Can Someone Please Do A Reading For Me

  • I need to to know what to do about my living situation. I need to know if I should be at my moms or my dads.

  • I am a Gemini born June 20, 1987. Could you tell me what you see?

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  • 2fishes,

    I hope you are well and your holidays were beautiful.

    I've got to tell you that I'm getting a lot from this situation. So much,in fact, that I have been trying to manage it and figure it out so I can put together some kind of thoughts that make sense.

    I really have a hard time when the messages come to me like this and its so much more difficult when my own guilt or desire to get back to the person waiting for the message is all over me.

    One thing I do know is that there is more here than you are telling me, you know and have experienced things in this relationship that you are either intentionally overlooking or not wanting to share here. There is nothing at all wrong with either of those situations and you need to only give a nondescript account of the situation for me to do the reading, but,when the picture I am being given is vastly different than the "real life" scenario, it makes the reading that much more clouded and the guides that more agitated.

    I can see and KNOW that you have been through a lot, almost unreasonable highs and lows, much emotional upheaval in this relationship and have almost always either questioned yourself, blamed yourself, talked yourself into excusing or accepting what has happened. I feel that you are almost grateful, clinging to every wisp of kindness, every gesture that might mean a return of the love you have given. You have been kept emotionally tethered to this man. Yet you know more, feel more, sense more than you are acknowledging. I feel that. All of it.

    I am getting a great deal of conflict and discomfort when I connect with him and that is what the guides want me to understand in giving this reading. I don't know why, but where HE is concerned, I'm being told to wait. I'm being told that we need to read you, get to the heart and truth of you before we can get to him. Its part of the broader, and much more important message in your reading and the guides are telling me you won't get the message or accept it where he is concerned unless you break through that shield you have erected between yourself and your truths.

    If you are open and prepared to go from here, let me know. If not, it okay too. I'm here to help and to get you the messages that you need. Don't worry and don't be apprehensive. Its going to be okay.

    Blessings and Light

  • Gailjar,

    Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones:)

    I know this might make you chuckle, but I am getting that you are almost always standing in the midst of a swirling tornado of issues and conflicts that don't have very much to do with YOU (not you the mom, or you the wife, etc) but with who and what you are to those around you. As if you're standing there, still and calm, while everyone throws everything at you or you draw it to you like a magnet. You field all this upheaval and need and seem outwardly calmer than you are.

    You laugh a lot, joke or chuckle it off, make a wry comment, or with an abundantly loving and seemingly serene heart, take it all in stride. You reassure, listen, tell them it will be okay, and you will manage, for them and for you.

    You know how to be just the "right" wife, mother, friend, etc. You are generally very good natured and easy going. But, inside you,while you tell them all it will be okay,you yourself worry and fear, you stifle the tears, the anguish, the worry and maybe even the emptiness.

    Even from yourself. You keep your feelings and fears very much to yourself and, even when you do acknowledge them, its with a sort of head shaking semi smile that says "I may be complaining a bit, but you know, its just the usual...never mind me...that's life..."

    I don't really know where you want your reading to focus on. It can be all those areas, and I'm happy to help where I can. But, why, even here, where no one is looking over your shoulder or who knows who you are, are you putting everyone and everything first? Why, and for how long, are you going to feel that your only valid focus should be the needs and well being of others?

    Maybe it might be time for you to ask for you. I'm almost afraid to tell you that I am getting messages for some of your other concerns for fear of you ignoring everything I said and run with that. Think about what was given to you here first. I will happily answer your questions after that. The guides want this for you. I tend to agree:)

    Blessings and Light

  • 143jasmin,

    Don't feel left out, but I need a bit more than that if you want the kind of reading I am able to do. I'm pretty hopeless with astrology but there are many others here, so much more able in that than than I will even try to be. Post your information in an astrology thread and you will get help from those who are gifted in that way.

    If there is anything I can do,let me know what your concern is and I will happily do what I can.

    Blessings and Light

  • What must I do to achieve what it is I have been trying for?

  • 143jastin,

    Forgive me, but I have to jump in here. Firstly, I am feeling very frustrated and irritated and I don't know if that is your feelings or mine.

    Firstly I want to tell you, you are ONLY 22, WHAT IS THE RUSH AND THE DESPERATION ALL ABOUT?????? You have plenty of time for babies in the future, it is not like you're running out of time due to your age.

