• Hi Everyone,

    There has been a lot of discussion amongst us all about wondering how we are going to manage presents and/or food, decorations etc for the holiday season.

    I thought we could start this topic and have everyone add in some ideas as many of us struggling financially and worry about how we are going to do it. Perhaps we all need to think outside of the box this year and try for low cost but high value ideas. We all know it's the thought behind it, not the please feel free to add any ideas you may have.

    I'd like to start by adding in an idea originally from AndreaOh that she wrote in the "wondering about the holidays" thread. This is Andrea's suggestion

    "Rummage through your old photographs from when your children were younger. Pick a favorite of each one. Paste it to a nice piece of 8 x 10 stationary and then below it, in your own handwriting, describe the picture; when it took place, what they were doing, what you felt at that time and why it's your favorite. Frame it with an inexpensive picture frame from the Dollar Store or Wal-Mart!

    I think we can agree that all children young and old love to hear their mother's favorite memories of them individually!"

    Thank you Andrea, that is a great idea. Even a small photo album with a few photos from birth to older with some comments from Mum would be great too.

    For those who write poetry - a personal/personalised poem written especially for that someone in your life (this was suggested by another person, forgive me, I can't remember where I read it to find it again).

    Some have also suggested baking. What a great idea, bake some biscuits (cookies), slices etc and a little cellophane and ribbon and it's a beautiful home made gift. You could even add some other treats like sugar coated nuts etc. Perhaps pick up a little basket from the cheap shops and present it differently.

    What about making up some gift vouchers for loved ones/family members to be used as needed. Some suggestions are: a massage, I'll cook you dinner, wash their car, help with housework or iron a basket of clothes (I despise ironing and would LOVE someone to come do my ironing!!!!), how about babysitting kids of a friend or family member so they can have some time out or alone time with their partner, a sleep-in and dad gets up to the kids one morning on the weeknd, breakfast in bed etc etc. There are many different things you could come up with using a little imagination.

    For those that are artistic, a painting, drawing, pottery item etc etc etc

    For the sewers, something you have sewn (sorry that is NOT my forte so I have no idea what you could make!).

    What about those that can make homemade jewellery........

    Books and games for the kids that are in good condition that you can pick up from the second hand stores.

    Anyway, they are some ideas to start off with.......please feel free to add yours.

  • I just thought of a couple more!!!

    A voucher to offer to do the mowing/weeding/gardening.

    For the greenthumbs, taking some cuttings of plants and planting them into a nice pot as a gift.

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