~Is it possible to read your own tarot cards?~

  • Hi,

    I'd like opinions on whether you can or cannot read your own cards. If you pull cards asking "How does he feel about me" and "What does he think of me", are these cards only representations of your energies of how you view his feelings towards you. Is it possible to get accurate answers without your feelings entering the picture. THANKS!!!




  • Hi Lefthandedqurl, I have through my experience known the cards to always explain to me what I have been feeling, thinking, intuitively knowing, but sometimes I get to close to the situation. I find it hard to be objective all the time. So, to make it easier on myself because I read every day for the past 7 years I look at my favorite book called the Tarot made easy. I have found that this book will even tell me what will happen within hours of doing a quick reading. Don't let anyone tell you differently until you try it for yourself. The book that I have is falling apart, thats how well it has served me, its called Tarot Made easy, by Nancy Garen, I have recommended this book to alot of people over the years and it has saved people alot of money by not looking to fortune tellers who are trained the same way. Although there are some truly gifted psychics out there, I believe that if we truly want the guidance, our higher powers will lead us to the path that will enlighten us, as long as we have faith in the lessons they wish to teach us at that time. If you would like to discuss this more let me know, Luv2laf.

  • Sorry, I meant Lefthandedqrl, have an enchanted evening! Luv2laf.

  • Hi again Lefthandedgrl, , I would like to share with you one of my favorite spreads called the healing relationship spread. I will quote the book now. This is an ideal spread to use when you want to examine and discover what to do about it. It is essentially sound but needs a little work, particularly if you have been together a long time and have a tendency to take each other for granted. It allows you to study what is preventing you from finding a resolution to your difficulties and also to see how you can move these forward. In addition, it shows you what you both need which may be at the heart of the dilemma.The final card describes the outcome. There are 11 cards in the spread, you place them in pairs, eg. 1 and 2 then next row below 3 and 4 so on, number 11 is at the bottom by its self, the outcome card. The no.1 is how you see yourself, number 2 is how they see themselves...next row, number 3 is what you need, 4 is what they need, no.5 is how do you see the situation, no.6 how do they see the situation. no. 7 your sticking point, no.8 their sticking point. no.9 how you can resolve it, no.10 how they can resolve it. no.11 the outcome. See how this reading works for you, luv2laf

  • This last spread was from the book Tarot for life and love written by Jane Struthers. Enjoy! luv2laf.

  • luv2laf.....thanks so much for your posts and insights....



  • I've had readings done by friend and she taught me how to read the cards and yes when you ask a question it is answered by your spiritual motivation. Question you ask you already know the answer. It is your spiritual guide if you listen to it! If you ? feelings of a gut then you know that what you are feeling isn't what is suppose to be felt or spiritually you would not have to ask. Hopefully you understand, but then again there are people out there who are spiritually touched by angels!

  • Hi Luv2laf, I just wanted to let you know that your post and the information you provided was very helpful for me to. I had posted a similiar question recently but didn't get any feedback. I'm going to bump my question back up to see if you or anyone has anything to add.

    Thanks again!

    Blessings to you,


  • Good Evening Luv2laf,

    I decided to try the reading that you suggested for relationships. I am new to reading and am wondering if you would mind helping me to interpret the cards I picked, if for no other reason than to see If I am on the right track and validate my own interpretation. Since you have had a lot of experience with this spread in particular, you would be most helpful to me in the interpretation aspect If you are unavailable or do not have the time, I certainly understand, but if you are able to help I would be very grateful.

    I layed out the cards in the spread that you described and the following is what unfolded...

    Oh.. I should add, after I shuffled and did my little ritual with the cards, I dealt them. I realized after that I did not ask any specific question, however my relationship with Everett was clearly on my mind at the time.

    1. How I see myself- .The Sun

    2. How he see's himself - The magician reversed

    3. What I need - Strength

    4. What he needs - Wheel of fortune

    5. How I see the situation - Three of cups reversed

    6. How he see's the situation - King of coins

    7. My sticking point - 4 of wands

    8. His sticking point - The fool

    9, How I can resolve it - 5 of Coins reversed

    10. How can he resolve it - 8 of swords

    11. Outcome - 6 of cups.

    My dilemna with the outcome, is that in reading the cards that last one spun around, so I'm not 100% certain if it was dealt upright or in the reversed position initially. UGhhh.

    Let me know if you think you can help, I will look forward to your response and any reply would be greatly appreciated!

