Has anyone seen a ufo or been abducted?

  • Hi, I would like to share what I think was a U.F.O. It was a horizontal flying sphere, white and tear dropped shaped flying like a plane, the tear drop was horizontal. it was flying a little faster than a plane. It was being followed by a fighter jet within a short distance which looked like within feet in the sky from the ground. The thickness of the teardrop led the sphere. That night my son had a dream that aliens, little green, gray, typical of what has been reported, scratching at his bedroom window. In the morning he told me about the dream with no previous knowledge of the white strange flying sphere the day before.The plane had white trails of gases or something in the atmosphere was surrounding it leaving a slight trail. I don't think that my son has been abducted because we have talked over the years about it and he is not upset in the least. I am interested in hearing about your stories.

  • Just an example of a daily occurrence, well maybe weekly synchronous events such as the question that I just posted about ufo's,after I posted this, I turned on the t.v. and I saw the listings with the movie Contact. If you have not seen the movie its about intelligent life out there. Does anyone else experience this almost daily?

  • MystoBlueStars, thank you for sharing, I know what you mean about the wormhole.

  • i have seen a ufo and i was also 11 i'm now 13 but i never seen anything like it before. Me and my dad were also driving home, form newyork and i saw this really bright white light in the air it wasnt the moon because the moon was on the left of use when we were driving and the object was way to bright to have been the moon, me and my dad kept watching it and it was just floating but then it flew like a shooting star and disappeared. Till this day i really didnt know what it was but i knew it was a plain or the moon because it was bigger and didnt have red lights like a plain and the object was way to small and bright to have been the moon.

  • sorry i meant wasn't lol sorry i'm still a little bad in my englishXD

  • my friend has, when she was young

    the UFO landed and she saw the passengers coming out

    it was foggy she couldn't see well but they were definitely not in humans form

    my friend has a lot of psychic abilities including reading aura, telepathy etc

    I am trying to get her to join here but well life on the physical has been hard on her

    she will make it, she always does

    someday she will join this forum I'm sure and it will be another great addition to the site

  • Hi leoscorpion, I would like to see your friend be well, a great book to read about for health is The Edgar Cayce handbook for Health through Drugless Therapy. I love this book and have used it to help people many times when the doctors were unable to find a solution without perscribing drugs.I hope this will help. luv2laf.

  • thanks luv2laf!!

    will suggest her the book

  • So I was 14, I lived on a stretch of five acres in the middle of nowhere. One street light in a 6 mile radius to be exact. I decided to walk down the street which dipped then vertically went upward. I was walking about a 1/4 of a mile from my house when notced I a figure Not 100 yards from me. Tall, thats about all I could make of it. It was dark. keep in mind though living in that atmosphere I did have keen eyesight in that type of darkness. Not much moonlight. My first reaction was it was someone in the neiborhood "walking" But then In a blink of an eye I saw the figure running before me! So my first instinct was to run, No shoes, and just bolt it back up the street. I then realized the figure was right next to me about, 7 ft tall in my guesstamate! I noticed a pair on long legs with a kind of padding behind the knees, vertical stripe indentions. Then a voice told me "not to worry just keep running". I bursted as fast as I've ever run before for about 3 minutes the figure was beside me the whole time, going in front then holding back as if he was jogging ever so casually with me. Wierdest thing Ive encountered. I ran close to the light, and the figure stopped before we entered any kind of real seeable territory. It still gives me goosebumps to this day! As I was under the street lamp in front of my house and Isaw a tall figure stare back at me, Tall and slender all i can really explain in words. But still the words in my head were "be calm and thank you". I still cant fully understand why me, but in rural texas who knows. Also in our wheat fields things used to appear at night, it mainly reminded me of the movire ET, lol. Any ways if anyone has encountered this kind of expierence id love to hear it! The wierd part was All I could see was his legs! They were almost as high as my head. I got a perfect look at those



  • Im sorry horizontal, back and forth!

  • i am alien

  • : )

  • Yo apple, what's up dude?

    you are just passing by or are you into exploring here on earth?

    find anything interesting? share if you will !


  • He means hes laien to this plain :), doesnt feel existant persee. But he will, his emotion is altered and hes more of an observer than anyting. Disection and building are his motives. As well as have you though that you migh be here as a student Apple. I dont think hes kidding, might be though 🙂

  • let's see what the alien has to share

    I am having fun here

  • yes, the whole town saw something it was in the newspaper the next morning for me that was a strsnge night back in 78 or 79 was when it happen would have to reseach the newpapaers lol but no joke this really happened i left that town shortly there after wards 9 that night my new born son mostly at the time he was under two for sure maybe 1yr or more or less that night strange things started to happen in his/own bedroon the window i keep busy protecting him no, I did not see any person just what happened in the room and in the sky the whole town saw the ufo in that certain little sort of village type area i was living in back then but no a village just a certain area of that town and it was in the new paper the next morning "UFO sighted for hours over Hidden Valley area" no explain was giving by any agency. something happen saw something and that window in that room ..................................

  • I have had a couple of encounters with UFOs and to this day when I think about it, it makes me feel uncomfortable because unless you have actually seen one it is hard to convince someone that there really is something out there besides us. My family and friends know me and know I would not make something like this up, being at the right place and the right time probably has a lot to do with it, I have thought about this off and on for years and I really think this is some sort of dimensional thing, at any rate it was strange and I don't want to see one again!

  • Hi Serious7, Serious , cerious, I spelled it wrong but isn't that a planet? And could you please start from the beginning of the encounter or are you the alien? I am not joking, would really like to know the details if you would like to share.

  • Hi, I remember about 19 or 20 some years ago I watched this quick report on a show called unexplained mysteries, I think thats what the show was called, then about 6 months later or less a news report on the Calgary news station reported the same thing but only for maybe 10 seconds, thats typical of them! Anyways, the report was of the whole area of Pheonix Arizona downtown core was covered by one contunuous round light that appeared to look like a U.F.O. some would explain this to be a mother ship of sorts. I found so called proof of this sighting when I rented a chalet in banff Alberta during the firemans games, there was a couple staying in the chalet next door with a son who was my sons age at the time and they played together, so one night we were all out on the balcony and I asked if they had seen anything in the sky that year that was strange because they lived in Pheonix . The fireman told me the same story that the news reports said. Also he was there to compete in the games.

  • yeah, i have seen many u.f.o.'s in my lifetime here. only to discover and identify later. 😉 yet, actual orbs in the sky i have seen without ability to identify. they were cloaked in a radiant force field, invisibly glowing, translucent heat waves. i saw them at night in orange groves where i grew up in florida. afterwhich i had inexplicable experiences, dreams, visions, visitations. i also have an object behind my rib cage on my left side that appeared during these times and have always wondered about. it's like i experience this stuff in such a way i almost feel paralyzed about sharing. thanks for opening topic. would love to hear any other stories i can relate to and maybe resonate in understanding.

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