Libra woman and capricorn man relationship?

  • I dont really like the dude so much his nice and all, and seems trust worthy but yet again I feel there wont be any connection a spark between us, I just feel it would be a waste to talk to him, if there isnt much in common, I'm an odd woman and at times I'll show my true colours which gives the name random/ weird yet people just love it, well I can honestly say I pretty much doubt it would be like that with cap man, unless you guys have heard a ever long lasting relationship with these two star signs then maybe I can have hope.

    I hear Libras dont take life to serious and they love to joke and be on the wild side of things romance and so on and they love to be loved.

    wheres Capricorns love to focus on their career and so on and they are serious, they dont have much of a humor at all.

    so the only thing on my mind it would be boring with capricorn... I just wish some times it would be easy to find a perfect match.

  • I am Libra/on the cusp of scorpio and have a gorgeous hunk who is capricorn he is very witty funny and captivating all rolled into one! Boy I really found a great one!

  • hey Libra girl i dont know what happened to you, your post is year old. But anyways I am capricorn and has every traits of capri. But also influenced by culture and school I studied (my elementary, middle and high school years were spend on music school) and I possessed traits that are not commonly found in Capri too. I am very career-oriented but also learned to balance my work and school. Within my friend I am told to be very creative, humorous as hell, smart and daring. I dont know about ur capri man, but this is how I am.

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