~Is it possible to read your own tarot cards?~

  • When I do readings for myself, it's a hot or miss. I've found that they sometimes will help me organize my thoughts. However, I cannot do readings for any situation that is emotionally charged. My cards will stop making sense at that point.

  • Hi luv2laff, Thank you so much for your interpretation! You are far more advanced in Tarot reading than I am !! I am pasting your post below, so I can refer to it, as I give you some feedback. Hopefully this will be helpful 🙂 The first thing I'd like to comment about is the possibility that my energy was bringing two different men into this reading, one being Everett, but the other being J, who I recently ended things with, before Everett came back into my life for the 2nd time. I am going to go through what you wrote and comment section by section which I think will be helpful to us both!

    Hi Sacogirl, I am back, I would like to start off with the Knight of swords, as a situation along with the wheel of fortune and the 4 of wands, I see a situation that begins very quickly and that your life has changed radically as well as a residential move,or does this indicate that he moved back in with you, the 6 of cups, either in the past or a return.

    When I read this, I feel like this is referring to "J". We began a relationship in June and it progressed VERY quickly and became EXTREME in every way possible. We met and became exclusive within a week and spent almost every waking and sleeping hour together, outside of work. My life during my time with him (JUNE thru OCTOBER) did change drastically and I did physically move in the middle of October. It was the move that broke the camels back and resulted in our relationship ending with little or no regret on my part. We didn't technically live together but we rarely spent a night apart. The six of cups however, could very well refer to the return of Everett, who reappeared unexpectedly in my life only a week after "J's" departure. I think I had explained some of our history and how he and I have a bond that neither of us has ever experienced with anyone else in our lives before. He did leave me for his ex of 13 years to "try again", but quickly found she had not changed, and according to him, secretly pined for me while with her. When they split, he sought me out...or perhaps I should say "returned".

    As a person , they may be restless, impatient and be determined to made things happen even against their better judgement. This person is successful, clever and quick witted. They tend to rush headlong into things without thinking things through carefully, hence the rebound, not to say that he did this but the other cards I think mirror this image, the fool and magician reversed show me this as well.

    This too sounds more like "J" to me. Everett can be restless but he is not impatient. He is careful to take his time and think things through to a fault, before making decisions. He is very indecisive and fears, I think, making bad choices, so he obsesses when making a decision, because he wants to make sure it's the best one. "J" on the other hand was VERY impatient and even told me when we first dated that I shouldn't put all my eggs in his basket, although only a week or so later, gave me the commitment he thought I wanted.... then saying, be careful what you wish for! I believe John was on the rebound (as was everett) since he had broken up with a woman he was nearly engaged to, only a few months before meeting me.

    The Sun for you may indicate that there was a broken engagement and this may have left you feeling drained, if you were worried about your appearance I see you buying new clothes, a haircut etc, also we sometimes feel that to lose the love we had can make us feel that the lights have been turned out, that we can't survive without that , but I see that you will have the strength that you need to handle what ever comes up.

    Again, John and I were not "engaged" but we did have a serious future planned together and when we parted ways, I absolutely felt drained, used, fatigued, physically and emotionally. I remember that right after I moved into my new place and John and I had split, I was really broke and so frustrated that I couldn't buy some hair color, as my "grey roots" were showing and I was feeling down on my appearance because of my hair not looking and feeling the way I am accustomed. I was wearing it "up" (my hair is long), wearing bandanna's and hats to hide it. I felt like I looked so much older than my 39 years! I didn't want to meet my neighbors even, because I felt like I wasn't representing my "true" self. Eventually I got the hair color, put it in, and felt 100% better! I guess what I'm saying is that it wasn't new clothes or a haircut...but you were still point on, as it was my hair 'color" I purchased and the insecurities you were reading were real! I am a very strong person, as you pointed out and even when I've felt my weakest, I've pulled a reserve of strength from places I didn't even know existed! lol I AM a triple Leo... sun, moon, ascending, all in Leo...which could explain my strength or perhaps, just sheer stubborness...lol.

