Seeking information in the areas of Reiki & Numerology

  • Hello Everyone!

    I joined this site a few weeks ago, or I should say I feel I was lead to it. There is so much knowledge, wisdom, insight, love and support among the people here and I am grateful for the friendships I am making.

    Being that there is a great amount of knowledge among the people here, I seek your assistance in a couple areas that I have come across in the postings that I am interested in learning more about. Who better to learn from then the those who know and practice in these areas!

    In the area of reiki, I have seen mention of it in posts and I am interested in knowing more. Is this a physical or emotional kind of healing or a little of both? I sustained an injury 25 years ago in which the Dr's have told me for years will eventually require surgery however I feel there are other alternatives. For years I received manipulation therapy however 3 years ago the surgeons advised that I discontinue this practice because of the potentialality to accelerate the deterioration of the disk and placed me on a pain management program, but I detest the dependency on medication! I have maintained the dosage as low as possible, just so the pain is tolerable and I am still able to function. I also use magnets and have been advised that crystals may help alleviate some pain, but I haven't tried that yet. If reiki is something that could help, I would be interested in knowing where or how to go about learning more of this practice. Also, if anyone has suggestions of any other type of natural healing, I would be interested and grateful for your advice.

    In the area of numerology, well what can I say other then anything having to do with numbers and people has always held an interest for me. My career path has always led me to thrive and excel in any position that dealt with 2 things, numbers and people. So I would like to learn more about numerolgy and the way it affects things in our lives. Any advice and/or guidance to a reliable source where I can learn more of this practice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance for any advice you may be able to provide!

    Love & Blessings!

    ps. Hisbablove if you are reading this, we need to chat girl! LibrasLair tells me we have family from the same parts and we should talk! Lol!

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