Hi, I'm new here

  • Hi, I'm brand new to the forum. I have been into astrology all of my life, and have had many psychic and paranormal experiences. I look forward to getting to know the folks here, and maybe make a new friend or two! Blessings!

    Oh, and can someone please tell me how to add a photo as my avvie? Thanks so much for helping this computer-challenged lady! 🙂

  • no idea about photo

    but welcome aboard and I'm glad more astrology savvy is here

    I might ask you a thing or two, trying to learn more about charts

    if you don't mind of course

    highpriestess is a good astrologer too

    you can find her in any thread I started

    if you click on my name you will see threads I replied to and started

    hope to see you share your gifts in the forum

  • Hi Darkness Angel,


    To put your photo on your avatar, go to "my forum settings" at the top of this page (with the plus sign), click on that and then you will see "edit my avatar" go into that, then you can click on browse and go to where you photo is kept on your hard drive, double click on your photo file then upload. Voila!!!

    There is a thread in the divination forum called "GHOSTS.....WHO'S SEEN THEM, HAD EXPERIENCES, HAS PHOTOS" if you've had that sort of paranormal experience and would like to share. :-))

  • Thank you both for your warm welcomes and advice. I feel very welcome already! 🙂

  • Hello Darkness Angel, welcome to the forum! : )

  • Thank you very much...I am looking forward to being a part of this community! 🙂

  • Hi and Welcome Darkness angel I hope you enjoy talking with a multitude of interesting people.

  • hi . I am also a newbie here too. I am so glad we met this morning . you and i sounds like we have alot in common darkangel. Hope we both get our answerslol I do not know how to pick up replies or post a picture hope someone is kind enough to be our guide this morning. I wish you well and hope you enjoy this site.

  • Welcome Angels! There are some amazing people here, so I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay.

    In addition to astrology, what are your interests?

    In love and light,

    Ahliyah : )

  • Thank you, everyone, for your warm welcomes. I am certainly feeling the friendly atmosphere here! 🙂

    Wenchie, thank you for directing me to the Ghosts thread, I went ahead and posted there, including a photo of me with a ghost behind me.

    Ahliyah, I am also interested in paranormal research, runes, palmistry, angels, wicca, and reading tarot cards. My gramma taught me to read palms and tarot cards as a girl, and I own her deck.

  • i am new also and i read all of your forums you realy are nice people thats awesome

  • Darkness angel, what a lovely legacy to have your gramma's cards and wisdom teachings!

    Which deck is it?



  • Hi and welcome. ( :

  • Welcome, sagishere! Nice to meet you! lovinmylife, thank you for the nice welcome, too! 🙂

    Ahliyah, I do feel very fortunate to have had my gramma in my life. She passed in 1979, but she was an amazing woman. She always "knew" things...us kids, we never lied to gramma, lol! She also did dowsing with a forked stick, and was so good at it that friends and neighbors who bought property would have her come and find water for them so that they would know where to sink a well. She also read tea leaves, and taught me a few things about ghosts and spirits. When she passed, she visited my grampa for three months afterwards to comfort him, and my cousin also had an experience with her. When it was my grampa's turn to pass on 10 years later, he told my same cousin that he knew it was his time to go soon because "Emily is back, and she's here to take me with her". It wasn't a scary thing to any of us, because they loved each other very much, and grampa never dated or remarried after she died. Nobody pressured him either way, we just let him be and let him make his own decision. He wore his wedding ring right up until he passed away as well.

    The deck that she left me is the Gypsy Witch deck, and I've done some wonderful readings with it. And I still have and use her deck, 30 years after her passing. I miss my gramma, she was a beautiful and amazing woman. 🙂

  • Hi Darkness angel! Welcome! I've only been on this forum a month and have read so many amazing stories but seriously, your grandparents love takes the cake!

    It is so amazing to read how lovingly you speak of your grandmother. You are so blessed to have had her in your life and to be her student! I'm speechless!

    Well, just wanted to drop you a hello! 🙂

    Again, welcome!



  • Welcome Darkness Angel! I appreciate your welcome. I can't beileve I have so much thing in common about you. Hope you enjoy the forum! 😃

  • darkness_angel>>>I am also interested in paranormal research, runes, palmistry, angels, wicca, and reading tarot cards. My gramma taught me to read palms and tarot cards as a girl, and I own her deck.

    Sandran712>>welcome to the board.I do not like tarot cards.,wicca and the ouija board.They are evil.Astrology is enough for me...lol

  • Andrea, thank you for your kind words. My gramma was a wonderful woman. She actually gave me her deck when I was 13 years old, after she taught me how to use them. This was six years before she passed. My grampa was an amazing man. I loved him very much. I was his first grandchild and only granddaughter, so got kinda spoiled when I was little, lol. Okay, when I was big, too, hehehe. I told my uncle (his son) just this past summer that "Grampa was like John Wayne, Indiana Jones, and Paul Bunyan all rolled into one." My uncle busted up, and said, "Omg, that's a perfect analogy of him!"

    Annaxubella, happy to chat anytime! 🙂

    Sandran, thank you for the nice welcome. I don't mess with ouija boards either. It's like leaving a door open...anyone can come in. I've never had trouble with cards, though. All they do is pick up on the energy that's surrounding you and put it into "words" that you can read, so to speak. And there is alot to be said for Astrology. That stuff is right on. 🙂

  • dark_angel>>All they do is pick up on the energy that's surrounding you

    Sandran712>>I thought that Tarot Cards are fortune telling.Fortell the future.I assume energy would have to be involved.I did do the ouija board when I was a kid and everything we asked it came true.I went to one of these sites to get my card for the day.And I don't understand the tarot reading.But, thjat is ok..Astrology keeps me busy..

  • Tarot cards to foretell the future...I guess the easiest way to describe them is that they pick up on what's surrounding you, or what's in your energy, or in your life. I guess I was being a bit vague. And a part of the readings are based on what you "pick up", I guess intuitively, as you do the reading. At least, that's how it works for me.

    I once did a reading for a male friend, and told him that he was going to meet a woman very soon. I kept seeing her as a blonde. After I finished his reading, he pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket. He'd had another reading done 2 weeks prior and had written down everything from that reading. That reading also said that he was going to meet a blonde woman. A few weeks later, he did. He was a police officer, and met her because she happened to be a victim of a crime that he responded to. They fell in love, eventually got married, and moved to Hawaii.

    In another reading I did, this was for a stranger, a man...the cards seemed very confused and my intuition was as well. I kept picking up on his significant other as "wife" then "girlfriend". Then I kept seeing her as blonde, then brunette. I finally gave him his money back, and told him that I couldn't do a reading for him, as everything was coming up very confused. I explained to him that I couldn't decide whether I was picking up his lady as his wife or girlfriend, or whether she was blonde or brunette. I told him that I was sorry, but that things were just coming up too confusing. He sat there across the table from me, and just stared at me for a moment. Then he pushed the money back towards me, and said, "Keep it. You're better than you thought. My wife is blonde, my girlfriend is brunette", and he got up and walked away.

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