. Sight is a gift, and you must now learn how to use it. So, staying calm is priority one.

    Next, buy a journal or select a fresh notebook you already have to start writing down your visions. They have purpose and meaning, and you will want to have a record of them. Also, writing them down allows the fearful or confused energies to flow out of you, so please do this.

    Your notes will become a record of your journey, and will show you many things along the way. There is no need to try to figure out what each and every detail is trying to tell you. If you try to do this, you will make yourself crazy. : )

    So, write em down, study what stands out for you from a simple observation perspective, and let go the rest. Our minds continually "try" to make sense of everything; I fear this is a leading cause of mental health conditions. You needn't understand all, especially right now. Just be okay with what comes.

    You have the Divine Right to request that you "See only love" and that your 3rd eye sends out healing to whomever it observes. Keeping your energy flowing is critical. So, say, "I INTEND that I see only LOVE in my visions," and do this every day. That's step two.

    Step three, connect with the Archangels for support and guidance. Michael is standing by, as well as Gabriel, who would very much like you to write things down as well. Archangel Uriel is the 'all around' angel, and you are guided to contact Uriel immediately. As the angel of Light, prophecy and insight, Uriel will be guiding you the most as you start on your path.

    It appears that the reunion with your family was divinely guided, a catalyst for your complete opening. Now you are charged with the joyful task of becoming a student of your abilities.

    Contacting the Archangels is simple. Sit quietly and practice breathing until you have relaxed. Put your focus on your third eye; with eyes closed, focus your inner sight on the tip of your nose. Now gently look up to where the third eye is located between your brows. Don't strain your vision, just look gently up. Notice colors, patterns, images, anything. Keep breathing. Call upon the Archangels;

    "Through THE CREATOR I AM, The archangels, Melchizadek, the Great Light Brotherhood, and all the Hosts of Heaven,

    Archangels Michael Gabriel Uriel, please come to my aid now."

    Now they are with you, it is instant. See if you notice a pleasant feeling of warmth or love, even a slight change in your heartbeat. See if your feet tingle. : )

    Just notice. When you've noticed, (even if you don't sense anything) say

    "Thank you, Archangels, for coming to my aid. Please assist me now with managing my divine abilities; help me see only Love; keep me safe and protected in all I do; bring me insight enlightenment guidance and clarity about the RIGHT use of my abilites. Thank you, in love and light. I am GRATEFUL!"

    Now wait, and see if anything in your inner vision changes. Simply sit in the glow of gratitude. See if the Archangels have a message for you or guidance to impart.

    After contacting the Archangels you will notice changes in your life. Nice ones. Good ones. Be open, respectful, and learn to work with them. They can help you any time with any thing you desire. I laugh about some of the ways I have requested help from them; I once asked them to help me remember my grocery list at the store, because i left it at home. lol

    Yes, they did help. They guided me through the store to the goods I needed, and i only left out one thing from the list.

    Next, you're going to need to learn to open and close your chakras at will. You'll find this helpful. If you'd like to gently open them, simply envision a light coming from Mother Earth and moving up your body to the crown. If you'd like to gently close them a bit, envision light coming from the Cosmos and flowing down into Mother Earth. This will not turn off your chakras completely nor will it close down your sight completely. But it will give you a bit of repreive from the constant influx of sight.

    You can also ask the Archangels to help you learn to moderate your sight so that it is NOT INTRUSIVE in your life. They will get to work on this immediately for you, and will show you along the way how to do it for yourself.

    I think this covers your immediate needs

    if you'd like a bit more instruction along the way. Slow down that panic; there's no need. It's all okay.

    And again, Congratulations!

    In love and light love and light love and light


  • Artbird -- I was read by a member of another thread entitled "How Do I Find Out Who I Was In My Past Life?" She told me that I was an Indian (from India) with 5 children, and an Egyptian who prepared those passing onto the next life, in addition to being a black male slave. (I have always been fascinated by the Civil War.)

