What's in the cards for me ...

  • In regard to my present Job ? I have been thinking about quiting my job for sometime now ,simply because I am very unhappy with it . It just hauls me down and depresses me so much . There is so much negativity that goes along with my job . I just cant stand it!!. I would rather not be in the work force at all , unless it is working for myself with one thing or another . I have a very strong feeling that I will move on from this job ,but when and to what is a mystery to me . I just know it will happen . If there is anyone out there that could give me reading in regards to all of this , I would greatly appreciate it . I just want to feel some balance in my life with all if this . I am really upset about it all .

    Best Regards


  • Can anyone do a reading for me , in regards to my present job .

    Please and thank you .


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