• Hi all

    Recent developments are beginning to tell me I may have to make more than one move out of where I currently live before I find the "perfect" place to rent. The rental situation in my town is difficult, to say the least, and it may be that I might not find a house in the first instance, as I'd originally hoped, even though I am not looking for a "palace", as such!

    Can any of you see if I will have to move into a flat to start with until a house becomes available? Just wondering ...

    Thanks in anticipation of your wise insights 🙂

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  • Hi soapmaker,

    A house outside of town is what I would prefer as I have a dog, cat and an alpaca to take with me, so hopefully you are right!

    I did sit down with your reading the other day, but everything sounded a bit false or not right, if you know what I mean.

    I keep getting messages that you need to change the packaging on your products though. I don't know exactly from what to what, but I feel you need to put something more "see through" on your products, like netting and a simple, attractive ribbon to tie it up with rather than what I think is some sort of brown paper packaging.

    I know this sounds a bit dumb, but that's what I got the other day and still am getting now!!

    I feel an error of judgement was made financially regards your business and you are living to pay the price at the moment. You have learned a valuable lesson from this, and will certainly think twice when a similar "opportunity" presents itself down the track. I think you were tempted into this "mess", and even though it sounded too good to be true, you were down on your luck a bit and decided to take a risk. You will recover from this slump though and I see a generous benefactor injecting some much needed funds into your concern, and you will see things turning a corner as a result.

    Now you'd asked for something in the next two weeks if memory serves. I do have trouble with timelines my friend, so I can't be as specific as you'd like.

    HOWEVER, I will have a stab:

    I'm seeing an event you have been invited to that you are having divided thoughts about attending. I think you should go, regardless of how you feel. There will be someone or something there which will give you a great idea about diversifying your business. And it will be something to do with, believe it or not, animals. You need to corner the market, so to speak, and come up with something that stands out from the rest and I believe this meeting or encounter will point you in the right direction. It may not even be a person you talk to who gives you this thought, but you might overhear people talking, or see a poster or something that makes you sit up and take notice.

    Sorry this has been a bit long in the tooth coming, but I've not been overly trusting what I've been getting this week as I've been a bit emotionally "unstable" for most of it! A state which seems to be largely prevalent these days ... 🙂

    Let me know if any of this makes sense!

    Oh and by the way, I'm seeing an improvement needed in how you keep track of products. I think you will come up with some sort of numbering system which is combined with colour-coding and it will work a treat.

    Gee I love these readings where you come out with stuff that sounds ridiculous!! I just hope some of this resonates with you, because I sure as hell can't make head or tail of it; am going with what I've been given though ... :)))

  • Chris,

    You don't know me from anywhere but ever since you posted that you needed a place to live you've been in my thoughts. What country/state do you live in? I happen to be a realtor and will do anything I can to help.

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  • Ah thanks so muchbluewatermamma,

    I live in the NSW Central West region in Australia, so I don't know if your "fingertips" would reach that far! Presuming you are in America or that side of the hemisphere of course 🙂 I do appreciate your offer of help though, and if you do happen to be in my neck of the woods, well, who knows what you might come up with!

    Again, thank you so much, but I might be a bit far away from you to accept your kind and thoughtful offer ... sniff ... sob ... :)))

  • Ah yes I am on the other side of the world. The state of Delaware in the USA. I have 25 vacant homes for sale that aren't going to sell anytime soon and the owners love renters. We are right near the Atlantic Ocean too, 10 min from the ocean. Hop your butt on a plane and get here, I'll hook you up!!!

  • Oh, and guess what??? I just found out yesterday that I'm pregnant hee hee, I'll be 39 on Jan 8th and am thrilled.

  • Ah bluewater, if only ... 🙂

    And thanks soapmaker! Glad some of this trollop made sense to you, I don't feel quite so ridiculous 🙂

    By the way, can you see what this house just out of town may look like at all? Just curious ... and annoyin :)))

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  • Soapmaker thank you! sweet of you to say. so what do you think, boy or girl?

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  • soapmaker,

    This could be the "animal" thing I saw. Maybe your glass windchimes could be made in animal shapes or similar ... I also think you may try and include your personal signature or logo on these items, either at the base of them, or somewhere reasonably obscure, but there for those who care to look properly ... and the logo is something with "three" in it; like three points, three stars or something like that ... ah, guessin again ... 🙂

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  • Thank you soapmaker! I will tell you that for over a year I've been getting a name "Mason" very clearly and have known that this would be my next baby. Isn't that wild??? I gave birth at age 39 to my baby girl named Morgan.

  • oops correction; gave birth at age 37. now preg again and I'm almost 39.

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