How to know when a capricorn has feelings for you

  • I need help knowing signs of a capricorn woman that has feelings towards you. How do they act?

  • Darrell8292>>I need help knowing signs of a capricorn woman that has feelings towards you. How do they act?

    Sandran712>>I think different Cappies have different behavior.My mom is a Cappy.They show no emotion.So I can't tell if they have feelings or not.I can be in a conversation.And she just does a total 180 on me.Changes the subject.And sometimes I catch her on it.I said...damn! mom..why do you have to just go over my head while I am talking about something else?I think it's just rude.I know this is a Cappy trait.I can feel it.Cold and Callous.And disrespectful.Only when it benefits them they show emotion.It is definitely one of my worst signs to deal with.We sometimes rub each other the wrong way.

  • I'm a gemini but my rising is capricon and i have been told that i look cold,serious and not very easily approachable. In fact i myself feel like i'm the exact opposite but i guess that's how i come across. But i think i've got def one from the cappies i'm quite reserved with my feelings and it's difficult for me to talk about them until someone earns my trust then i change completely and have no issue talking about anything really(i guess my gemini nature kicks in after awhile)

    Anyway one of my closest friends is a cappie and she is a very kind warm person quite spiritual and earthy but she is as well told she looks and behaves cold. She also needed sometime to admit her feelings to her ex boyfriend. She doesn't have problem with giving him a lot of space and she's not the clingy-there-all-the-time kind of person. I think cappies do appear a bit emotionless but i don't think it's true i think they're just shy or uncomfortable talking about feelings. Maybe if you confront her about it it will be easier ?However i have heard that there are different caps indeed. So not sure which one you are dealing with.

  • They most probably need to make sure u do have feelings for them, before they make an move or convey any emotions...Capri, been a earth sign strives on security and need a stable relationship..but this is in terms of sun sign..if combine with other signs like moon sign..rising sign..and others...the above statement may or may not apply...

  • Darrell8292 are you still here?

    Cappy woman willing to show so emotion here.........

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