Hanswolfgang could you please give me a reading?

  • hi hans,

    firstly how are you keeping,well I hope?

    just wondered are you still doing your fantastic readings?

    I met someone recently and all seemed to be going very well, he even asked me to marry him a few times, however I have now told him that we can no longer be lovers and only be friends.

    I am lucky in the sense he seems to have accepted this and know in my heart that although it hurts and I miss him terribly it was the right thing to do as my children would not accept him into my life and they need to be happy with the decisions I make in life also.

    We do still talk to eachother and will be seeing eachother around every so often, which at present is difficult as the change in relationship is only recent, but we are sticking to a 'just friends'

    what I would like to know is whether this man will come back into my life in the future as more than just a friend or will I find someone else that my children will accept and we will all be happy with?

    Also is their any indication of when this is likely to be?

    thank you as always hans for your insight,you are and continue to be an amazing man.

    love and light crystal

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