Can You Read Auras?

  • See, that's just it. I do encourage my son, because it was taboo when I was a child. It was still taboo as an adult. I was told that I was making it up. I don't want him to feel insecure about what he has naturally. He's a real sweetheart. Yeah, my niece is amazing. I feel blessed that she could see him and communicate that to us. 🙂

  • Hi everyone,

    What an awesome thread. I have only had one experience with reading someone's aura. I had never met her before but she was the fiance of a man named Greg I'd known since high school. I always had this strange connection with this man but we never became a couple. Anyway, I was at a party summer '08. I had not seen Greg for almost 15 years. He walks up the driveway holding his finace's hand. As I looked at her I saw this awful browish/reddish glow around her. It was the worst color combination I had ever seen! While I was looking at her I just got physically sick. I mean, my stomach was churning she had such a crappy negative energy around her. Ugh. Even thinking about it makes my stomach flip!

    Boy oh boy did I avoid her the entire night! I couldn't even sit near her! I knew she had some issues and that Greg would not be happily married to her! Alas, they got married anyway and I have heard through the grapevine it hasn't been a good one!

    I did have my aura read many years ago in my early 20's. I had gone to a wonderful spiritual community in NY called Lily Dale. I had reading with a woman who drew what she was told by my spirit guides( can't remember what that's called now). She told me my aura was purple but at the time I had no idea what she meant!

    Lily Dale was a wonderful place and I have thought of it fondly over the years. If any of you live in New York state I highly recommend you visit!

    There's a website called The Pagan's Path that can help you read aura's if you're interested. They give some exercies to help you practice and give definition's to each color!

    Happy googling!



  • This morning I tried seeing my aura. I was laying in bed and stretched my arm out I saw blue sorrounding my skin. I was amazed. I JUST started to try to see auras... just yesterday. I want to keep practicing so that I can see them without straining my eyes. I havent read what blue means yet.... it was like a dark blue. I talked to a psychic yesterday.. she said I would be good helping people, I have healing energy I suppose? Anyway.. after that was when I read about auras and tried seeing mine in the mirror, then this morning on my arm. I think blue has to do with creativity, the psychic told my i needed to do something involving my creativity, I think she saw my blue aura. I now believe her, since I saw blue with my own eyes. Pretty cool. im amazed

    god is awesome. To those who dont believe in god.. the universe or whatever higher being you use... is awesome.. ha

  • well that's nice to know

    someone told me my aura is full of indigo many years ago

    I didn't know what that means until a few years back someone mentioned Indigo children

    there is a thread about it here, you can read if you click on my name

    but I didn't know reading aura can be learned

    the person that read mine, she always has that ability so it is not learned

  • I don't know my aura now

    but I'd rather have someone experienced to read it then do it myself

    maybe later I will learn it and after a lot of practice I will trust my own judgement

  • Leo scorpion... try this websites exercise it's how I learned.

  • thanks Igo

  • AndreaOh- What a story. It's crazy because I had read one similar and the aura that the person described was the same. Yuck! She must have been a really vindictive or angry, spiteful person or something. Good thing you were smart enough to stay away. Those types of negative vibes are so damn draining, right? That's so cool about Lily Dale. That sounds so nice. Purple is such a nice color, really my favorite. Thanks for sharing your story and the website 😃

    IgoHumble- I am so happy you got to experience that :). It must have been such a cool experience. Blue is a healing color, blue people tend to be very caring and loving, helpful. Sometimes soft spoken and such. I would agree with you, the Universe is very awesome 😃

  • Hey guys, how are you? I wanted to give everyone an update because I was on an aura quest lol. I was actually on another community I belong to, the empath community and I met this girl who could read auras. She sees auras in images and colors. I asked her to read my aura and her reading was very touched. She told me of the images she saw within my aura, some which meant something at the time, some which may mean things to pass in the future. She also saw several colors and explained her feelings on each of these colors. She is truly gifted. I wanted to correct myself because I said seeing auras is not a type of synethesia, but it is. It is called emotion color synethesia. She has a great informational webpage. Aura static dot viviti dot com. The first two words you place together before the dot and then continue the same. She gives a lot of info. on how some people see auras and how to learn. Thought I would share. I hope everyone is well, I have to say hello 😃

  • thanks for sharing

    my friend has agreed to join, she will share her gifts here

  • Thanks Leo. That should be nice, hearing from someone who actually has that ability. It's always nice to learn from others who have different abilities and interests than us.

  • yw Univ

    I don't even know what are all the abilities she has, she only says it when needed

    she travels a lot so I'd imagine she might do a reading in a thread but will be limited

    anyway gonna talk to her now see how she is doing

    take care and thanks for sharing

  • My daughter turned seven a week ago and I thought it would be the right time to explain to her about not being afriad of "knowing" certain things. I asked her if she could relate colors... after holding/touching people or things.. and the results were shocking.

    Her nonnie who passed when she was 3 = rose

    A ring from my grandmother, still living, she only met once = very light pink

    Her best friend = green

    Her father = green

    Me = purple

    I'm curious to see what else she can do.. without scaring her.

    There are so many other things that suggests she's like me..

    any suggestions?

  • Synesthesia is what you are talking about. Look it up guys.

    Sorry, I'm very lazy and I haven't read too much of what you all have put up but I do know a fair bit of auras and all of these things you've been talking about.

    And I can lead you through how to enhance your sense with these. And yes, I think it is a gift and it is a gift you can make use of.

    I'm just an 18 year old girl but if you want, I'd be able to teach you ways to read auras if that's what you're looking for. I dont charge anything at all but bear with me, I will be a slow teacher because I'm in university. Feel free to contact me

  • StrawberryKiss-

    I've always wondered about reading auras... I wasn't a part of this conversation but if it's no trouble I'd love to learn from you!



  • Sure Angela, I'm just at this mood atm where I feel like spilling things out, if things get too boring, let me know. Contact me: (on msn or facebook, whatever)

  • oops sorry, just add me on facebook because my msn is a little dumb at times. (I'm sorry if I breached the rules by revealing my contact =x )

  • I can't access facebook where I'm at now, but I'll give you my email address-

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  • They won't let me post my email address. Sneaky...

    is it any trouble to do that on the thread?

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