    I had a dream once of me "passing away". I was in a black casket in a covered wagon, and my family was on either side of the casket on bench-like seats mourning my death. I can recall my "now-sister" being there. My "now-Dad" (who just passed away in May of this year), was there too, only he was not in the covered wagon. He was on horseback ahead of everyone else. I remember calling out, "Hey guys! I'm here! I'm right here!"

    Then I had talked to someone years ago that could read people's past lives. She told me that I was an Indian girl (Native American). I was staring out into a body of water, watching my "soul mate" head off to battle. He was a warrior. It was the last time I saw him (according to this person), and she also said that I wouldn't see him in this lifetime. 😞

    About how being the slave made a lot of sense and connected a lot of dots for me: I am very submissive. I will not talk back to authority. I have always felt that it is one of the most disrespectful things to do. I flip out on someone (like a light switch) if they are condescending to me or anyone else for that matter. I don't feel ANYONE should be talked down to for any reason. I never knew why I freaked out over that until now. I always feel like I should be working for much less than I am really worth. I don't feel like per se, but it's in the back of my mind that I don't deserve anything more. A few other things too, but too much to list here. It's amazing. It was such a connection for me.

    No, I haven't read either of those books, but I would like to check them out. I was wondering if you had ever read a book called, "Many Lives, Many Masters"? It really helped me understand A LOT! If you haven't had a chance to get your hands on it, do yourself a favor and go for it. It is amazing. I couldn't put it down.

    I have gifts as you do, but not quite like you do. I am an empath, can sense things about to happen, can describe people I have never met before (but more times than not, they are in their perfect form), I have dreams (this is when I connect to my Daddy the most), if someone asks me a question about something that about to happen, I can usuallly answer them accurately if my body starts trembling (mostly in my chest and tips of fingers/toes). The empath really helps when figuring people's true intentions. Since I'm such an optimist, I erroneously dismiss those feelings and count on the better outcome. I have yet a lot to learn. Maybe we can help each other. 🙂 That would be fantastic!

  • Very good books to suggest. Dr. Brien Weiss' books also are published by Hay House. Amantim I thought we probably have a list she could find comforting. And full of conformations for her.

  • Hello LibrasLair,

    Thanks so much for all the advice and insights. I looked up stuff on Sylvia Browne and found she has some archived video classes online that are free to watch, like about 25 of them, at, so I am checking those out. ANd no, didn't know Carsbad, CA was in San Diego. So far I have sen this initial video of her making predictions and people emailing in asking questions and stuff. She seems incredibly interesting. I like her, so far. It is interesting to see and hear what abilities people have! I am interested to know how she personally is getting her info she is passing on. But i probably hould finish watchign those videos online and maybe she talks about it. I haven't looked up any books ahsd ehas written yet.

    I am doing a little better. It helps to chat with those who understand. I am just praying things stay with just the stuff with photographs I experience and see, though. I really, really, do not want to be like the little boy in the movie, "Sixth Sense" and "See dead people", or audibly hear them either. I guess I could say, I see them in photos, instead? but I am not sure that;s it either or if I am just somehow tapping into something more geenralized and i just am seeing the history of either the people or places in what extra images and stuff I see in pictures now or just what the source is, in just talking specifically abotu the stuff with photos, alone, not the other intuitive stuff, dreams, or 'just knowing" stuff, etc. Just the pictures thing. .

    In trying to research stuff online, though, I did come across some things I was wondering about, called "scrying"? and was wondering if those who actually use crystal balls see what I see but in the crystal ball. ANd then also nastrodamus (spelling?) evidently did something similar but with a bowl of water he would spend hours looking into and would have "visions". To me this sounds kinda similar and wonder if as he did that, was looking into a bowl of water, he would see his images like I do when looking at photographs. It sounds vrry similar. When I looked up info on "claivoyance" that somebody here mentioned the term earlier, I am only running into stuff that talks about clairvoyance being that you see with "your mind", and not actually seeing with your physical eyes like in photos and stuff. I suppose that what happened when I got that CT and had that flash of the CT tech's father, would fit that maybe, but not sure about whatis happening with images every time I look at photos. WHere with clairvoyance pictures are communicated in your mind and that is how stuff is communicated to you from those on the other side. . I wonder if I would still fall under the category that what I am dealing with is called "clairvoyance" or not, or if it is called something else. I don't audibly hear anything at all and hope I never do (knock on wood!). but I can't help but wonder if for however long crystal ball gazing came into being, if what is seen in the crystal ball is like what I see in photos but just they are using a different medium? A crystal ball, a bowl of water, or a photograph?

