Has anyone seen a ufo or been abducted?

  • Hello Luv,

    No I am of this planet :). Also im not sure if my SN is a planet. The encounter I had was very real, as I explained before All I could see were the legs of this "alien" when it ran beside me. But I could see a full size figure when it was at a distance.

  • Hi, Serious7, Thank you for responding, I'm sorry I got confused with the messages, I am so enthralled with your experience, I find it absolutely facinating and do believe you. Its just that the planet serious came to mind from the broadcast in the 70's came to mind where the T.V. networks reported an alien broadcast which interupted at least three I think stations, I am always open to ideas that an alien may try to communicate. Thank you for sharing.

  • Oh by the way the alien said that he was from the planet Cerious. I think that most people think that the message was a prank, but how did he interrupt 3 stations back in the 70's, who knows egh?

  • Aliens! One of my favorite topics. I wonder why people believe we're the only living things in this universe. There are millions of galaxies and solar systems out there. Is just silly to think we’re the only ones around. And speaking of which, I wonder why with so many proves, witnesses and videos the government keeps on deny such existence. I think is just the rich people who don’t want them here because they know that their advance technology will substitute theirs leaving them in ruins. They want to keep on earning their money instead of making this world a better place. I bet scientists know the cure for the flue but the medicine industry is just too greedy to let go of their money. They prefer to let people die just to sell their medicine products. Same for the electric and oil industries. That’s why they haven’t approved the hydrogen cars or the cars that use water instead of gasoline. Anyways, for some reason I think that Aliens will reveal themselves to the public in the year 2012. I don’t know though, I just think that it might be a provability. Any thoughts?

  • Suncappy I have to agree with you on your theory about 2012. I know there will be a revealing of some kind during those days. Its already been happening all over! I mean think of how far weve come in just a couple of a hundred years! The technology weve discovered is vast and almost rediculously unthinkable. I definatly believe in ET's! They are in my opinion what have helped us get this far. There is so much evidence even in our own homes noone really pays attention to it. Have you ever thought where do our thoughts come from? Our theories, our sciences, Our ways of life? Telepathy can also be another explination to how weve uncovered so much information. And thank you Luv, I actually havt shared this story with alot of people, it scared the crap out of me back then. Ive always believed in other beings amongst us. Its what you cant see that explains alot. As well as what we dont want to see. ET's and beings from other planets are and have been amongst us for years! All kinds of species and races. I think some are here for help, some for observing, and others for who knows why! Our planet is billions of billions of years old! We can only theorize and trace back so far. Who's to say our species hasnt been here before? Or been further along in evolution? The earth recycles over and over, so this could just be another round of life. I believe that others will make themseles known to the masses but we must never forget no matter how advanced they are, or no matter how crazy it will be, never forget god! Ever. I know for a fact if it can be thought It can happen! Movies are something people never take for fact. Which cracks me up because alot of our theories and ideas nowadays are being shown on the bigscreen and everyone just mocks it up to be fiction. I know not everything is true, but you have to wonder where does it come from? If everything that is living is connected one way or another then how is it all impossible? Just like the theory of reletivity, Everyone in the science community never embraced what einstein had said because thier comprehension was so closed off. But he finally proved it after so many years, albert einstein was a listiner. His brain could Understand things noone else could fathom. But again i ask, where did it come from>? Weve been watched our entire lives, its funny, either by our own world or by others! Conspiracy theorists and others are mocked for saying things like this, but we know its true. We all do! Dont believe everything you hear or see, only consider the possibilities and respect that anything is definatly possible.


  • The 1977 UK Ashtar command broadcast. The broadcast is interesting in itself, You can only hear part of the message in the original broadcast. Its also funny they never found the exact origin of the message,(so they say). Vrllion was the name of the ET. But it also may have ties with the ET cult the raelians. Still wierd though.

