HI BLMOON (disregard misspelled other thread :)

  • Misspelled your name in my last thread, so after being corrected by Those Who Know 🙂 I rectified it ... :))))

    Have been advised by wise friends to ask you my pending question/s, so here goes (and I'm also sorry if I'm adding to a basket that may be getting full):

    I'm in a situation where I need to find another house to rent asap, yet nothing is turning up and the situation is looking more and more hopeless. I live in a small country town and my first preference is to find a farmhouse a little way out of town, but am open to being in town if need be.

    So, my first question is: will I find a house either out of town, or in town?

    Second question: will I move to something which is not a preference, then have to move again to one that is?

    Third question: are you able to describe the house and roughly when this move might happen?

    Don't want much, do I :))

    Anything you come up with would be of great help, as I hear you're pretty good at this. Anything ADDITIONAL you come up with, whether it's related to house moves or not, will also be appreciated. I just feel like there is some "block" to my progress in this matter other than the lack of rentals around at the moment. But that could be me being paranoid :))

    Thanks in anticipation! If you have questions, etc, please ask me in return. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxo

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  • I'm holiday tired and low on energy but do pick up a few things. First, there is no block--just a time issue of the right place to come. There are three spirits helping you, An older woman with a German sounding name--a younger woman holding her hand and a man tall with a really big smile, like it fills his face. He insists he wishes to find you a place with stones--cobblestones. You need to start boxing things up--be very organized about it--as if it could happen any day. It will be very sudden when it happens as if you were at the right place at the right time. I do see you farther out in the country but you may have to move first somewhere temporary that brings you closer to meeting the person who will get you there. If this happens you will know it and won't feel like making it a home. Spirit is working on avoiding this but either way you will get there. The real home for you is occupied by someone who has not decided on leaving. There is a loving attachment to the home--I see very old wood, an arched doorway and a wishing well, though it may be a once working well but someone calls it thier wishing well. I see lots of purple wild flowers in the spring. Someone gardened a lot but wasn't able to the last few years but you can still see flowers sprouting wildly. January 15 will mean something. If I hear any more tommorrow when I'm fresh I will add more.

  • Thank you blmoon. This gives me a bit more hope! I have asked that I don't have to make more than one move from where I currently am, but am also open to the fact that the situation as it currently stands could get unbearable enough to warrant that. The way you describe the house sounds about right and correlates to a reading I had recently where the inside of the house was described as having a "lot of old wood" throughout. I believe Spirit would be trying quite hard to prevent me having to make a temporary move as I am someone who needs to put roots down as soon as possible and make where I live home; also considering my 15 year old daughter. Will have to wait and see won't I?

    Thank you very much. The 15 January date is interesting, so again, will wait and see what that date brings. This could be an overdue trip to see someone I miss sorely.

    I hope you recover from your tiredness and I do appreciate you doing this for me in spite of it. Remember to ask if you have any queries yourself; would be glad to be of help to you :))

  • Just reread my post hoping I didn't make a big mistake responding when I was over tired. The perfect house for you is still in my head! But it could be because it is someplace I would love as well. After reading your response it jumped out at me the mention of your daughter and that fifteen number! Could be I answered a question without knowing it and January is meant for her. I still hear spirit saying we are working on it so they are hearing your prayer. The timeline is just so down to the wire that you could be forced to leap from a closer home to the other depending on the free will of all involved. Because you will hear of a place most likely from a stranger or through the "grapevine" it is important you also be out there but it seems you have strong voices behind you prompting you to be where you need to be despite any plans. Here's an example, many years ago I too needed to find a house in a tight market and was tired of moving! I wanted that one home that really was me and not just the best for now. Spirit advised me the same as you and for months I carefully boxed and discarded anything that would not go with my perfect house. Just about the time I was ready to question this faith I stumbled on a garage sale even though I was really too busy that day and too broke for shopping. I even said to myself why am I here and then the woman giving the sale started talking to me and there was a strong connection--she was an artist and we had a lot in common and then she said she was moving! She invited me in and the moment she opened the door to her home it was the most intense feeling and for a moment everything glowed. She gave me the land lords number and I called and he came to visit me because he had grown wary of renting as none seemed to stick. He was thinking of selling had I not called! First I rented it but did buy it years later for a bargain. So now 20 years later I own my perfect house! I think that's why spirit chose me to respond----to give you hope, proof that spirit is listening.

