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  • Kitsunetsuki here again--this thread is open for people to pose general questions. Queries for Tarot should be addressed here:

    Thank you, and have fun with Tarot.

  • Hi again Kitsunetsuki 🙂

    I have recently purchased a set of rider-waite tarot cards and have been playin with them and getting a feel for them. I borrowed some tarot books from the library yesterday and am wanting to understand them more. Do you have any suggestions or can recommend a few simple layouts?

    Love and light xx

  • The two I use are the Celtic Cross and Timeline Spreads. Celtic cross is pretty old, and popular.

    For the method of Celtic Cross I use, you set up ten cards. First is the Indicator, which goes in the center, face up. Set another card horizontally over top of it. That's the Present; the problem at hand.

    Below that, you set the third card, the foundation of the problem. To the left of the first two cards, you set the fourth; the past. The fifth, the ideal outcome of the situation, comes above the first two cards. Then the future, the sixth position, goes to the right of the first two. Dealing clockwise, this forms a cross within a cross.

    After that, you deal a column of four cards to the right of the cross configuration. From bottom to top, they're numbered 7-10, and they represent Inner Influences, Outside Influences, Hopes and Dreams, and the Outcome, respectively.

    I should note that there can be varying meanings for these positions; for instance, the "Source of Problems" can also be the "Subconscious", and "Hopes and Dreams" can also help suggest an alternative cause to the problem of the question. You should consider these alternatives when you reveal a card and don't quite understand their context.

    For more info, this is a handy little site to reference.

    As with anything, it is good to research multiple sources for understanding of how cards work. The most important elements for you in a telling are familiarity, consistency, and strong intuition.

    It also helps to have a better understanding of another person's situation. The more you know, the better. And furthermore, have a strong and fluent question formed in your mind before you deal a spread.

    More info later... gotta run. =X

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