Hanswolfgang could you please give me a reading?

  • sahunnie,

    you will have children when you cannot go inwards, because you believe, death would be there.

    You are walking and suddenly it starts raining. Now, you can make a problem out of it or you can enjoy it. Both are dependent on your attitude.

  • Dear Hanswolfgang.

    Thank You so much for your responding

    I am not very clear about this sentence "You are sure to have emotional losses, you avoid disappointment" What does it mean?Please can you explain?

    Have any relation with my love`s life?

    Haw can you see my love life in future.

    All my best.


  • Deas Ira

    "You are sure to have emotional losses, you avoid disappointment" What does it mean? You go on inventing something making a sport out of it.

    Can I explain? You follow the expectations of others too much.

    Have any relation with your love`s life? No.

    Your love life in future: You will use always the nearest means to come as simple and normal as possibel to your goal.

    You need responsibility. To be responsible means to be alert, conscious. To be responsible means to be mindful. Act with as much awareness as you can find possible. Even small things— walking on the street, eating your food, taking your bath— should not be done mechanically. Do them with full awareness.

  • Thank you Hans! I am confused by the first part: "you will have children when you cannot go inwards because you believe death will be there". Is this something that you can explain further?

  • Thank you so much.



  • Thank you 🙂

    I take your reply to mean my job and the many tasks that burden me at the moment.

    Love and light

  • Dear Hanswolfgang

    I am little bit confusing about your respond on my first questions who have wrote:

    -Would you please see what would be coming out from a meeting expect to happen soon with a special person I know?Do you think its worth pursuing this relationship?

    Hanswolfgang`s answer is:

    what would be coming out from a meeting expect to happen soon with a special person you know?? Much work.

    Do I think its worth pursuing this relationship? No.

    What kind of works it will be?Good works or bad works, really I am very confusing?

    Do you think it will be (a short) relationship? Or may be it will be just a normal meeting like friends?

    Why do you think It`s not worth pursuing this relationship?

    I am glad to know your respond .

    All my best

    🙂 ira

  • sahunnie

    "you will have children when you cannot go inwards because you believe death will be there". Is this something that I can explain further?

    You are like out of steel. You are trying to get away with something. You are slithering always somehow through controls.

    This is reality: dropping the question why, dropping philosophical attitudes towards life, dropping the longing for meaning, then you attain to reality.

    We have seven centers and all the centers can demand opposite things. This is the natural state of humanity; hence everbody is more or less neurotic. Neurosis is a common quality. Unless one makes a great effort to create harmony, unless one bridges all these seven centers, seven notes into oneness, unless all these seven become integrated and start functioning as a unity, sanity is not born.

  • Dear Ira,

    What kind of works it will be? Good works.

    It will be a relationship.

    Why do I think It`s not worth pursuing this relationship? Because you are losing contact with your inside.

    So that is what I am to say to you: will and surrender have to become part of your life, together -- because your are woman and man together, and you are east and west together. The world is one, the earth is one village. All distinctions are just utilitarian, not real.

  • sylvie74,

    don't choose. Accept life as it is in its totality.

    Become part of the source again, go to the source and reunite, remember again, become the member again of it.




  • Rebell against all slavery; live life in absolute freedom. Live life in absolute freedom without traditions, without conventions, without religions, without philosophies, without ideologies—political, social and others— live unburdened. But it will look crazy to the whole world. Freedom You learn habits of always falling from a certain stage, so whenever that state is again there, you fall. Great effort is needed to reach it again, but now it becomes a point where the mind suddenly takes the wrong step, habitually, mechanically. So it is better to be aware when for the first time you are moving high, so no habit of falling is created in you.

  • Dear Hans-Wolfgang,

    as many I love you philosophy of life and I wish I could live it and thanks a million for what you do!

    but i can't stay without arguing with you about freedom --cause I don't believe in it in this life --and maybe You can help me to understand it differently..

    isn't freedom relative to our existence??

    we want to live life in different ways and find happiness in different things...that could be freedom from every one and everything...and all depend not only on us. our happiness is related to the world we live in...and the world is not free--it belongs to people

    I think freedom in absolute sense its loneliness in this life---and loneliness seems usually said.

    let say---just a sample not necessary true-- I want to have kids ---but i want them to have a father ---because I think this is healthy for them and me--- but when i don't find a father --then should I just give up and not have kids and jump to some other ways of thinking and desires.

    how would I switch my desires so easily without sadness and/or hurts and disappointments?

    or.. another sample-- my brother would hate me for not worrying about his divorce because I don't want to deal with his depression? cause it hurts me.. my freedom wants me not to care about his suffering

    but it hurts me the same when i see him seeing this ...

    i find myself trapped in this world where finding the balance of all can be the closest to freedom but i can't see freedom in itself succeeding unless to people like you which are not that many i believe

    I read this before ---that is why i want to see how in real world does this aply??


  • ❤

    I will sit with all of this. All blessings.

  • Hans, I absolutely, totally get it!!!! Thank you so so so much for my reading.

  • Hi hanswolfgang,

    I am currently doing readings for others but am finding it hard to discover my own future,

    I wondered as I know you are a fantastic reader if you would mind when you have the time having a look and letting me know what you see coming up for me.

    Many thanks and blessings to you.


  • hans,

    I'm really sorry coming through again to you, but is there something troubling you?

    I ask as your name just keeps coming to me at the moment and someone seems to be trying to contact you through me.

    (making me extremely cold too...lol)

    Also your aura is kind of flickering at the moment.

    sorry but it is beginning to bug me.

    Can you confirm this


  • Dear Hanswolfgang.

    Sometimes people are very interesting to know what will happen in future.I am also one of them curious people.

    Some days before I sent a DVD with some of my art works for a competition. Do you think that one of my works it will be a part of this competition? It will be glad to now about that.

    All my best


  • Thanks for the clarity, Hans-Wolfgang. It is very much appreciated.

  • Hans-wolfgang,

    Thank you i see what you are trying to say and will take it on board, Thank you for your time x

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