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  • Hi,

    Here is my natal chart done by Chaos astrology. I don't have much of a clue as to half of what it means. Anyone have any comments?

  • Hi designerinjeaven-

    I can take a look at your chart, although I didn't see anything posted??

  • Hi Meera,

    Thank you! Here are the details: born march 29, 1972 5:15 am honolulu, hawaii

    sun sign: aries

    sun square jupiter

    sun conjunct mercury

    sun trine neptune

    sun semisquare venus

    sun sextile saturn

    sun opposite uranus

    moon: libra

    mercury: aries

    venus: taurus

    mars: gemini

    jupiter: capricorn

    saturn: gemini

    uranus: libra

    neptune: sagittarius

    pluto: libra

    1st house: pisces on the cusp, sun, mercury

    2nd house: aries on the cusp,

    3rd house: taurus on cusp, venus, mars, saturn

    4th house: gemini cusp

    5th house: cancer cusp

    6th house: leo cusp

    7th house: virgo cusp, moon, uranus, pluto

    8th house: libra cusp

    9th house: scorpio cusp, neptune

    10th house: sagittarius cusp, jupiter

    11th house: capricorn cusp

    12th house: aquarius cusp

    Thank you Meera! Looking forward to your reaction!

  • Hi design-

    Thanks for letting me take a look at your chart. The 3 placements to take a look at when you are beginning are the Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. It also helps to understand what the planets, signs, houses, and aspects are. Here's a way to look at it:

    The planets are the "what"....the energies that are operating in your chart. The signs are the "how"...they way these energies operate. The Houses show "where" the energies will be operating. And the aspects give us the "why"...the flow of force between the planets involved. Think of the aspects when you're looking for answers on your actions and reactions. So from your chart let me give you an example:

    You Sun(planet) is the energy of your will. It's what drives you. It's your power. It is operating in the sign of Aries. This means your will shows itself to be independent, courageous, and adventurous. The first house is the area of our life that is the's how we appear physically and how others see us. This is where your will expresses itself most naturally. The aspects to your sun will show how you will match up with others and how you react and respond to situations in life. Your rising sign is how you are seen by others out in the world. Think of it as the person you are when you walk out the door to be in the world. It could be quite different from the person you are at home. Your rising sign is can read about Pisces rising to get much insight into your way of being.

    Well, I hope that helps! Again, thanks for letting me offer this feeback.


  • Thank you Meera!

    You made it seem so simlple. Although my head is still swimming with the houses.I already have enough to contemplate, care to share yours? 🙂

  • I know how overwhelming all the information can be. Houses are an important part of the chart because they represent the areas of your life that the planets are "living" in. The planets are energy. Where do those energies show up in your life? They show up in Houses. Romance is the Fifth House. Friendships are the Eleventh House...and so on. Here is an example from my chart:

    I have the Moon in the Fourth House. The Fourth House is the area of life pertaining to the family, home, traditions, and roots. It's where we come from and where we feel most comfortable. The Moon, amoung many other things, represents the mother. So for me, this placement represents a strong attachment to my home life, especially to my mother.

    You have Gemini on the cusp of the Fourth House. So Gemini's ruling planet, Mercury, is the energy that is working in your home and family life. This placement indicates movement in and out of the home. Maybe it's your home-base, but you don't stay in it for too long. There is an intellectual approach to family matters rather than an emotional one.

    Ok, I know that's a lot of info! I hope it helps. Have fun exploring your chart:)

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