Can You Read Auras?

  • I have found on few occassions I have seen what I believed to be auras. At first, I thought my contacts were just dry and blurry. Most everyone had a yellowish white-ish color. then I came to my Now previous general manager. He had everyone snowed that he was a sweet honest man that cared about the future of the company and the employees. (I was even fooled by his generosity). When I looked at him, though, I saw a grey blur around him. I felt "yuck" when I looked at this. It was an energy of just "yuck". I know that sounds so childish, but that's what I felt. Turned out, he ended up getting fired for being such an awful human being. Apparently, he choaked my direct boss with his bare hands! That was just one example of my aura experiences. I haven't had many at all.

  • lol Univharmony

    yeah that spells temper

    about reading auras, by all means if it can be trained, get the training

    I'm pretty sure you have to meet in person to read auras but some people might be able to go with photos

    I still can't get my friend's attention she is too busy with moving

    take care now hope someone can answer you soon

  • MystoBlueStars- Lol, goosebumps. Its good you identify though. I say that about definitions because my mentor always says that about tarot and things that require intuition. Book definitions are good and helpful, but what we feel things represent and are close to are normally correct for us and that situation. I love this site because we all get to learn so much from each other. And me, I'm a big believer in if I think someone might be good a something, then I gotta let them know.

    Amantim- What an experience with that guy. That's terrible that he choked your boss!! Yuck doesn't sound childish. Like if you say the word out loud, you can actually feel the meaning, so it's a good one. You don't need to be around people that make you feel like that. Maybe sometimes you get flashes of color to let you be aware of certain things, like a warning or something.

    Leoscorpion- Definitely temper. I looked at my bf's birth chart. He is a Taurus sun sign, but has 6 fire signs!!!!! No wonder we bump heads how we do when we fight lol. Thanks for pointing that out too me, I never counted before. The Magic Circle School is the school I am taking some classes online at, they are all free and pretty awesome. But they offer an aura reading class, which I am interested in taking. I also read a lot of training of your peripherals can help as well.

  • univharmony

    true what you said. book and classes only help showing big picture. details come with trusting inner guidance or intuition/hunch and experience and knowledge. this is where readers differ from one to another, whether it is palm, tarot, psychic etc

    hope the best for you and your bf 🙂

    will check out that class. holiday is coming I'm sticking to budget so it's nice to get info on free classes thanks!

  • Leoscorpion- I agree, trusting your intuition guides you and makes you differ in approach from another. But it is what is right for that person. Thanks about me and my bf, we will be fine lol. Check the school out, they offer a TON of classes. All are free, some you may have to buy a book or tool but you can normally find them at amazon for less than $10. Great place, I love it.

  • Thank you UniversalHarmony. Your words are reassuring and appreciated. I agree wholeheartedly with you on this site. I feel as though I hit the jackpot, so to speak. I have never been in a community with so many "like-people"... or at least so many that admit it. 🙂 I hope to advance my gifts via this site and the many lovely people that are so giving with their time, energy and love. Thank you to EVERYONE. 🙂 I had such a wonderful cofirmation in another thread that I created from others about my Dad who passed away in May of this year. He sent me a message. It made me cry ghappy tears and sad tears. I hope that I can return the gifts by helping others on this site.

  • Thank Amantim =). I agree with everything you have said, it is great to meet so many people with similar experiences, ideas and beliefs. And even when they are different, it is usually great conversation and learning. You will advance your skills building strength from others and learning from here but also just because you desire to advance your skills. When the desire is strong and you put in the work, you will always get results. I know you will reach your goal :). I send my condolences for your father, that is so hard. It is so great you have received a message that hit home with you and brought you comfort. I lost my father young and I know how hard it can be. I send my best wishes and energy to you at this time.

  • univ

    I checked out the site

    it says I have to check back at 12:01, what if I miss it?

    LOL serious question (though I am giggling)

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  • it says that as a part of remaining in the course

    have you ever signed up on the 5th? of any month? at 12:01?

    I went to the site and that's what it says, but not registering yet

  • Yeah, UniversalHarmony, it was very comforting to hear from him. His message was that I was always the sunny side of the street for him (he did tell me b4 that I was his favorite, shhh), and that he found the best fishing holes -- he always catches the biggest fish. It was always confirmed for me that the "signs" that I couldn't figure out if they were just in my head or not are actually really from him. He was always about the signs. The thread that I created was: "Can Anyone Speak to Those Whom Have Passed?" if you wanted to check it out. (More details)

    Do you really think that I will develop fully? I aspire for that rather feverishly. I dabbled here and there to explain my gifts to myself, but never really got too far. One time even, I dabbled into the darker side without realizing it, and it made for some very uncomfortable situations. I even witnessed demons or something like it throwing wads of paper at my son. I pulled away from EVERYTHING at that time. So, it's only been recently that I have been delving back into it. I guess something continues to pull me to want to know. I just want to be seriously careful. This site is the first where I feel nothing but light and love, no darkness. It is so comforting.

    Again, thank you UniversalHarmony. I really appreciate what you have shared.

