Tarot reading help..second opinion

  • I did a reading for myself regarding a guy who has been avoiding me since finding out I am interested in him and would like a second (unbiased) opinion. Thanks so much!

    1. His feelings: Ten of coins....I feel this card signifies that his

    interest is only in business terms. This card also represents

    that his feelings that he once had for me are gone, since ten's

    for me represent an ending.

    1. What he thinks of me: The Chariot....He thinks I am a person

    who has self assurance and knows herself and where she is going

    in life.

    1. What is keeping us apart: Judgement...This is his decision to

    avoid me for life because of my interest. He is very content with his

    decision .

    1. Best approach for me to take: Seven of wands...This

    card says that I should be find the strength to get past

    this and rise above it.

    1. What is hidden about him: Nine of coins....He has worked

    hard to achieve who he is and what he has. It might look

    like success has come to him easily but it took alot of work

    on his part.

    1. What type of relationship would he like with me:

    This card baffles me to the extreme. Hoping someone can clarify.

    1. Most likely outcome: Ace of wands....This card for me

    signifies a "new beginning".

  • I have no clue how to edit, so I will add on to the ace of wands….it could signify a new beginning for me or "us", unsure of this card.

  • Lefthandedgirl - what card was at position 6?

  • the sixth card is strength..

  • I generally agree with your reading, but here are a few comments. The lack of cups in the spread seems to indicate that this guy is thinking on a completely intellectual level, not an emotional one. Perhaps at this time he's just simply not interested in a relationship? The strong presence of pentacles could represent that he's more interested right now in furthering his career over his personal satisfaction. The Strength card to me indicates that he doesn't intend to change his mind. Yes, I think it's time for you to move on.

    A similiar situation happened to me 5 years ago. I told a guy I was interested in him. He wasn't ready to reciprocate. Three years later he called me but I was in a relationship. About a month ago I dropped him an email to see how he is doing. Now it seems like we're both interested in pursuing a relationship.

    If this guy is easily forgettable, I'd do so; if not, something may well develop in the future. I'd worry a little, though, if he really is trying to avoid you. You deserve someone who can share his emotions.

    Good luck...


  • Thanks so much Linda for your second opinion on the cards and insights in general.



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