    That you will not be intimidated by anyone and are successful yourself. I see you healing, 3 of cups, a knotty problem has been resolved for the time being.I see that you will not allow anyone to get the upper hand by being selective with who you choose to confide in 4 of wands.

    It does take alot to intimidate me, but it can happen on occaision but in terms of being successful, I guess it depends on the context. Financially? Not so much..lol. In relationships? Not so much..lol In a career? Not so much..lol. However, I think that there are some specific things that I've been successful at... keeping my depression at bay, utilizing the resources made available to me, staying commited to my "self improvement program" etc. These are small victories that when combined, I hope will lead to ultimate success eventually. I despise letting anyone get the upper hand over me..lol! I am competetive but I also have a strong sense of what's "Just", and will fight for what's right any day of the week. I have also weaned out many so called friends who bogged me down with negativity or who I discovered were untrustworthy (4 of wands) I would rather be alone than be with fake, fair wheather, back stabbing, so called friends!

    The 3 of cups reversed can mean being on the wagon as well, not to say that you are drinking though. The 5 is a number of change in the tarot, so the difficult situation will not last forever, it may even be a catalyst for positive change, perhaps when you realise that you don't have to put up with these conditions or circumstances any longer then you will do something constructive about it, even if this means taking more care of yourself and giving yourself some time off from the daily grind. I say these things because the magician is reversed which indicates to me that Everret is maybe very clever in laying the blame.

    Something about this reading that is very interesting to me are the 3's and 5's. I have been noticing them all over my life and even started a topic about it a while ago. (If you have time, maybe you could check it out!) I enjoy a cocktail now and then, but don't see the three in terms of representing a return to "drinking" or falling off the wagon in that way. I'm trying to figure out what that would refer to, but it's not clear to me. In regards to the 3 pertaining to Everett and I, there are a couple of thoughts. First, with Everett's return came some intense healing of our relationship/friendship etc., especially for me. Misunderstanding were cleared up, apologies were made between us for wrongs we did to each other, and the love we have always felt for one another even during our time apart was reaffirmed, and recognized as something that never ended between us, even during that time. My heart which I felt was at one time broken by him, was mended and there truly was a healing that took place for each of us. The number 5 could be going back to "J" as I did realize that I didn't have to tolerate the way he began to treat me and thus let him go, because I knew that was a road I was not going to travel yet again, with ANOTHER man (meaning "J"). Of course as you've already read, there have been all kinds of other changes as well! The other thing that makes me feel this refers to "J", is that HE was the one who was so manipulatively blaming me for ALL KINDS OF THINGS. Everett, blamed only himself for the way our relationship ended.... although.. or unless.. it could be about the blame he places in his EX for their relationship not working out?

    Who's fault is it any way, A less happy situation arises when you are duped or deceived by the person represented by the magician,when this happens as it frequently does, and you find that you have been dropped right in the middle of things and left to cope while your magician friend does a disappearing act, you may be secretly furious with yourself for allowing this situation to have developed in this way. There may not be a conscious reason why he does this but you have explained that he was honest about the situation.

    Again, here, this sounds so much more like something about "J". I set him free.. or sent him "packing", should I say...and a true dissapearing act did he make. And he did no sooner move the last box in my house when poof he was gone (at my request), but stayed gone and certainly didn't fight for me. And YES I was furious with myself for not seeing him for who he really was, long before all the pieces came together, to the final conclusion that he was a pathological sociopath, who was systematically breaking me down, tryine to control me, isolate me from friends and family and create a situation where he was the one and only I would "NEED" or depend on. This is my definition of psychological abuse...and I was so dissapointed in myself for not seeing it sooner, yet proud of myself for at least recognizing it, and correcting it, before the damage was irreperable.

    The wheel represents the change that occured, and what he needed, The king of pentacles represents some one that you can trust, he is loyal dependable and has the midas touch, maybe he is involved with big business somehow connected with property, finance, real estate or the building trade. I realise that he was wanting to help out his family, knowing that he made the wrong choice he knows that he was making the same mistakes over again the 8 of swords shows that he finally took his blindfold off and is not afraid anymore or feeling trapped by his own self made prison.