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  • Dalia,

    Thanks very much or your insights here. Nothing has been clear sailing up till now, so that's about right! Will see what comes, eh? AGain, thanks very much.


    Yup. You do know what yer talkin 'bout, don't ya? As if there was any doubt ... 🙂


    I'm a bit amazed at what you say here. You're the third person to tell me to pack things in boxes and funny enough, I did some of that last night. I have moved, lock stock and barrel into our spare room here and my first night in my "bachelor pad" was pretty darned nice, I can tell you.

    I get the feeling that you are dead right about how a place will come about for me. It's just a waiting game now.

    Again, thanks very much for this! xoxoxoxoxoxxooxoxoxoxo

  • You know it will! x

  • Excellent Chris! Blmoon hit it on the head my gut tells me. Also I am pretty happy because I remember telling you a while ago that I got that you would get a place through someone else, someone that finds out that you are looking for a place to rent or through someone who knows someone , kinda that being in the right place at the right time. Sometimes I worry when I say what I get that perhaps I'm getting it wrong.

    I really need to listen harder to what I'm getting and have more faith! And trust what I get for myself!! :-))

  • Wenchie you did good. Now have more faith in yourself that you do have gifts just like the others on here. And believe you can do it. Much love for my girls

  • Ok Mum! :-))


  • Yeah, Wenchie, trust that gut of yours! Even if it gets peptic or starts making loud rumbling sounds ... 🙂 As they say in the world of intuition and readings: trust what comes to you first. Once the ego takes over, then you aren't "receiving" messages from the higher ups, or what you're getting is being clouded by your own doubts. And if you'll remember, when you first suggested that idea, I agreed with you. I did go and see a friend today and she knows someone who has a rather run-down old place that has been empty for a while and he wants to rent out, so at the moment, am waiting to hear from him so I can have a look inside. It is a bit run down from the outside, but as I said to her, the place a block down which is occupied looked more run down than the empty one! So, will see what happens ... :))

    Thanks all, as always, and much love back to you, Mama-Libra :)))))))

  • Oh my silly girl! Now don't take that house if you don't get a good feel about it. If you see potential ok. But what you want could be waiting and so be listening to your rumbling gut .Ok?

  • You feel like your desperate but you aren't I don't know I don't think this is the one. But what do I know! LOL

  • chris1962

    FYI--the gem I found was in the ruogh and did look very unkept outside. All the previouse renters had not lovingly cared for it at all. You will know if it's the one. Also I got another message from spirit for you the Woman with the German sounding name holding the young girls hand are connected to the house in some way--the man stands off to the side so not sure about him. They say you are their choice. As if you have been hand picked. Good luck!

  • Hey Libra

    I sure won't be taking anything if my rumbling gut rumbles ... 🙂 Frankly, I feel that if I make contact with someone about a place and I have to constantly chase them, then it's not meant to be anyway. The one for me will be quick. Like you, I feel that also.


    Interesting what you say here. I'm real interested in the woman with the German sounding name and the other one. I feel she could be my Great Grandmother on my father's side, and myo Grandmother (his mother). I'm trying to remember if I ever heard what my Great Grandmother's name was, but she was only referred to as "Grandmother Andersen"; they were Danish and distantly related to Hans Christian Andersen, apparently.

    Thanks so much for the insights, and will keep all this in mind. It's comin this week ... I feel it ... it's gotta... just GOTTA ... :)))

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