Kitsunetsuki Tarot Thread

  • This is Kitsunetsuki (Keet-soo-nay soo-key)'s thread.

    Since people have been seeking me regarding tellings, I'm going to hang out in this thread. I don't want my tellings to end up as spam clogging up other people's personal threads. It's not very nice to them, or the moderators of this board.

    If you want a telling from me, It will be my pleasure to assist. A few things you need to know real quick:

    1.) I check back on these forums at my leisure, so it may be some time before I get around to answering your requests. Please be patient... I love doing this, but have a life that comes foremost.

    2.) When you ask for a spread, I need more than "I'm seeking someone, let me know if it's going to work out". For me to provide you with anything substantial, I need a story. Give me the situation surrounding your financial situation, love interest, or personal decision. The more details, the better. Mind, I don't need specific names, or numbers. Just a summary of the events that have occurred.

    3.) I do not determine what is going to happen to you, or what choice your object of interest is going to make. I do not decide what other people are thinking for them. Have some respect for the cards, and for your friends--I don't provide fake answers like some of the programs on this site may have been put together to. When you ask for a Tarot telling from me, you're asking for guidance--nothing more, and nothing less.

    4.) Please do not make casual conversation on this thread, as compelling as it may be... I will report it as spam. There are plenty of other threads for that--the point of this thread is for people to receive guidance, and for me to practice interpretations. Get in the way of that, and you're hurting other people. I won't have it.

    Posts here should be limited to queries. I'll put up a Q&A thread for people interested in general Tarot questions.

    That said... have at thee!

  • Happy Thanksgiving Kitsunetski!!

    I would love for you to give me a reading. My Exboyfriend has been under a lot of stress lately.

    I used to work for him and I complained to him about the White Trash behavior of some of the employees. Especially the program director -who is a Con Artist, Liar, First Class Whore (she broke up eight different marriages I was told) and a nasty manipulative BITCH. She IS and HAS caused a lot pf problems for his company.

    She likes to create situations and circumstances; where, he feels that she is a vital part of the company. During the 15 months that I worked for him, I have warned him about her, and so have the other employees over the years.

    My first question is: Did my Exboyfriend know that she only went up to the 9th grade? When I was working there, I do not think that he had a clue. I told his daughter, I am assuming that she questioned her dad about this.

    My second question is: Has he finally seen and acknowledge that this woman has duped and manipulated him over the years, or is he still in denial?

    My Third question is: Will he let some of the negative and troublesome employees go by the end of this year?? If YES how many??

    Myself: 04-21-73

    Exboyfriend: 06-30-50

    Employee: March 20th

    P.S. Since I do not have your private e-mail, I thought for safety and privacy purposes, I leave out the name of the employee. She hangs around some very lousy people!!

    PLEASE help me and Thank You in Advance!!

  • Blessings Kitsunetsuki,

    How wonderful of you to start this thread and to share your talent with those of us who are still working on opening up 🙂 Iwould love to offer an absent reiki healing in return 🙂

    Darren and I had a 3 year engagement, in which his ex controlled our relationship and how his chldren reacted ad behaved towards me. We lost a son at 20 weeks gestation and his ex was very cruel during this time also. There was so much hurt caused by these 3 females that we had trouble coming back from. In the end we hurt each other as we couldn't control things anymore.

    We broke up after easter this year and he asked for us to remain friends given us haing been through losing a son together and the fact we had bonded as soon as we met. I tried to do that and in the end I had to close the door to sort out my feelings. I had moved on in a fashion but soon found myself drawn back and thinking of him quite often. I believe there must be a reason as to why I am still connected to him. I have been told the energy connection has not been broken, but feel there must be a reason for that.

    My questions: What role will he play in my future? How does he feel towards me? what must I learn to accept his chlldren?

    If I have asked too many questions, the first one will be great. Thanks again and bless you for being you x

  • Thank you. I would like some guidance please? Things have changed unexpectedly, for me, I think, recently. However, this has always been the course of my life. I normally embrace change but this time there is a lingering feeling. Anymore than before I am not 100% sure. As you may have by now guessed I am confused which I don't think is a wrong feeling. So if you could give mr some guidance I would be very grateful and I am very patient. 'Patience is a virtue' I was always told. That's maybe why I like the IChing, 'perseverance furthers' and all that. Love, light and many blessings peace x

  • Here's my story. My husband passed away last year August 28,2008, since then I lost a substantial amount of income and my house is going into foreclosure. I also met someone new and I am oddly, crazy about him, so soon after my husbands passing, my daughter and new grand-baby depend on me and live with me, my son is moving back home because of a job he recently got. Money is so tight, if I had a rent or house payment right now, I wouldn't have food.

    I was moving a long taking one day at a time and fighting depression, grief and chaos. Till recently, when the walls came crashing in on me. Thanks to me posting through this site, I received a great many friends with support, love and advice.

    Yet, I still feel the need to dig deeper. I need a plan,something to go by, a guide of sorts, a way to sort out my brain and open it and my heart, to accept what is, for what it is and stop worrying about what I can't change, nor have control over. I'm so poor I can'yt pay attention. I am so poor in my feelings of trust, love and stability.

    I am actually a more positive and take it on kind of person, but lately I have been feeling the weight of it all and I can't get past that.

    I'm feeling better and stronger since post a thread here and getting all the support a person could ever ask for, but again, I am not yet there, where I know I can and could be.

    love and light to you....


  • Hi KIT!! we would love to hear from you, when you are not busy with family, school ,and friends.

    We look forward to your responses. Thanks again for your offer.

  • Thank you for your asst. My story is I am searching for answers on so many levels for peace and guidance . There is my job that although it provides fincially it drains me and is unfuling. I am not complaining but money is an all time low...and I don't see any increase this worries me greatly because I am the sole spt. of my family. Then there is the "OLD" relationship that is now over and I don't know if it is truly over, the "NEW" relationship that I don't know if it will ever be...There has got to be better in my future.

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