Pisces/Cancer coming to a end, What should I do??

  • Ive know this guy for a long time, he's a cancer he stated to me this summer, informally that he needed me and that he wanted to take our friendship to another level.At first i was happy, Ive had feelings for him for so long, BUT you cant win with this boy, hes a cheater hes been my friend for yrs. That was in JULY, ;last week his friend tried to talk to me i dont even know this kid. He said he wanted to hear frm me and he;s been goin thru it, he would love to hear from me, I DONT KNOW THIS GUY THATS HIS FRIEND!!!... now i take it he told his friend to say that to me smh, what should i do??

  • lilmisspretty05. Hi llindieloo here . I would like you to read my post "Have i lost my cancer b/f for good " I think you will find some very useful information on there as to the way's of cancer men and how they act and if you want to can comment on my post . Hope to hear from you soon . ((( Hugs )))

  • can anyone give advice??

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