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  • In 2007 My husband and I were in southeast Arizona, we was driving home it was dark. where the mall sat to the right of it, suddenly i noticed 3 red lights making a triangular shapeof the object, i looked up and saw nothing but black from left to right, but when i looked forward i could see the mountain ridge and the black was about what appeared tobe 3 inches from the ridge (obviously it was firther) But i was right next to it on the ground as it was hovering just up and past us.....i told my husband to look, and it was like slow motion at that point, it was so unreal to see, no sounds, no trails of lights, just a black something with 3 red lights hovering above with no sound....

  • i tried to send that to the luv post but it posted here

  • Sounds like the second sighting of thje PHX lights wlm. Interesting story! Did you happen to get a photograph or anything of that nature?

  • Yea its interesting Laithano! Some of comments on the first video that surfaced yesterday talked about some program, It was some type of spcae light program, not sure what its called. IMO idk what it was, it reminded me of the galaxy itself. The russians said it wasnt thiers at first, but now they claimed it, lol, dang gov. get your lies str8, lol!

  • Wow! that message is so extraordinary. It sounds to me like its a real message from our out of space friends. I cant wait til they come! i would love to greet them and welcome them. But that's just me, who knows what other people might try to do. im thinking of the worst. Some people are very ignorant to this and they might try to hurt them. lets hope nothing like that happens. oh btw i think by small groups he's reffering to small groups of spiritual people. there little time left til 2012 and i still dont see weapons being destroed but more people being sent to war. lets keep our thoughts possive adn hope we all find true inner light to stop the wars and return peace to our poor mistreated world.

  • THis is so fasinating! I just watched like 3 videos about the Ashtar Command on youtube and they left me speechless. I believe such galactic group exists. I visited some of their website, very interesting by the way. I keep an open mind for everything i think they makes lots of sence. I recommend watching the videos. It kinda freaks me out but it does makes sence to me for some reason.

  • It definatly is a very positive message. The love it sends is awsome! Its just they talked about descending unto another plain so, its clear they are no longer around physically. So im assuming they are a kind of spiritual guide as well. Its only when a group has a leader thats describes himself as a god, or prophet that make me suspect.

  • I had crop circles (3) ON MY PROPERTY the same time as i was abducted from my sons bed (he was little and visiting his grandma and i was missing him so slept in his bed)

    they , the ant android looking things spoke teelpathically and were working on me , probing about and i couldnt feel anything, they were non violent and i felt safe. i was then sent back to my sons bed but had troubles getting back into my body as I started to panic before reenterance so hovered above myself for a while until i could relax enough to go back in.. the crop circles had perfect circles and the grass was lush green and long at the circles edge. id not long slashed the paddocks so the grass was very short everywhere but the grass that formed the circle had grown thick and green overnight... my neighbour saw it and came down to investigate , he tried to tell that the circles were caused by worms mating.......;

  • I just watched this video that came out in the news about a spiral in the skys of Norway. Nasa is trying to covering it up but is just too obious. How can a missile make such spiral with changing colors? Then it ended in a hole opening up. It looks as if a portal was opened. Very interesting. I looked it up on youtube, it happened like a week ago or so.

  • Hi Gypsy112233, I read what happened to you and I have a friend on Salt Spring island who experienced the same thing almost. I think that is why I asked this question to start off with, he has gone through hard times because of his story and people who made fun of him, I am hoping that the towns people will read your post and understand that this is not a mental illness, but a very real occurance. As far as your neighbor goes I have a deworming solution for him! I am sooo tired of narrow minded people, I hope that you are well and thank you for sharing. Huggs.

  • Hi wlm, I just read your post, wow that is a shape that I recognize from back in 1980, I was pregnant and lying on a blancket sunbathing wearing a big red dress with huge strawberries on it, there wasn't much of a selection of maternity wear back then, I'll get back to the dress later, I had my eyes closed and when I opened them there was this triangular black jet, plane, ufo, it was flying about 20 feet above my head, I could see some one or something looking down at me and them was gone at lightening speed with the sound barrier being broken, I was in shock. I found out a couple of years later that they were testing the stealth bomber in the north of Alberta were I was, but it does not explain how it silently almost in slow motion moved over me like they were inspecting the big red strawberries on my dress. Thank you for sharing, I forgot about that incident.

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