Lost without him cap/ scorpio man

  • I been in a relationship with a scorpio man 4 two years. We talk and text everday and we work at the same place but different deparments. We started off as friends and then it lead to something else. I have fell in love with him cuz we understand each other so well. He was like a female version of me. During the relationship he did a lot of stuff 2 hurt me and I kept forgiving him cuz I loved him. He had a lot of issues with his daughter's mom and I helped him get over her and move on. Two months ago I went 2 a family reunion with him and he meet someone there and now he wants to be with her .he is so in love with her that he doesn't call or text me anymore and we work together so I have to see him. It hurt so much to look at him at him and when I ask him why he can't give me a response when he do talk and it very briefly he can't even look at me. I want him 2 be happy but I can't get over him and how he hurt me. I miss his friendship most of all.

  • first off im so sorry for this happening, you guys sound like a perfect match. just because he doesnt call you or text you anymore DOES NOT mean that he is SOOO in love with her and not you,

    he cant even look at you?? it sounds like he is ashamed of what he has done to you and how much you guys understood eachother, how long has he been with this other girl? if he hasnt been with her that long yet, he will probably Realize what he has lost with you, and probably see how wrong the new girl is for him, cause i bet after 4 years with you. everything that she does, he is comparing her to you, personality, things in common, etcccc..... if he does this i think he will try to comeback to you, but the question is.....will you take him back after he left so suddenly? has he done this before? if he has before i say dont take him back thats BS and you deserve better, but if he comes back and you take him back, make sure you let him know how much he has hurt you, and tell him that if hes getting back with you that he cant do what he did again or else you are gone for good. hmm that about all i can think of right now. take care

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