    ANd then trying to figure out what I am supposed to do now if this does not go away and I am stuck wiht seeing this stuff in photos foever now not now. Is this just temporary? well, so far its beena few weeks and I guess only time will tell.

    I didn't want to say anything but, about the second night after this started, I was at some website and the header was of a forrest photo all across the top. Being still aghast with disbelief on what was happening, far worse than what my posting on this site might have relayed and that many of you were picking up on as far as the 'stress' and what i was feeling,. , in this forrest header photo image, I saw several things and people. There was this little boy sitting under one of the trees, and not actually in the photo, but the ovrrlay type images I see that no one else seems to be able to see. His image appeared a couple of times in different places in the one photo image on this website. I also saw almost three stills of a scene of the same three people. In the middle of the forrest and some man dressed in a nice suit and another man and then a third, as if they were meeting another man there, then the next overlayed image was this man cowering on the ground and the man in the fancy suit pointing a gun to his head, and then the third, the two standing over the man, shot. That was on one side of the photo in the header. SOme of these images are hard to explain. And I have no clue where the photo of this forest scene was taken.

    But at the top in the back of this path in the photo of this forest, like at the end of this path was a woman that looked just like my birth mother, whom I have never met but only seen pictures of. It wasa little different in that it was her face, and she was smiling, but as I kept looking at it, really thinking I must be completely off my rocker at this point, there was this image of a heart , just a simple heart like valentine's day type that just emerged on top of her image, almost like a slide show fade in. And I wondered if, this was my birth mom, "sending her love". I may be off my rocker, I don't know, but that's what I saw. ANd the expression on her face also communicated a lot.

    SO I am just trying to learn stuff and figure out things and figure if there is something I am supposed to then now do with this or not. If it turns out I can help people with it, I am game for that, but communicating with dead people, if this is where the images are coming from, and I just don't know, well it goes against everything I have been taught before and that is the challenging part. I don't know what I am supposed to do or how that works.I don'y knwo where the information or images are coming from.

    i don't know if it is people "on the other side", or my brain is just tapping into something more generalized and I am seeing or picking up on the history, (past, present, or future)of the people and places in the photos, or what exactly is happening.

    The other thing is that, we know for a fact that the right side of my brain on CT scan is larger than the left hemisphere of my brain. The radiologist a few ytears ago said it was a "developmental variant". I've been artistic and creative all my life, and then in the 80s, this book came out called, "Drawing on theh right side of the brain". At that time, people were about people who are right brained (art,writing, creative type stuff) or left brain dominant (math skills, etc.) There are certain things each hemisphere predominantly handles and I don't know all the details off hand, but if you were an artist, you are/were probably right brain dominant. My adoptive mother is both and several people are but there are some than lean more to one side as far as brain usage, I suppose you could say.. SO all these years people in my family and others referred to me as right-brained because of artistic ablity, creative, etc. and also, as an excuse for my horrible math skills in school. At one of the colleges I studies at, after I finished art school, I took some additional classes for some computer graphic stuff, and this college actually had you take a test to see if you were right brained or left brained, etc. Kinda a crazy thing, but the director there did this. After the test, I met with the director of the school, and he chuckled and then shared the results with me with saying I completely failed all the math related questions, but excelled everywhere else, with the test indicating I was extremely right-brained. So of course, when I got the CT result saying the right hemishere is actually, in fact, larger than the left, this was shocking! SO we joke now saying I am right brained, and can prove it on CT scan! The weird thing, though, is that I have had CTs of my head before, with concussions and stuff, and this "developmental variant" was not there previous to this time, it only started showing up a few years ago. I can't hep but wonder if the multiple minor head injuries has caused this or not.

    Anyway, thanks again for your insights, advice, comments, and encoragement.

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