    I feel like firstly, it is not meant to be at this time. Number one, the desire for a baby is overshadowing everything else, including the relationship with the father to be, who you are not even sure of or sure you want to be with long term. Let me tell you that once you have a child together, it can't be taken back, for good or bad you are tied together for life through this child. A child is precious, and should only be brought into the world when you are sure of this man you want to father the child with and you are sure of how you feel about him and the baby is an extension of the love between you.

    Number two, this obsession you have with having a child is not a good enough reason to have a child and is purely irresponsible, especially given your age. It is damn hard being a single parent, so I want you to think about that more carefully.

    Having a child is not going to fix anything you feel is lacking in yourself or your life. Please think about this very carefully and understand what I am saying here. You are wanting a child with the wrong man, at the wrong time for the wrong reasons. And getting your answers and still being desperate for answers and when, when, when, how, what, when and then posting the same thing over and over, on 20 different threads is not going to change that.

    I am really sorry, because I don't mean to sound so harsh, but you need to take a good long look at how you really feel and why and what the issue with having a baby is really about. You are making a big mistake trying to rush through with this.

  • I appreciate your feedback I really do. I guess you can say that I am rushing it because I want so bad to be a parent. I want to have that experience and grow as an individual. They say things happen for a reason and maybe now is not my time. I am so curious into finding out at what age I will conceive and if whom I am with is my soulmate?

  • 143Jastin,

    What you really need to know is what is it within YOU that is creating this need, the need for love, something to love, someone to love, a purpose, something to focus and devote yourself and life to?

    What are you running from? What are you trying to hide? What is it you are grasping for and clinging to? Yes, you are young, very young to be so focused on becoming a mother. You can't heal the wounds and sadness you have in you by having a baby and giving it the kind of life you wanted for yourself. You are trying to heal yourself, PROVE yourself, and give something that you didn't have.

    I feel your fear, desolation, and sadness, the immense desire to be fulfilled and erase what you have been trying so hard to believe and convince yourself you have gotten past. I'm getting that you aren't even willing to admit it to yourself. I feel your resistance to this message. Your mind is already shifting to who and where and how you can find the answer to the time and date you will have a child. That answer is not what you really need. Its your inner healing that you MUST seek.

    Take the steps necessary to heal yourself and the rest will fall into place. But, for now, your bringing a child into this world while your own inner child needs to be healed would be a grave mistake. You would be shortchanging the child you so want of a mother who is whole and free and YOURSELF of truly experiencing the fulfillment and joy of a motherhood free of anything else but that love.

    I AM getting a time frame and you WILL be a mother, but the message you are meant to get is SO much more urgent than that. I hope and pray you hear it.

    Blessings and Light

  • Kristaislame.

    Hon, same thing here...I would love to help you, but I need a little more than that. Not specifics or details, but something more than an either question. I have some feedback for you, but I need to know where we are headed. If you're as short as my guides, I'm stuck:)

    Blessings and Light

  • Hisbablove,

    I am touched by what you pick up. A very young adult I am rushing into becoming a mother for reasons of fullfillment. I should live my life first before I go in the direction of trying to create one. Your answer is all that I need to understand there is more for me to realize then just jumping into a differ situation. You read me as if I stick out like a sore thumb. I thank tremendously for pointing out the importance as to what I am blinding myself to. You have provided me with a satisfying answer. I am pleased to here that yes I will become a mother when at the necessary time. Yes I do still have it questioning how old will I be? When will I give birth? Etc. I am just one to want to know for confirmation and excitement.

  • 143jastin,

    I am so glad you got your answers from hisbablove, she picks up on things so much more clearly and was far more compassionate than I was in delivering your message. I do apologise for my abruptness, hisbablove far more eloquently expressed what I was trying to say in my more roundabout way.

    Please understand that nothing is set in stone, our future is not carved is stone and can be changed easily. Everything that can be seen in our future is but a POSSIBILITY and ONE PATH given our current circumstances. But please understand that the "WHEN" can change when you change your own thoughts, focus and make different decisions. Every thought we have goes towards creating and changing our futures.

    Regardless of when, it will be an exciting time, but as hisbablove says.......this is about YOU and YOUR HEALING and not WHEN you will become a mother. I have two children, and I just want to let you know that motherhood is of course rewarding, but challenging and damanding enough without expecting it to fulfill you for other reasons. It's also very hard work on your own if you do not have a loving, supportive partner there to share the responsibilities of parenthood. If you take this time now, to focus on yourself, you will cope better and enjoy it all the more later on when you are truly ready.

