Has anyone seen a ufo or been abducted?

  • Hi Laithano and SunCappyGirl, I watched the spiral in the sky in Norway and I wonder if this is the lazer that is supposed to replicate the big bang theory that they have been working on, or could it be the rift that was torn, or a worm hole like has been mentioned. What an interesting time to be on this planet! Thank you for sharing.

  • You're welcome!

    Yes me too! I feel very lucky to live during this time period when the new era is about to start and we're gonna be able to access unseen dimessions. When people are going to start feeling their true selves and find their true paths. I am so very excited i just cant wait!

  • SunCappyGirl, I find you to be the Sun that we all need, you have this radient energy that comes through in your posts, and I myself am so warmed by you, Thank you!

  • I have always sensed that this is a temporary abode-a place for learning and correction. Also have felt a deep sense of longing. I think that many share this...

    When I was about eleven years old (1964) I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom(upstairs). Looked out the window and there were three triangular-shaped craft hovering over the hills. They looked to be florescent green. They were there for about a minute or less and then zipped off at a fantastic speed. I thought I was still half-asleep and dreaming. The next morning it was all over the local radio station. Many had seen it, including my eldest sister, but I didn't find this out until decades later...

    Everybody's talking about 2012 being the end of the world. Maybe the end of the world as we know it and I'm fine with that! A new paradigm has long been overdue. Just remember that no birth has been without pain...

  • I see them in the sky around my house nightly! They look like stars but are moving. Sometimes they shine their light bright and will blink if I am looking at them. I finally bought a telescope and was gazing at one the other night and close up it looks like a ball of energy...white but you can see thru it! It constantly moved out of my viewing.

  • I saw one UFO. It moved faster than anything I have every seen, it turned into a ball of light and it

    looked like a hole opened up in the sky when it accelerated into a cloud and I lost sight of it.

    I was never really a believer in that stuff, even after I saw it, I just had no reference to explain it to anyone. It was around Sept 1999. near Edmonton, Alberta.

    I recommend Richard Dolan on youtube, project camelot, disclosure project, earthfiles.com

    for more info on the subject

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