Hanswolfgang could you please give me a reading?

  • Hans wolfgang, could you please help me with what's going on around me? My dob is 12-29-59 birth time 5:51a.m

  • You are prone to accidents. Be careful. If you are still clinging to your ego you will go down. You are experiencing your environment just only as a dark stifling power taking you continously in bottomless pits of anxiety or lies.

    Care for satisfaction and stability in both health, work and all affairs in general, than recovery from illness and any work-related problems can be expected. It can mean working hard and steadily, but then this is a welcome situation, making you feel more secure and stable in your life.

  • How long will this continue?

  • As long as you fight. Ego feeds on conflicts. What you need is spontaneity: Spontaneity simply means now there is nothing to hinder your self-nature from expressing itself. All the rocks have been removed, all the doors have been opened. Now your self-nature can sing its song, it can dance its dance..

  • Thank you so much for your time and helpfulness....I hope to speak with you again.

  • Hi! I was wondering if u could please help me. I have been involved over the years with one particular person. It sounds generic and cheesey, but my gut tells me we are meant to be together. Recently after a series of signs I tried to keep ignoring including dreams, I contacted this person. What is meant to come of it? He has been in my life for a reason, and if we are not meant to be together, then why do we constantly reconnect paths or always near the other without knowing till we some how reconnect? Please help me! Thank u hanswolfgang!

  • ckdgh703

    what is meant to come of it: fighting and conflict.

    You do constantly reconnect paths or always near the other without knowing till you some how reconnect, because you take your time and reflect where to go, you wait for him and it is not so unconscious.

    Do not turn away what is given you. Because if you turn away you will miss the opportunity, and it may not knock on your door again for a long time. One never knows when the moment will come again.

    To take risks is a quality of the mind, a childlike quality -- to trust and to move beyond that which is secure.

  • Ok I know this was for hanz but the medical issue that is going on is stress. I feel stomach pains along with migraines and like a burning sensation. Also another concern that may need attention is the issue of a decision that your torn between. Like a family dispute that you may be torn towards. My advice would be take b12, and drink OJ. I apologize for jumping in yall but I felt this may help.

  • Hans I'm wondering if you may answer me why I keep seeing signs of death? I understand that i may undergo a rebirth very soon. Any thoughts or advice?

  • Hi, nice to meet you all...Halfwolfgang, could you please give me a reading, 8 march 66.

    My problem is that I dont know what to do about work. I gave up my job for peace of mind however I'm not finding work right now. Should I wait until something close to home comes up or look for jobs further away and be stressed out all the time again.

  • I'm sorry, I just saw that it's HansWolfGang...my apologies.

  • no problem, but actually it is: Hans-Wolfgang

  • serious7

    You keep seeing signs of death because your male side, your yang energy is rising and coming up. Be aware of envy. Be careful of your ovaries.

    And yes, you may undergo a rebirth very soon.

    I think your past seems to show you the way. Go for being welcomed.

    Advice: You think you know what is right for your. But doubt your thinking. You would be tormented by material wishes. Trust your heart.

    What you need is to reunite, to remember again. This word “remember” is also beautiful. It means to become the member again, re-member—to become part of the source again, to go to the source and become the member again of it.

  • Forjo

    You should neither wait until something close to home comes up nor look for jobs further away and be stressed out all the time again. Love will come soon and with it work. Trust your female power.

    There will be work partnership and friendship. Karma is to be paid in this life time, often in the form of work or health difficulties, while you have strong intuitional gifts. You often get into ruts in your family life and work sphere. When you fight this monotony, there can be frustration. You have strong mental powers and strong intuitive powers and both of these can make you money. You are very congenial and have success in social situations but there is some indecision both romantically and in general that can plague you throughout your life. Overall you have an easier life path than most and should not let yourself let that ease turn to self-indulgence. You may marry into money.

    It needs no effort to be ecstatic, it needs great effort to be miserable. That's why you look too tired, because misery is really hard work; to maintain it is really difficult, because you are doing something against nature.

  • thank u for replying. I was wondering if u could elaborate about the part of turning away from oppurtunity. Are you making a reference towards this person as an oppurtunity or do u mean i should stay away from him? I just want to make sure I am not misinterpretting things. Thank you again so much for your time.

  • Be not so fixated or obsessed of "this person". Be just open for every opportunity that life offers you. Because of your obsession with "this person" you created only opportunities of meeting him.

    You are waiting for a signal. You need energy.

    What is needed is a rebellion against all slavery; it is living life in absolute freedom. To live life in absolute freedom without traditions, without conventions, without religions, without philosophies, without ideologies—political, social and others—to live unburdened is living your energy. But it will look crazy to the whole world. Freedom looks crazy because everybody is living an imprisoned life.

  • Thanks hans for replying! Going back to the source? does the intail death itself? as in this life is probaly almost done?

  • Also Hans-wolfgane, do you get a sense of feminism out of me at all?

  • serious7

    no, be aware of your female ego, dominating others with your emotions, closing your heart by cultivating it.

    You don’t say okay to yourself. You are continuously trying to improve yourself. Incompletion is the way life is. You are trying to become perfect. Accept your imperfections.

    So I do get no sense of feminism out of you at all.

    What you need is responsibility. Responsibility—go to the root meaning of the word: it means to be responsive. Love is a response! When the other calls, you are ready. When the other invites, you enter the other. When the other is not inviting, you don’t interfere, you don’t trespass. When the other sings, you sing in response. When the other gives you her or his hand, you take it with deep response.

  • Thanks hans, means alot to me 🙂

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