Much needed advise on a Cancer man

  • Hello to all,

    I'm a mature woman although after dealing with this cancerian male, I sometimes wonder how mature I am to deal with this crazy rollercoaster ride. I need some input pls. Met a cancerian male earlier this year. He's several years younger. We work in same field and met through a mutual friend. I now work for him. I had no romantic interest when we met only wanted to work. He began to text me msgs of interest constantly. I was confused at first and still not interested. I was seeing someone else. That eventually ended. This cancer guy continued to show interest and started to get my attention, especially since we have the work in common. I began to see him differently and that maybe we could have something. I SLOWLY responded to him and he continued to respond...but NEVER verbally...only in texts...almost like talking to two different people. By phone it was business...text it was all romance (we live in two different cities-not far). He told me first that he loved me and wants to be with me and wants me in his life. I'm now in love with him. Very much so. But now he says he just wants to keep things business related and doesn't want to be in a personal relationship because of his work. After much heartache and disappointment, I have begun to accept that it's business he's begun to text me that he loves me. I AM SO CONFUSED! He loves me or he loves me not! I LOVE ME and am sick of this rollercoaster ride! I also love him but he's caused me a great deal of tears and disappointment. I've been married before and have had many relationships, but honestly, I've never felt the passion that I feel with him. I'm grateful that I live in another city and we communicate via text, email, etc because of work. I think about him everyday but have decided to just continue on with my life as best I can like it was before I met him.. Anybody got any insight to this very complicated man?

  • Harvestmaiden ... Plz plz plz read my post " Have I lost my cancer b/f for good . There is a lot of helpful information on there . I'm a mature woman as well and it appears they do go for older women . Maby it a mother figure the look for as they love their mum's un- conditionly . Feel free to comment on my post . Sandran712 is very good regarding cancer's as she is one herself . Take care Llindieloo xoxoxox

  • I can save you YEARS of heartache and wasted time - I went through the same thing with a Libra man. Honey, the key word here isn't Cancer or's MAN! And specifically, it's a commitmentphobic man. This is the kind of guy who is only comfortable when you are at a distance or you're older or you're a different religion, or SOMETHING that he can later use as a back door to get out. He is full of the love talk when you aren't interested but as soon as you perk up and begin to take his love talk seriously, all of a sudden he's done too good a job of attracting you and now you're a threat to him and he backs off. This pattern will continue over and over and over. Describing it as a rollercoaster is a dead giveaway. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't waste your time. I thought I would die of a broken heart when I was finally done going through the wringer with mine, and a few years later I couldn't imagine what I ever thought I saw in such a screwed up man. Except it did make me realize that I am also somewhat commitment phobic too, and that's why I picked him. It made me do some soul-searching. You cannot change him, don't bother reading self-help books, don't turn yourself inside out, RUN as fast as you can in the other direction. Look up vedic astrologer Carol Allen and check out some of her books and articles (Love is in the Stars) and find a man who will return what you have to give. Being alone is INFGINITELY better than being with a man who will drive you crazy and leave you empty. TRUST ME! Been there, done that, never doing that again. Much luck to you sweetheart ~ and realize that you have everything within yourself you will ever really need. Light & Love, Arlene

  • @Buffyenta314.>>>Pleas, Please Please dont waist you time . I totaly agree . Run as fast as you can . these cancer men get you to fall for them then they dunp you . See My post " Have i lost my cancer b/f for good " A whole lot of information on there .

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