    Now this is clearly about Everett! Despite some things that have happened, he is possibly the one person I can trust most in this world, right now especially. He is not ALWAYS dependable but when it comes down to whats truly important, he is. He is a granite and marble fabricator/installer by trade and has worked in this field for an approximate total of 8 years. I firmly beleive that when he left me after 9 months, last february, it wasn't because he wanted to leave ME, but he wanted to give what had been his family for 13 years another chance...just as you said. In doing so, he did realize that he made the same mistake again and he did take off his blinders to see that there wasn't anything he could have done different to make things work in the long run. I am certain that he has experienced a sense of freedom from his self imposed prison, as you put it, by ending the relationship with "her" again, and recognizing that he has nothing to feel guilty about in terms of leaving her the first time, because SHE was the problem..not him. He can now live guilt free, knowing he gave it his all this second time around, even though it still didn't work.

    The 6 of cups is a return to you or repeating the same behaviors over again.The 8 of swords also shows that he is not blaming himself for the fault of others and he walked away and said no. I know that this reading sounds kinda harsh, but I read the cards how I see them, forgive me if I sound negative, I am on your side. luv2laf,

    I think the 6 of cups IS a return to me for sure. I don't think this sounded negative because I think that perhaps MY energy was picking up on my relationship with "J" and thus was manifested in the cards. I can so clearly see the division of what seems to refer to "J" and what is representing Everett! I have heard that it is not entirely uncommon for this to happen. What do you think?!

    Thanks for the reassurance of being "on my side"... is so very sweet of you! I am one who always wants to hear the truth even if it may be painful and the sam goes for Tarot or other divination methods that bring about positive and negative feedback. I want to hear it all!

    Thank you so much for taking your time to do this for me, I think you are terrific and very blessed! I hope you will respond to my feedback and let me know what you think!

    May the light always shine upon you and within!


  • Luv2laf....does the book come with cards and do you find the predictions accurate...



  • Hi Sacogirl, Thank you for writing back, I felt uneasy all day yesterday about this reading because I knew that the 3 of cups was more of the healing and self improvement, also that conditions in the home were upsetting, and you were bothered by a conversation with another, and an unpleasant decision that must be made or communicated. Which I see you did and was able to draw on your strength's in reserve. The Strength card also symbolizes Leo. The king of coins also represents May 21 to June 20 Gemini, I added this info since you mentioned the relationship with J was from June to October. I kept sensing that the 5 of coins was related to financial hardship but again thought that I was being too negative as it was and didn't want to invade that personal area. I feel much better now, thank you for the permission to be honest and to really write what I really see, the books are a good tool but as I am practicing I am noticing that I hear in my head the facts that I need to start sharing. I am grateful for this opportunity to see what I really know, and with your help and others input as well I will gain the confidence that I need to be able to read without second guessing myself , or being afraid of making mistakes.Thank you for the light and blessing, I wish the same for you and yours, luv2laf.

  • Hi lefthandedgirl, Yes I have been guided daily with astonishing clarity. I used to do a reading and then read the book to see what actually happened at the end of the day and sometimes the answer would be that day or within a few days to a week, its easier if you ask for a time frame. I ask within minutes or how will this be today, and sure enough I find out what the answer is. I for years I read into negative words that other people have written and it almost ruined my life, so I found the answers that matched my own intuition at that time, not what I wanted to believe but what the card along with the other cards and what their positions signified, then you get a feel for what is really going on. The book has helped me to keep studying otherwise I don't think I would be mentioning it. I can recommend a book that does come with cards that you can create with instructions on use called the 360 Degrees of Wisdom, its an interesting way to see with stories that have been almost mirroring my experience on that day. The book is written by Lynda Hill. I hope this helps.luv2laf

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  • luxuryuqq, Hi, I am glad that these posts help, have a good night, and please share anytime what you know about the cards, I am a student as well.

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