    Sweetie, I just don't want to see you jumping from the frying pan into the fire at your age now, when all that will do is give you a whole new set of struggles on top of what you already have and need to face and deal with.

  • 143jastin,

    Thank you for the validation. I, in turn would like you to reread what Wenchie gave to you before I did and validate her message to you, as well. Now, this is a very sweet, mild, gentle person. Her message came through that way for a reason. Just as mine came through at the time and in the way it did. Please look at the answers you were given and REALLY take in what is there. Go back to them in a day or so. They are GIFTS from the universe to you. Very important gifts.

    PLEASE take the time to heal from the past so you can be free and whole. So you can be the woman you should be, have the life you deserve, and someday, be the mother you so want to be. NOT a woman filling a void or masking a hurt, but a whole, complete woman, able and ready to share her life and love as a mother.

    I sincerely hope your eyes have been opened to the hard things you have tried to turn away from and you begin the healing you need to get to where you want to be.

    Wenchie is also very right about free will and you deciding your destiny. I am still being told to wait on answering your last question. Not for any other than you must be made to focus on YOU and NOW, not a date fixed at a future time. I'm getting that, until you sincerely work on the things you now know need working on, giving you a time will only hinder you because you will still focus on that.

    Let's see how the guides respond when you truly open up. They will know and likely let me know...or someone who will then give you your answer.

    We are all always here and I know you are being sent lots of good energy.

  • 143jastin You need to grow as a person first before becoming a parent. It's hard enough as it is and we all make our mistakes. But if you want to do the very best you know how then you need much more life experience to do this. This isn't the 60's or earlier where you can be a stay at home mom. That doesn't happen too often now and the living happily ever after is a story. So take care of you. Let yourself grow and make your way in life to give a child what it will need. We are the voices of experience that nothing is forever so prepare yourself and you will be ready to teach your children the best lessons.

  • Is anybody still doing readings here?

    I'd love to recieve one if that is okay. I'd like to know what 2010 has in store for me, career wise(wannabe screenwriter) and in love. The ending of 2009 pretty much leaves my life up in the air and i think anything is possible. But sometimes i feel too many burdens and can feel dragged down by them; thus i sometimes lose hope.

    Anyway, if anybody has the time to do a reading on me i'd be eternally grateful! Anything picked up i'd love to hear!

    My date of birth is May 13, 1988

  • I know that you folks are just trying to help me and make me see what really matters in life and what is most importantly asked of myself first.Though I am still anxious to get a time frame as to when I will conceive or give birth. Please. i shall drop the subject when I receive the answer. I am a humbug I am so sorry.

