Could someone please interpret these cards for me?

  • Hey everyone, i pulled some cards recently for myself, in no order apart from where intuition led me, and i just need to make sense of them!...Would anyone be kind enough to tell me the meanings behind this reading, and whats going on for me!?...Thankyou so much.....

    The cards were pulled as follows:

    Wheel of Fortune, Queen of Cups, Six of Wands, Queen of Wands, Knight of Wands, Seven of Cups, The Emperor and the Empress.

    They were all the right way round.

    Many thanx for your time xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Pretty please?? =D


  • Your 1st card was the wheel of fortune which is the card of control versus no control. It shows that our descisions can turn many different ways depending on our actions.

    Your 2nd card was the Queen of cups which is the card of emotions and the emotional world. It shows that someone you may have feelings for has entered your world or that you may need to assess your own feelings to discover more about you.

    Your 3rd card was the six of wands which is the card of glory and success. It's dual sided meaning is that just as you succeed you can also fail at the same time.

    your 4th card was the Queen of wands which depicts the message of generosity and ambition.

    Your 5th card was the knight of wands is the card of great intuition and vivid imagination.

    Your 6th card, the seven of cups, is the card of fantasy and daydreams. It offers many choices and nothing will come of these dreams until they are brought into the plane of reality.

    Your 7th card, the Emperor, is the card of authority and ambition. It shows that it is time to take control over your material world.

    Your final card, the Empress, is the card of creativity and relationships. She represents the sense of security and contentment and suggests that satisfaction is gained from bringing something to fruition.

    I hope this helps.........

    : )

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