Can You Read Auras?

  • I was looking for insight from anybody who can read auras. I am interested in learning and as someone who is normally clairsentient, clairaudient, and an empath, seeing does not come easily for me. Only in meditations and dreams. But I wanted to know if you could share what you see, any colors you like or don't like, and any tips for anyone looking to learn. Curious and very excited in learning what you all have to share 😃

    Universal Harmony

  • I know someone who can and she read my aura that's the first time I heard about indigo adult

    she is a physician among other things she really is very knowledgeable and independent

    she can read through photos and has quite a few psychic abilities

    I will try get her to join this forum

    but she is always busy

    it would be nice if she does though

    btw nice to see your post after some time 🙂

  • Hey leo, thanks :). That is cool, you are the second person who has said they have had their auras read by a doctor of one kind or another. Interesting. I would love if she could join the convo. I don't have any memories of reading auras or anything. I would like to know what my own aura looks like but also to see what others do. I feel, perhaps this is good enough lol. I was reading the chat about the indigo children, I just read up about it because I didn't know much, I even took a quiz lol and it said I fit into that category. But indigo as an aura I know is a good thing, regardless of whether you consider yourself an indigo child/adult, because indigo represents intuition, higher knowledge, among other things. And you seem to have those qualities, for sure.

  • Univ hramony

    not surprised you are indigo too, we think alike in many ways

    I can feel your energy sometimes, that's a lot for someone who can't feel energy all the time

    means you exude quite a strong one and it's positive - well done!

    true, indigo represents color of third eye chakra

    just that indigo person has a lot more of indigodominating his/her aura

    my friend is more than a physician, she is a healer in every sense

    probably crystal adult, she has large penetrating and hypnotic eyes

    people flock on her, just by seeing her photo that only shows half her face, just eyes mainly

    life on the physical has been hard on her but I will try my best to get her to join

  • I agree on the energy. I find myself very drawn to your posts, but also many similar posts that you are on. As a leo especially, and because you have such knowledge and warmth you put out a definite vibe. A good one :). It's true what you say about indigo and the third eye. I completely forgot. It's funny because I have been meditating, my meditating has included visions of chakras. I am soon signing up for a class. But also, I have been seeing a round circle right above my third eye, normally purple/indigo and the color and vision is almost always closely associated while I am meditating. You got me thinking lol. I don't know what crystal is. I was meaning to look that up when looking up about indigo, but whatever stuff you might know, please share. That's awesome about your friend, she must exude a great energy. Eyes are very powerful and have such a draw. I can understand people being drawn just by that. I have large, very large brown eyes. When I was a kid, kids used to tease me, but I also learned I could bore holes through you with them lol. Now, some people are slightly intimidated by my eyes, but others are truly drawn. I love how certain eyes just repel and attract different people.

  • Univharmony

    I wrote a lot of them here

    all on page 2

    by the way this is additional info about crystal person

    The first thing most people notice about Crystal Children is their eyes, large, penetrating, and wise beyond their years. Their eyes lock on and hypnotize you, while you realize your soul is being laid bare for the child to see. Perhaps you've noticed this special new "breed" of children rapidly populating our planet. They are happy, delightful and forgiving

    crystal children has access to the higher plane of awareness 6th

    indigo to 4th and 5th. as such crystal person also possess indigo abilities (not the aura) and a lot more. if you pass the indigo test and no one has seen your aura yet, you could be crystal for this reason. the sure way to find out is to have aura read. tests can probably help but not necessarily accurate for we might have forgotten some things or mixed them altogether.

    take care now.

  • Hi Universal, What a great question! I would describe my abilities as you have and have wondered about this also. I would guess that through meditation, focusing on the individual color and its vibrational energy would allow someone to " carry " that out into the world to use. Just a hunch. I've never tried to see an aura but can always sense the energy as I'm sure you have. I've caught just the "ghost " of auras in nature. For instance, around a leaf. Maybe I prefer my " rose - colored glasses " with people? LOL ! Someone had a camera ( aureliean photography, i think. ?) and took one of me. The swirl of colors was pretty cool.

    Leo -- someone posted something about these children and i googled it. i found it very interesting to learn of the birth years of these children. What a wonderful time to be alive! we are so lucky!

