Ok now i need help with this Libra!! URGENT

  • libraslair (read the post up above first to understand)

    lair dont say "i told you so" cause i have heard enough of that already, but honestly it wasnt about me being pushy cause i havent been for two months straight and i still wasnt, but i realized that i never stood a chance with her this whole time and she was just playing with me, she even said that i didnt have "experience" in a Relationship cause i never have had one, SO? should that really matter??, but all in all, honestly i dont regret anything that happened, i learned from it, and ill move on now, i think we would have worked out great, but it seems she is still attracted to the type of guys that will just hurt her(i know he will, i just feel it) but its ok if that is her life path then it is what it is. any girl will be lucky to be with me and at least i know that. it's her loss really, im not mad at her, i hope she lives happily.

  • would this go for libra man as well. I am an Aquarius woman he is Libra I thing i ;ost our friendship. Which I took seriously and he didnt. Dont know if he will be back or if I should move on he is 10/2/57 I am 2/3/57 Please someone help me

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