Can Someone Please Do A Reading For Me

  • again.....

  • Bugger!

  • Well, if I could upload it, it is a picture of a face blowing a BIG raspberry at you, poking out tongue!

  • Somehow I knew that. Was expecting a "bird" of some odd kind,too.

  • Hi - I am sorry - my post sounds really down and whiny. I AM having a particularly bad day. Having had a very bad cold and I am feeling very down, I guess I overposted and actually - I have never even posted anything in any of these forums.- I don't think.

    I started out wanting to ask a simple question and it all just came tumbling out. I won't take up any more of anyone's time here. I will just confine myself to reading what other's have to say. so sorry if I have bothered anyone here. thanks

  • NNOOOOO! Don't think that Turtledust! That was NOT the point of the exercise AT ALL!

    Now you come back here and lets start working on this! As you can see, I AM A HORRIBLE NAG!

    Come on now...we have work to do:)

  • Turtledust,

    No no no! That's not what the HISBALLBREAKER meant!

    Don't you worry love, we've all done our fair share of whining on our bad days, just hang in there.

  • Wenchie, I'm going to live for the day when I can smack you in person...even though I like the name.

    Turtledust, It was meant as a starting point for you to get clarity on what the real issues were so I could read for you. I KNEW that it was a bad day and you were too muddled so I needed you to get clear so I could read for you, hon.

    Until you get back to me, I'm going to be miserable and my guides are going to be frustrated and anxious too. Now get back here,woman! 🙂

  • Yes I thought the name was good too, if the shoe fits.........................hehehe!!!!

    Better do what she says Turtledust, she just won't give up otherwise!!!!!

  • Don't you mean if the ball fits..or something like that?

    I'm miserable, Wenchie! I got the damn message to get her clear, gave it to her, and now she's hurt and I can't get to her to get her the messages I'm supposed to give!!! I CANT GIVE UP!!!! I've tried to find her everywhere else here too!

    AGGGAGGGAGAGHHHH!!! Turtledust! You come back here right this minute! I'm off to hunt you down some more...and hollering at my guides the whole way. Them and their dumb ideas!

  • You came on a little too strong for her she doesn't get our joking. She is too new. You better be kissin some thing for either your guide or this poor girl.

  • All i did was tell her what the guides told me, that she needed to go back and reread her post so she could see that SHE was the biggest part of her own help and answers and THEN come back to me so I could give her the reading. I was told and I could FEEL that she was too muddled to receive anything OR to ask. I NEVER meant for her to read it and go away! If my guides were in bodies, I'd be swinging like a prize fighter right now!

    What am I going to do?

    TURTLEDUST! You get back here already!

  • Okay - I am back. I didn't mean to run away. I got scared.. Thought you all thought I was a weirdo or something.. Now I feel really terrible. I had to leave the computer I was on at work and just got home. Now everyone is probably asleep. I should be 2.

  • WE thought YOU were a weirdo?! Have you looked at our crazy bunch very closely??LOL. Why would WE think that? Especially when we're as mad as hatters ourselves and dang proud of it? Now you go get your rest and we'll come back to this all fresh and ready later.

    Glad you're back and NO feeling terrible is allowed. If guilt is the only way to put a stop to that silliness then you should know that I, along with Libraslair, Wenchie, and a number of others are Empaths and that means we get to pick up on your feelings. So you put that guilt out of you...I've had my own tearing me up, along with my guides' anxiety, since you ran away from us and neither you nor I need to wallow in it.

    Get some sleep and we'll talk tomorrow.

    Blessings and Light

  • Good morning all....I would love it if I could get a reading for 2010, hopefully it will be a better year! I was compelled to post today. I have much unrest.

    A divorce scheduled for a hearing in Feb

    My father acting like an ass about my youngest son

    My oldest is supposed to deploy soon

    My youngest has issues with his current engagement

    I am in a loveless relationship with a real sweet man (just cant get to loving him as he does me

    Tax issues like nobodys business!!

    WOW.....does anyone have this much time to help????? I really need some answers. thanks

  • I was told by a psychic at one time that I needed an empath to help me. Finally, perhaps I have made it to the right place! I wouuld appreciate so very much any guidande or insigght you would be willing to share with me. I have been involved with my ex boyfriend for 36 years in some form or another. I feel a very strong bond to him and always have. he is Gemini and I am Pisces. I really need to know what he is up to or how he feels about me now. i want to either move away (in a spiritual sense) from him or draw closer. I will tell you why I am so confused. He contacted me last year and since I am so afraid of flying, he came to get me where I live and met me at the airport and we flew back to his house. He called me at least three times a week or more and then the communication got less and less over a year and two month period. I rarely hear from him now and when I am with him He makes me happy, I mean really safe feeling and content and calm. I will never stop loving him, I never have no matter what he thinks or feels. So that is part of the reason i want to know if he loves me or wants me, and if not, fine, I will re-arange my feelings to not be so hurt (limit his access to me) Lately, since he is having financial problems (this seems to correspond) he rarely calls , e-mails and is very distant when I do talk to him. He had our life all planned out. On his end , in his head. I had other ideas to make the relationship work for me. So now I imagine that he could have been playing a wicked game with me -because he was under the assumption that I had money, or he is too stressed to deal with me and unemployment at the same time, or he just never loved me in the first place. He still denies knowing that I was pregnant with our child (I do not believe him) Or he could just have a lot of women and like to be a batchelor. I just really want the truth. Can anyone help me, please?

  • Hi Krista. Jupiter, the planet of abundance and optimism, moves into the sign of Pisces in 2010. Jupiter expands everything it touches, and since you are a Pisces you will start to see an expansion of your emotions and feelings. What matters most to you at this time? What area of your life do you have the strongest desire for change? Your feelings on these matters is where everything starts for you. 2009 was about you going inward to explore your feelings, however 2010 is about turning those feelings and your new found self-awarness out into the world. Your focus will start to center on your appearance, personality, and overall self-image. You will also see your energy shift towards partnerships that you want to see improve. Intimacy, loyalty, and fidelity are important to you. You find balance in your relationships by focusing on what is fair to both parties, rather than over analyzing the small stuff.

    All the best to you in 2010.

  • Hello Everyone,

    I'm trying to get to everyone who posted to me and let you know that I'm running around a bit right now but you aren't forgotten or ignored. I will try and get to you all as soon as possible. Take care and see you soon:)

    Happy Holidays and Many Blessings to you all!!

  • Thank you , hisbablove.

    Happy Holidays and Bright Blessings to you!


  • Happy holidays!!

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