Are Pisces forgiving people?

  • I am a Leo. I broke up with my Pisces boyfriend. I love him and I believe he loves me but our timing is way off. I believe we needed a temporary break. I didn't give him any choice in the matter. I did it via email but I told him he could call me anytime. I know I shouldn't have done that but whenever I tried to break it off in person I would chicken out or he would avoid the subject. I told him that when we both worked through our separate life challenges then maybe we could see about getting back together. I didn't ask him to wait for me or anything. I just wanted to leave the door open.

    He was very upset with me when he called a few days later but I thought we had reached an understanding. That was three weeks ago. And we haven't been in contact except for a text from him asking how I was doing. I miss him so much. Anyway, last night I discovered that he "unfriended/blocked" me on his Facebook page. Anyone who is on Facebook, knows what this means. I don't know if he did it to get my attention or if he really wants me out of his life.

    I sent him an email but don't expect him to reply anytime soon. He doesnt check it everyday.

    My question is....will he forgive me or is Pisces one of those signs that when they're done they are done for good(like scorpios and taureses) Leos are forgiving people and rarely stay mad at those we love for very long.

    Any advice or insight is welcomed.

  • Hi as a Pisces myself I can say we are very forgiving, sometimes too much so. We are very sensitive fishes and when hurt will retreat to heal. It's very likely that he has blocked you from facebook as he probably doesn't want to see your name popping up in his news feeds reminding him of you and perhaps the pain he's feeling that u can't be together, I know that's something I have done in the past, also it's stops him from checking your page eveytime he signs in. If you are compatible but it's just not the right time then hopefully when the time is right it will happen. My guess is he probably understands and feels the same but can't handle it very well. Give him time, we take a while to digest things and to get our heads around things. pisceans are complex thinkers nothing is straight forward with us, we are always reading between

    the lines. As long as your very clear with him he should respond well. Hope this helps 🙂

  • I'm not on facebook but it sounds the same as deleting from friends list, in another forum I join it is like that. blocking is blocking so he won't be receiving anything from you, sounds upset because you don't give him much choice about temporary break.

    do you really need this break? I mean separate life challenges I understand but is the break really necessary? maybe you can meet him and talk about it. I wouldn't want to break up by email or phone call, unless it's actual break up or I am out of town. I'd rather break up during a fight, not that I would start a fight but I'd rather do it during fight so that he knows at least why.

    I don't have good experience with water sign males. not about forgiving, it's more like personality clash. to know someone, sun sign is not enough. you have to go with birth chart and consider upbringing, experiences etc

  • The Fishes - thank you, it helps a lot. I love him so much but things are so complicated right now.

  • Thanks LeoScorpion(what a combo!) - Yes, a temporary separation(hope its temporary) is necessary. Yes, I know water and fire are a tough match, although Pisces are a better match for me, than Scorpio and Cancer I know it would be better to have his birth chart, but I don't. Can only go by sun sign and experience.

  • yeah my rising is scorp

    If you have his birth time and location a chart can be made

    or for just compatibility you can give his dob and your dob

    but nothing specific

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