Whats instore for December?

  • Have any of you thought about the month of December, other then Christmas and New Years Eve?

    It is the month before the turn of a new year, but I was thinking of that more then the festivities in regards to it.

    Someone said this to me, I wonder if there is any merit to it.

    Love is knocking at your heart's gate, waiting for you to unlock and open the gate once for all...

    No matter which direction you choose to go, allow Love to shine throw you in order to always walk with the Light on to the Light...

    Is this what the coming year has for me? Has anyone considered what the coming year has for them?

  • Hello Kay,

    I was just writing about this the other day : ) I feel that 2010 has a really positive vibe. I can't quite explain why I feel that way, but I'm looking forward to it.

  • well i did my one year prediction(a few months ago) here on tarot and it seems like it should be a good year for me indeed, i think it said something about 2010 being the year of the harvest for me, maybe its the year of the hervest for everyone?? i dunno what that means but it sounds good lol, and plus all my horoscopes and everything i do on here has been scary accurate for me, so im very much so looking forward to next year

  • I'm not psychic but it seems that the coming year would be a big change in my life, unexpectedly positive. Looks like you are all psychic on here. What do you think?

  • I am still uneasy about the coming year and what it holds for me and my family. I wish I could shake this feeling of uneasiness. I should be happier, more at ease. But every since my husband died, I just can't believe I deserve anything good. I can't believe its possible for me to be happy, loved, and ok, no matter what else life throws at me.

    I have moments of feeling great, confident and positive, but this creeping feeling keeps nagging in my thoughts.

  • 2010 is just 2 years from the 2012 chaos. Perhaps this year is the calm before the storm, so to speak. Because I have heard a lot of people say that their year forcast looks pretty positive.

    What do any of you think? I'm just curious.

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