Need some guidance

  • My Husband and I have been separated since August, would like to know if he will be back.

  • I see that you marriage was more or less a delusion. i know right now you miss him & probably still love him, but you are more worried about your family life. but that is all you really have in common with him anymore. i see that there will be the beginning of a friendship between you. i do see a younger person comming into your life though, which could be a possible lover. remember tthat it is your choice who you let in your life, & you don't have to do anything you dont want to do.

  • I would like to know if "enne" you would, will "P" tell me how he feels for me?

  • as of right now he is starting to feel like maybe you the answer to his prayers, but he want to keep a level head about his feelings (maybe this is what is keeping him from telling you how he feels) he is trying to adapt to this situation. but i do see this as a positive thing. he just needs time to KNOW how he feeels. but you have to give him his time, other wise this will bring out the darkness in him. if you let him announce this in his own time it will lead to a positive conclusion. and i do see that a baby is in there a later.

  • so even with me moving to a new area at our work, do you still see us seeing eachother? and possibly when will it become more serious? I also am shocked at the "baby" part. I never thought about having another baby.

  • do you need our birthdates?

  • birthdays would help out... and as far as the baby i feel like its accidental.

  • hey enne can you tell me if this relationship that i am currently in is worth all the emotional roller coster ride and is he the one?

  • my dob is 1/12/89 his is 7/3/86

  • my birthdate is 04-27-1979, his is 07-22-1983.

    is it going to be his baby???

  • You see that we will become friends, will my children be okay? How far in the future do you see me meeting someone else

  • marc135,

    i'll start with you since this started as being your string.

    for your kiddos, they will be up setfor a while. after all this is a big change. but they (just as you and your husband) will fell the tention subsiding and they will be happier.

    as for the other person coming in to your life, i feel that you need to give yourself time to heal. if you push for this person to come into your life you will really be pushing him away. where we stand right now i'd say with in the next year and a half. i dont like o give out dates, because 1)thats not a strong point of mine, and 2) you have free will, and you could change your life direction. it depends on the message you send out to the universe.remember you always have choices.

  • wickedmoon,

    this is a fairly good match! just try not to push his buttons to much... and you know which ones to push 😉

    i have a stronf feeling that things will become more serious because of the baby.

  • ladyyx,

    the reason that it is so up & down for your relationship is because you both say whats on your minds & the fight is over. but because you say whats on your minds, it also starts that fight. it goes full circle. in the present time your relationship is a disaster. you'll turn into rivals instead of lovers. my advise to you is to do some soul searching. is this something that your willing to settle for? if its is this way now it will be this way always.

  • do you mean the buttons as "trying to get him to tell me his feelings for me"?

    so I take it you see me getting pregnant by him then. When? and what sex?

    LOL!! I can not believe this...

  • what gender of the baby?

  • enne would you be so kind and tell me what is instore for me ???

  • Hi Marsc, I will go will my gut when I first read this. I got a halt like you should stay away because now he's involved in something that you don't need to be part of. I think that is why you are not specific. You know, they say history repeats itself. He feels like it's right but may not be. This is probably your opportunity to move ahead. My advice is to move forward.

  • I am going to move forward. What do you mean history repeats itself. Is he in trouble? Will it hurt me or my children. He is involved with a terrible person. She is just very nasty. Will he be okay. We have been married 26 years and he just went nuts over the summer. Mid-life crisis.

  • wickedmoon,

    that is the botton i'm talking about! lol nagging will not help you in a situation like that. i see a little girl.


    sure... what's up?!

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