    Many Blessings,


  • Hi Sacogirl, Yes I would love to try to read this spread, I will work on it for you and will message you hopefully tonight, or as soon as I can. What I recommend is to write down any impressions that you are getting, that voice in your head that starts to converse with you while you are distracted, you may receive flashes of the card in your mind, take notice and write it down, you will be surprised at the info you gather. Also look at the bottom card of the deck, if you want to do another spread, concentrate on the question while shuffling, if the cards do not want to be shuffled anymore they will feel stuck, thats when I know that they are ready. I never cut the deck. Sometimes something else will come up that may need your attention at that time, but together I'm sure we can figure this out, thanks again for the opportunity to practice as well, luv2laf.

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  • Good Evening Luv2laf,

    I began writing up my interpretation of that spread last night, but didn't get to finish it before i got tired and had to hit the hay! I'm going to try to complete it tonight. I checked my email but didn't hear from you, but am still hoping you planned on working on this with me! If you happen to be on here later and stop by to read this, please let me know if you are still with me on this...lol! When I've finished with my interpretation I'll post to you to let you know as well.

    I hope you're having a great day,


  • Hi Sacogirl, I am sorry that I won't have time to do this reading at this time, I am overloaded with work at the moment, but when things clear up I would like to try another time. Have an enchanting evening. luv2laf.

  • Luv2laf,

    I've decided to purchase the book "Tarot made Easy". I hope it is as interesting as it sounds.

    Thanks for suggesting it !!!

    Take care,


    : 0 )

  • Thank you SacoGirl, Wow I am so excited for you this book is fantastic, I will start the reading today, My first impression was correct with the 8 of swords and the 6 of cups. I will weave together the spread as I see it and send it back today, thank you for your patience and thanks for asking me. luv2laf.

  • Hi Sacogirl I am frustrated because I was almost done and I hit the wrong button and had to start all over again, do you know how to retrieve lost work that disappears?yAny way it is good practice for me. I will have the reading for you today,

  • Hi Sacogirl, I am back, I would like to start off with the Knight of swords, as a situation along with the wheel of fortune and the 4 of wands, I see a situation that begins very quickly and that your life has changed radically as well as a residential move,or does this indicate that he moved back in with you, the 6 of cups, either in the past or a return. As a person , they may be restless, impatient and be determined to made things happen even against their better judgement. This person is successful, clever and quick witted. They tend to rush headlong into things without thinking things through carefully, hence the rebound, not to say that he did this but the other cards I think mirror this image, the fool and magician reversed show me this as well. The Sun for you may indicate that there was a broken engagement and this may have left you feeling drained, if you were worried about your appearance I see you buying new clothes, a haircut etc, also we sometimes feel that to lose the love we had can make us feel that the lights have been turned out, that we can't survive without that , but I see that you will have the strength that you need to handle what ever comes up. That you will not be intimidated by anyone and are successful yourself. I see you healing, 3 of cups, a knotty problem has been resolved for the time being.I see that you will not allow anyone to get the upper hand by being selective with who you choose to confide in 4 of wands. The 3 of cups reversed can mean being on the wagon as well, not to say that you are drinking though. The 5 is a number of change in the tarot, so the difficult situation will not last forever, it may even be a catalyst for positive change, perhaps when you realise that you don't have to put up with these conditions or circumstances any longer then you will do something constructive about it, even if this means taking more care of yourself and giving yourself some time off from the daily grind. I say these things because the magician is reversed which indicates to me that Everret is maybe very clever in laying the blame. Who's fault is it any way, A less happy situation arises when you are duped or deceived by the person represented by the magician,when this happens as it frequently does, and you find that you have been dropped right in the middle of things and left to cope while your magician friend does a disappearing act, you may be secretly furious with yourself for allowing this situation to have developed in this way. There may not be a conscious reason why he does this but you have explained that he was honest about the situation. The wheel represents the change that occured, and what he needed, The king of pentacles represents some one that you can trust, he is loyal dependable and has the midas touch, maybe he is involved with big business somehow connected with property, finance, real estate or the building trade. I realise that he was wanting to help out his family, knowing that he made the wrong choice he knows that he was making the same mistakes over again the 8 of swords shows that he finally took his blindfold off and is not afraid anymore or feeling trapped by his own self made prison. The 6 of cups is a return to you or repeating the same behaviors over again.The 8 of swords also shows that he is not blaming himself for the fault of others and he walked away and said no. I know that this reading sounds kinda harsh, but I read the cards how I see them, forgive me if I sound negative, I am on your side. luv2laf,

  • Hi lefthandedgirl, I am so happy that you decided to get the book! I have to warn you though, it may become addictive, Have a glorious time I know that if my house burnt down I would take my picture albums and that book. luv2laf.

  • Dear Sacogirl, I am bugged because I don't feel that you are secretly angry with yourself at all. I also don't think that Everett is a negative influence in your life. Some times the card can show different ways to interpret them. I sincerely hope to convey the message as the cards are laid out.

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