  • hisbablove - Everything you have said about this situation is true. I am so sorry that in trying to read HIM it caused you discomfort in any way! I am so thankful for your help, whenever you are able to give it! What can I add? - My boyfriend abandoned me when he knew I was pregnant with his child, but wanting the child and loving this unborn child so much as I did, I hid this pregnancy for as long as I could, staying at friends houses so my mother would not find out. I was 16. My parents did find out and said I was no longer their daughter and what would 'people' think??? I was no longer welcome in their home if I gave birth to this child. (This pains me so to this day, and I cried everyday for years for the lost child) My mother got her way and I felt at the time I had no other choice but to have an abortion, at a late stage (many M.D.'s would not do my mother's bidding, but she is not sensitive like me and of course will never know the horrors of waking up without that baby with me.) I got married when I was 18 and had two children, who are now adults. Of course one canot replace a child with another one, as I stupidly thought. I am still married to this same man but who I married at 18, but the Gemini man, my first love keeps coming back, and I go with him. My husband was drunk for our entire marriage until last year, when I went away with HIM. So, I raised the cildren the best I could , on my own basically. My husband has always ignored me . He just doesn't 'see' me. That is what it seems or feels like to me. He also says he will never give me a divorce. I do not understand WHY this manI knew first contacted me last year and was insisting I get a divorce and come and live with him until all the 'maintenance' money from a divorce was used up and them he would "think about marrying me". I honestly do not know why I tolerate this treatmentfrom HIM. That is a pretty dark scheme if he was trying to convince me to be with him to get money! But I do not put it past him. For all I know and imagine he could even have a woman friend (romantic interest) in on this. Not to sound paranoid, but I am trying very hard to think of everything to tell you to work with your guides. (And Bless you and Thank you again!!) I feel like a murderess and have tried to give this death sentence to myself in the past. You are right in everything you said about me. My son was almost killed in a car accident two years ago and maybe you are picking up some of that??? no one expected him to live and he heard this somehow, not being able to speak, used his hands to summon paper and a pen to write and wrote messages to me as if he could see the very lines he was writing on! Thethings he wrote make me cry and are heartbreaking , so I do not read them often, but do keep them. I really do not know which man is worse for me , HIM, or my husband? Both of their initials start with P. My husband is the Aries. I do not have enough money for a divorce, that was all in my ex-boyfriends head. They are bothvery controlling men. I tend to gravitate to controlling men. I was abandoned by my father on Christmas Eve. My mother re- married the man who eventuallly shunned me because of the baby. It is strange, but that child seems close and aches in my heart to feel, this started happening strongly in the past two years.(Again) If I only knew the truth, I have the strenghth, believe it or not, to tell HIM to leave me alone forever. But what if I am wrong? What if I project the things my husband does to me onto HIM? Would a person being on drugs or drinking cause a discomfort in trying to read? Or be confused?HE told me he used to drink and use cocaine a lot, I had no idea, I did not seee him during those years , he was married. They have (or do still) cheated on me with many women, so my husband knows I was unfaithful to him and 'says' he forgives but does not! I am very depressed and afraid. I don't know what else to say to help you to help me! You are amazing to me, that you can do this. I feel a very uncontrolled energy that I have not worked with enough. So.... I thank you so very much for helping me to understand so I will hopefully be able to move away or towards this situation with HIM. Anything that comes to you to ask me , feel free to ask. Bright Blessings Upon You.............2fishes

  • Hi 143Jastin, You know, when I read your posts, I keep picturing some people on a road trip. One of the people in the car keeps asking questions: are we there yet? how far are we? what time will we arrive? what will it be like? will it be fun when we get there? Now, isn't it a shame that this person is so concerned with getting to the destination and so worried about the outcome, that they are missing out on all the sights along the way? I think you may be waiting for your life to START when you have a child and you are missing out on all the wonderful life lessons and experiences you can be learning along the way. Don't wish your life away waiting for something to make you happy.

    Also, you have received many replies. People telling you pretty much the same thing yet you keep asking the same question. I understand your panic. I understand that you want a child very much. Maybe though, it would good to listen to what other people are trying to tell you. You asked for their insight and they are telling you and I hope you are listening? You say you understand and agree with them but then post another question asking the same thing. Before you think I am being critical, please let me state that I understand! We all feel panic and want reassurance that our future dreams will come true. However, some times one of the lessons we have to learn is to trust in the plans of the universe. Everything will happen as it is mean to. There are no for sure answers and things always unfold in their own way. Also, I have had friends who were much older than you but they also were very worried they would not be able to conceive and were running out of time. They tried everything and were so stressed out. When they finally just relaxed and decided that whatever was meant to happen would happen, lo and behold! they became pregnant and then even had more children later. You'll have children. I'm sure of it. Just relax though and make sure to live and enjoy your life. You have so much ahead of you. Finally, Hans Wolfgang recently advised something that I found very helpful and maybe you will too? He advised that no one thing will bring meaning to your life. The meaning of life is living and truly absorbing yourself in every moment, every day. Making each moment count. I hope that helps. Take care! x

  • Stonyeye,

    I do not think you are being too critical in fact I totally understand. I found all the answers I was looking for plus much more. I have found that tomorrow is never promised so we live in today therefore anything planned in the future can always be erased by decisions and choices made today. I appreciate all the help I received and is indeed fascinated but there are much more important things that need to be done in the mean time. I am one that is impatient and there was a post that stated that and I have to agree and learn to slow down and not rush into things. Everything happens for a reason which cannot be explained all for the good. I am taking into consideration all the advice given as to heal within, make wise choices, and making everything NOW count. I was also told to look within and figure out why exactly I want a child and to only think it is because I am scared of not conceiving, wanting to be better parent then what I had, and fulfillment of emptiness. I have a lot of wok to do and I am not to waste any time for the new year is just around the corner I can use this as a New Years resolution.

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