Indigo and crystal children lets get together

  • For myself I have wondered when we will come together and figure out our callings...

    lets bring it together emial at

  • I know i have felt I have had to remain silent, I feel if we can talk to one another we can learn what we are and what we are here for. nothing ill-intent with my topic, im truely in the learning stages myself. I need help to learn my self, this is what my intnent is. Thank you and I hope this reaches many.

  • my hopes are for those who have understood themselves for a long time to help us who have not had the opportunity, to understand ourselves.

  • I too am trying to learn how to encompass my gift's! I have most of it down, but I still need help on other area's. How much better it would be if we all get together and learn? It would be nice to have an experienced person or "guru" to teach us and one which we could rely on for help or questions. I would like to find a mentor in my area and be able to have a learning session that would be in person with them . It hasn't been easy, as I have only found help on line . I am the type of learner that once you physically show me something I pick it up very fast. You can tell me how to do something, and it will not sink in! So far I don't know much on the indigo and crystal subject, but I plan on getting a book on the subject to read. As for now I'm not sure if I am one or which one I am? Wonder Twin's Activate,,,, lol that is too cute!!! All I can picture is wonder woman with hand above her lifting off into the air! lol

  • Hi Devine I had a feeling inside me, I am not alone....and here we go, I found someone who is in the same place i am, I need a guru type teachings also. I have only done online researching adn are ready for the next step, in life real person. As you I also need in-person interaction. I can read and comprehend, however, we alll know a real person with higher awareness is what we need....I hope we find this person...peace

  • I am extremely empathitic. most conversations it is like i know the outcome. In my researching there is indications that the ones who are aware of their SELVES, will be found and taught their correct paths....or at least how we can find our ways....

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