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    Im at 2 minds wether to call a man by name Charles S in Laguna Woods California. On paper he is married n YES ive long pulled myself from the quatation couple pair relationship, we´re ONLY friends. HOWEVER ive not told him we still is, but telepathycally let him know how pissed i am at him. HOWEVER the whole situation is as much my fault as it is his

    Love doenst know boundaries such as marital status or class levels. N what he gave n taught me was so bloody good i didnt wanna let it go, but eventually i had to bc i DONT wanna be the homewrecker nor the other woman.

    Ive had psychics n readers tell me he doenst fully know what he wants bc he has been burnt so many times he has begun to think there is no one better good 4 him out there.

    I just keep thinking what if? i dunno ought I try, mayb i shiuld bc i ask what if, n i think on n off if we made it what cant we accomploish together. What this man has taught me n opened up within me, is priceless. Alone for that will i love him always.

    plz advice. n no dont scold me bc hell i respect his status n all i wish is his friendship. Is it too late? Should i move on?

  • Hi

    There is nothing wrong with being friends with him, regardless of marital status. He knows how you feel. Being a friend doesn't make you a homewrecker. Being his mistress does. If you choose to remain friends, and he does get divorced, then it becomes a different issue.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Sweetie


  • Thank you so much Ravne1

    what else do you see feel get vibe?

  • Hi,

    I see you and a man passionately kissing and making love. As to if it's your friend or not, I don't know. This man I see has dark blonde like hair, the hair is a little long in the front and thick. I can't see his face, as he's on top of you. Sorry for the rather graphical response, but that is all I see right now. I've also no idea when this is happening.



  • Charmed you say this man has taught you so much. Is that in how to open up more to your abilities? Because if that's what your referring to it's not surprising women often fall in love with a doctor or teacher who has been very kind especially in a time when may be we are lonely. Now provided he is aware how you feel it's his move. Stay friends this is his ballgame. But don't spend your life waiting for someone that's not going to take it to the end. If he is as crazy about you he will end his unhappy marriage. So many use those excuses to have their cake and eat it too. For some reason I'm feeling that this is safe for him because of the distance. From our country to yours.

  • if ya want the true story behind this ask for help by me u need to mail me libra lol

  • I went to fb and left my addy.


  • Is this going to be juicy?

  • Does he live around the Newport Beach area. I know Laguna but not familiar with the woods part.

  • i have no idea libra none whatsoever

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