PLEASE READ 'VISION'/input would be greatly appreciated

  • i posted an experience I had some years back on November 15, 2009. I titled it "vision". I've been waiting and hoping that someone here in this forum would be willing to talk to me about this. Please, please, please, read my post. Waiting patiently, and thank you.

  • Hi virgodebz. It sounds like this was a very strong experience for you since it has stuck with you over the past 10yrs. Have you felt this strongly about it all this time or are you just recently revisiting it? If you can't seem to connect this vision to any specific person in your life then you might try relating it to the time period back then and the present time. Are there any connections to what was going on in your life when the vision occured and to what is going on in your life now? You mentioned your ex-husband in the post; could this be related to your relationship with him? Keep asking yourself questions like these as thoughts arise on what this event might mean to you.

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