  • laie

    the universe timing is not linear like ours

    the birth years could be wrong, 24/7 is human definition of time

    if you read the link I provide, I mentioned a bit there about this

    these children and adults are always ahead of their time

    and in the long history of human kind there has always been someone who was

    a visionary, a prophet, a wise man etc

    there is no certain timing of when these children arrive

    there is however a possibility that more of them have come during the last 100 years

    not because we are living in the most special period of human kind

    but because the universe sees that the time has come for everyone to understand

  • See I see auras as very bright light! Sometimes things get so bright I have to sit in darkness. But in a kool calm atmosphere. Sometimes ill see colors radiating from peoples head. Its crazy. We've been coming for a very long time leo! How are you by the way?

  • never heard auras as very bright light LOL

    have we really?

    been writing too many posts I can't remember them all

  • Laie4. that photo sounds really cool. I have heard of those and even if they aren't really your true aura, they definitely sound like fun lol. Since you said you are having trouble as well, I have read that we are not supposed to focus on the actual person, but around them, above them. There are some exercises I have read online, but hopefully some people will share what they do, unless it just comes lol.

    Leoscorpio- Thanks for the link. That was actually what I was reading that had got me thinking about learning more about crystal children. I read a big article and I think at present, aside from the eyes, I fit indigo better. They say temperament is a huge lesson of the indigo child, they can struggle with anger and even rage with society and its shortcomings and systems. That is so me and I have yet to control my passion to be able to be proactive without getting upset at times. If you are transitioning to crystal that would seem to make sense as you seem much more even tempered/mannered.

  • OK Univharmony

    I hope what I wrote makes sense

    it was from doreen virtue's article Indigo/crystal children mostly

    we will all be transitioning if we keep nurturing our psyche for development to consciousness/awareness, interaction with crystal can help but if not that is not a requirement

    a cancer with temper? lol Leos are worse in that 🙂

    you'll be fine take care now , gotta finish laundry

  • Yes it does make sense. That is actually what I read, was by Doreen Virtue. I was trying to look for some other authors but was not too successful. Yes, a cancer with a temper lol. I think we will be alright though lol 😃

  • you will be 🙂

    do you have a lot of fire sign in your chart? I don't know any sign that is more temperamental than fire. I could be wrong though.

    but I am probably meant to master my temper

    when I was born the planets were occupying 4 fire signs, 3 water, 2 air and 2 earth

    sounds like great help for dousing fire

    what's yours I wonder

  • Good observation, I am equal parts fire and water lol. At 4 a piece. I have 3 air signs and only 1 earth. Could definitely be part of it, and the fact that fire and water can be so opposite, that anger can probably arise in the conflicts. I have two sag, two aries, and one scorpio, three cancers lol.

  • Hey Guys, am a bit new to this forum but your discussions just got me to post here. i am also very much interested in all this. Any1 who wud help me with reading aura's and read mine also..... any help wud be appreciated. will keep on visiting this forum oftenly... nice to see u guys around.

  • Well so far no one who can read auras has really answered to the page lol. One person has. But we haven't gained much insight into how they go about it. I am compiling some info. and reading up about it, plus I have been thinking of taking a class on it that an online school I attend offers. Sometimes, when I envision someone in my mind I can see a color or glow around them, but that is about the only time.

  • MystoBlueStars- I think I read something like that but not as simply put lol. Thanks for the tip as I will definitely try that. What type of colors do you generally see with people? And do you find that you are attracted more to certain colors than others?

  • sounds interesting.... i do see the colors but i smtyms think dat i get to see them coz i want to and hence, mind is responding and it might not be actual aura color....soul-over-mind may be, i shud blv that.... and how do we know how many parts of an element we have?? like how many parts of fire, how many of water like u guys were discussing above.... also, the significance of having these elements... if i know mine, it'll narrow my search for my life purpose as i think that everyone person gets more of those elements, wch he is going to need more.....

  • NikandHil, you can figure out which elements and how many of each in your birth chart. You can get it for free in your sample reports on this site, but I think they charge for the full explanation. But with some research you can probably get a lot of info. for free.

    MystoBlueStars- What you have talked about matches up with a lot of what I have read, so perhaps this is how it works for you and other people as well. They say there are colors to represent mood and personality. My mother is a therapist and has a client who says something similar and sees similar colors as well. One days where it is all one color perhaps a certain mood is dominating the whole day. Purple is normally is a pretty good color I think. But for your sake, I would say to stick to definitions that you feel are appropriate for each color because they are how you see them and feel them. You would probably do well in learning how to enhance your abilities because you can see where people may be hurting or need help before they even know it. It could be very useful for yourself and others, you probably already have a great deal of potential.

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