Please help me!! Cancer man/Virgo woman..HELP!

  • I posted earlier but no responses. I REALLY need some insight. I feel so confused!! I'm a Virgo/he's a Cancer. I'm abt 7 yrs older. We work in the same field and I really work "for" him. We met thru mutual friend almost a year ago. All I wanted was business...he did, too at first. Then started sending me these texts expressing romantic interest. I wasn't first. Then we'd talk (we live in different cities still). He got my attention and the work was bonding. It was months before we even met and he told me he loved me, wanted me, wanted me to be in his life,etc. I was skeptical at first. He never said these things while we talked, only thru text. I began to think I was talking to two different people! Then he started saying these things verbally after I responded. Maybe he felt comfortable and more confident..don't know. Fast forward, almost a year later. It's been the rollercoaster ride from hell!!! Emotionally I'm up one minute and down the next! One minute he wants a relationship and the next he doesn't! He told me a few weeks ago (we've finally met face to face) that he only wants a working relationship. I said ok because I'm tired of the up and down. Within an hour, he texts me that he loves me. The sad part about it is that I believe he does. I love him very much also. I've never dated a cancer man and I wish someone had warned me! I've been married before and have grown children. Been in other relationships and have known love only once, but never passion. And passion and love is what I feel for this very confusing, mysterious and complex man. There is a side of me that says "he's worth the wait, hang in there"..and the other side says "get off the rollercoaster ride, NOW!" Everytime I try to get off, he pulls me back!! Everything in me tells me he's not the kind of man to say "I love you" easily to any woman and that if he says it, he means it. Am I wrong? I am in love with him and that makes it very hard. I've been disaapointed and frustrated and tearful many times over the past few months and I seem still not to be able to tell him to LEAVE ME ALONE and really mean it..there always seems to be a place of hope within me. Am I crazy? PLEASE..someone who has more experience witha Cancer man..please serve up some advise for a mature woman who THOUGHT she'd already been through the love mill, heartache and drama, until she met this man. Thank you!!!!

  • Harvestmaiden, there have been other stories on here of women who have been in the same situation. I can’t offer too much right now, but I do think if he’s flopping around like this, you need to hang back and become more aware of his actions. His words are creating chaos with your emotions, so you need to ground yourself. You can hear them, but don’t let them draw you in until he actually shows you what direction he wants to proceed.

  • AquaBubbles, thank you very much for your wisdom and advise. I know you're right. His words have caused me a great deal of confusion...the old adage, "Actions speak louder than words" does apply here. You're right again when you say his words have created chaos with my emotions and honestly, I'm drained. Plain and simple, I just wish I didn't love him at all. My head knows it, but my heart still loves him. But in the end, I love me more and I KNOW I deserve somthing much better, something real. Thank you very much.

  • I am a fellow Virgo and have been in a relationship with a Cancer man for 8 years. It has definately been a roller coaster ride no doubt. Breaking up/making up, fighting constantly. My impulsive nature and perfectionist qualities does not mix well with his cancer traits. My advice to you is to run like crazy before it is too late!!! I am struggling to take the step to get out because I love him still even though he is toxic to me. Good luck!!

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