You/Someone you know addicted to Prescription Drugs? Don't be Ashamed,I was

  • I recently experienced one of the most terrifying things I hoped to never encounter, being the target of a police raid. My husband was dealing in prescription medications as a second income, he worked a job where he was paid a salary of $350 a week and it was just not enough to raise 3 children on and our home and bills,ect. It became very easy and was fast money, as soon as you got them you were out! The "business" really started taking off and like all business's this one was about supply and demand. Now keep in mind the small town I live in 8 out of 10 people are addicted to opiates(prescription medication), oxycodone, oxcycotin, percosets, loracets, soma, xanax, methadone, and the harder street drugs that also exsists such as; cocaine, crack, meth. I've learned the hard way about snorting the prescription medication, I am always a recovering addict and I lost the right side of my palet(roof of the mouth) do to the addiction, I also lost my husband shortly after the raid, because after his arrest, he was indicted and sentenced to 5 years in an Ohio prison. He to was an addict and is re-covering as well and before he went to prison. As of December 9, 2008 we had enough, we needed off for our family, for our health, we needed help, but no one is willing to help, there are offices lined up to help you get addicted but very few to offer suboxane, it's a pill made to re-proram the receptors in your brain to know you don't need opiates to function and to help get you back to your old self before drugs wrapped there evil arms around you tightly, it releases that evil and eventually you can walk away with your life back. That's how I got my like back, my husband is still incarcerated but we are wiser than we were yesterday and more in love than ever, it makes you see what you've got, and I've got an amazing family and we've not been divided by prison, only strengthened and sober. We are very Thankful for our life and to have it back. Tell me your story:) This is just a taste of my life, in the past and future, my life has been like a roller coaster ride, and Thank God it's over.

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