  • Leo- Now I understand. You have to sign in once a month by the 5th at 12:01 so that they know you are still in the class. You don't have to do it at that time, just by that time. And if you can't check in by that time for that month, you can just email your teacher and you guys can work something out. Sometimes they even make the post in each class before the 1st of the month, so you can sign in whenever.

    Amantim- What a nice message. I will check out the thread, it actually just caught my eye right before I came here. I have done a few communication readings with great success but I am still really learning. I have always felt as though I can feel something else about and around me often. The signs can be everywhere as you said, sometimes you just have to know where to look. As for your gifts, I think you can develop fully. As with most people who are talented in anything, practice and dedication can make them better and better. Eventually it becomes so natural that it comes easier, flows easier, feels more comfortable to you. If you are serious about concentrating on your talents, what you do best or enjoy best and work on them with dedication and love, you can definitely develop a great deal. I can completely relate about pulling away. Premonitions, extreme empathy, and even telepathy were some of the things I experienced real young. I became extremely interested in Wicca and paganism and learning about these abilities. I was 10 doing all this until about 15. At 15, I was so wrapped up in not trying to be so different, I was already a different race, had many different beliefs, and just seemed weird to so many people so I strayed away. My ideas became darker and after that I just stopped because I knew it wouldn't be right for me to do anything bad like. So many of the feelings and experiences stayed but I stopped practicing, learning, growing. The beliefs stayed and the thoughts and ideas stayed but I didn't nurture them. Over the past few years, things have gotten a bit crazy but it has led me back to where I need to be. It's like being welcomed home again, just learning sparks those ideas and intentions. It draws people, literature, new ideas and concepts all to you when you get the intention and ideas flowing and it keeps growing and growing. This is my experience and though we are not all the same, I feel like it helps to share lol.

  • Hello Universal Harmony! What a terrific thread topic you have created 🙂 I don't have much in particular to add at the moment, but wanted to say hello, and tell you how much I am enjoying this topic and all of the input from everyone. Naturally, I too would love to know how my aura is seen but if not, I'm just thrilled by reading through everyone's comments as it's such a great way to learn new things and it has a way of opening your mind to new ideas and concepts's you'd never thought of before that end up causing you to want to know more and more and more!

    I'm happy to see you're doing so well!



  • Hey Sacogirl =). Happy to see you have stopped by. It's good just to add on and say hello. You always add such depth to the conversations too. It is so cool because lately I have been able to feel the positive energy in certain posts and threads, its awesome. I have began to start thinking of what someone else said and the flashes of color that go through my head when I meet or talk to someone. I may think of that for a bit lol. I think Sacogirl and think, blue, green, and red. Nice colors lol. I guess it is all how we perceive things.

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  • thank Univ!!

  • Hello Everyone,

    I agree with soapmaker, it's enlightening and inpiring reading some of the threads on this board. How's it going Universal? I think that learning about auras is a really interesting subject. Does anyone know if it's connected to synesthesia in any way?

  • Ineedtomeditate- Nice to see you popping in on here =). Things going alright, but i'll get into detail in email lol. How about you? Reading and seeing auras has some similarities to synesthesia but it is not the same. Anyone with practice can read auras, but not has synesthesia. It is neurologically based and it is normally associated with words and numbers, so that people see different colors for different letters or numbers. I have heard there are different versions where people can taste words and music and stuff like that. It is fascinating. But I think you have to have the neurological trigger, genetics, or makeup.

  • UniversalHarmony -- Thank you for letting me in on your experience. It really helps to know that I am not a bad person for slipping into something that I really didn't want to slip into. It was pretty scary for quite some time. It's only been extremely recently that I have opened myself back up to it. I see you had an early start. Mine didn't start kicking in again until I got pregnant with my son (who is extremely gifted).

    Just a tiny story: He and his cousin were upstairs in his room. They were being real quiet, so understandably, I wen to check on them. I listened in the doorway to hear what they might be cooking up, only to find my son teaching him Bible stories. It was awe-inspiring that my little guy was such a teacher of sorts. So, I walked in asked if I could join in the conversation. We went down stairs to the living room and sat on the couch. We continued to talk about Jesus and all the differences that he made, and his ultimate sacrifice. Lo and behold, my son looked up at the stairs in the hallway. He asked me while still staring up there, "Hey Mom? Do you see him?" I asked, "See who sweetie?" He said, "Jesus. He's sitting right there at the top of the stairs with his chin in his hand and his elbow on his lap. You don't see him? He's smiling." That was an amazing moment. I knew he was gifted before, that was just wow. & my niece talks to us about my Dad a lot. For about two weeks maybe she talked about how she could see him after he passed. Then one day we asked about him, and she said, "Jesus and God took him to Heaven silly. He isn't here anymore."

  • It helps to get an early start but everyone can catch up. Plus, unless you are not consistently nurtured and encouraged, it becomes more pressure and anxiety than being seen as a gift. So it can be great you realize later in life :). What a story about your son. Children always see so much more than us, it is amazing. That is so interesting about your niece, my friend had a similar experience with her daughter after her grandmother passed away. Keep at it and keep encouraging your kids as well 😃

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