Ok now i need help with this Libra!! URGENT

  • oh yeah Libra is as flirty as you sag's so don't think you be keeping her in the closet while you go around getting your ego full of attention - she will be right there tending to her own list of admirers. No matter what happens her silent control will let you know by not letting you know- keeping you in the dark cause it is all about the game and she plays it good!

  • """"Sorry man I just want to break it to you- coming from a Libra girl- we hate clingy people we have a hard time being mean to people in their face but a Libra requires lots of air or free space especially in a relationship. If you are this insecure now you will become very pesky in the future with a constant need to use a Libras get it done attitude to make you feel important - but Libra wont let you bask in the glory some how Libra will come and take the credit for everything good in your life because Libras are always right and know whats good for everyone else, too. if you allow her she will control every your thought and choice that you make- if you don't she will chip away at

    Take it from me I know- I am a Libra girl and sometimes it ain't pretty but fret not Libras are very stimulated by your aggressive conversation you can mentally coax Libra to do anything they hate to say no! they are all logic little emotion so intellectual conversation goes far with Libra you can literally talk them into the mood! with a constant change in scenery and topics you can keep this whimsical sign interested- sag and Libra is said to be a hot union-

    My advice try not to be desperate no matter what sign you are- keep your composure! """"

    how am i being clingy? at first yes i was cause i would text her everyday to see what she was doing, BUT now im not like that at all, i dont even contact her and do my own thing and she does hers, and as for me being concerned about being in the"friends zone" and not coming out? yeah, i think about that, BUT only because i hear from my sisters boyfriend that used to have a different girl every day, and used to be a player and is an ass-hole, he tells me women like guys to be as-s-holes to them, and the girl should chase the guy, this is what i hear damn near everyday from guys, it does make since to me but at the same time it doesnt, i might be a very nice, sweet,caring guy, but get me angry and i can be the most rude,uncaring person you would ever meet, and will say the worst thing to you that you can think of, ill bring up anything when im that mad, no limits.

    yeah im hung up on her but is that such a bad thing? im not gonna be a stalker or obsessed over her, i have too much self respect to do that, dont you think she was acting a little strange? LIbraslair has been here to listen to me talk about everything she has done or said so i like very much what she had to say, thanks. this Libra girl doesnt really have the "get it done" attitude, thats what i have lol, she is the "procrastinator" and wait till last minute to get things done, she reads alots of books (omg she had some books a whole wall full!)

    another reason i was nervous, and also i was intimatdated, is because her dad has money!!, big, one story house, it was stupid nice, so then i realized i have been dealing with a girl that always gets what she wants since she was little and yet she still had depression growing up(parents split up etc..) but i know money doesnt bring happiness, but still my life would have been alot better if my parents had money. so right now im completely turned off, and i have the "i dont care" attitude" cause ill never be what she wants or needs. so im gonna stop all contact unless she messages me first, and do what i need to do, if she ends up with a boyfriend great for her, but with the way she has been with me, i very much doubt it. most guys wouldnt put up with her crap over 5 months, and i think she knows that. ugh im rambling now lol,

  • No your not. I get it like for the first time you sound like your going to do what is best for you. That has been the messages anyway. She isn't all that materialistic if she is closer to the back of the sign. Don't sweat the small stuff. Live now let her come looking for you if she wants to. But don't you set and wait either, get out there meet people. Fire and air are good together but not every Fire and air sign will be. Get out and meet more your whole life is ahead don't lock yourself in. I told you, you will have many more lessons in your life. Good thinking.

  • yea, and hear this another, Libra girl randomly sent me a message on myspace, saying "your very cute", weve talked a little bit but it seems to be another copy of jennifer, the very nice, sweet girl, looking for the nice guy, and tired of being with as-s-holes, doesnt drink, never been drunk, but this one is 3 years younger than me,19, so i dunno what to do, cause i fell like its just gonna be the same thing over again.

  • That's right try someone a little older than you. Say 21. And read what I sent to you. Your so jazzed you can hardly contain yourself. Now get out and live.

  • lol Libraslair, think you got confused on what i said haha I AM 22 lol, the girl that ive always talked about on here is a year older than me, jennifer is 23, AND, this other girl that contacted me recently is 19. 3 years younger than me. but so far she is alot like Jennifer, and they are both Libras and i dont know if i wanna end up in the same situation.

  • Yes I understood. I knew the one who just contacted you was younger. That's why I said try looking for someone a little older. Really I think you could stand to be with someone maybe 5 yrs. older or more. You might learn from someone older . They have more life experience to share.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I think he might be moving on but you never know. The boy just drives me crazy. So I hope he has listened. I want to shake him till his teeth rattle and really get his attention. But it's his lessons.

  • OK, i just saw this post ,

    Hello i am a Libra woman, and from my experiences with men , it is hard to tell them face to face that i wasn't interested in them on the same level as they wanted , I've even thrown them hints they did not seem to get...We do not like confrontation ! We do not like to Hurt People. So what i suggest, is to back off , stay good friends if thats what you and she want , but It seems that she is not ready for a Relationship with you at this time. If you don't, then you will loose the friendship all together!!

  • ok for everyone here lol

    thanks for the advice, it may seem that im obsessed with her but i asure you that i am not, i will admit that a few months ago i was but not anymore, and yes i just turned 22 and havent really "lived" i guess, but whats your meaning of "living" ? im curious, you meaning that i should go out and look for other girls? im not the kind of guy that goes and looks for anyone, ive always had the girls come to me, i just really dont care to meet some random girl and start talking to them then to find out they dont interest me, yeah there have been girls that are cute but when I find out they smoke cigerettes, thats a BIG turn off for me and i lose interest, or if she doesnt smoke, is really cute, but likes to go out to the dance clubs and get wasted all the time, i have been around and seen what i like and what i dont like, and know what im looking for in a girl, not to sound like i have a big ego but im kinda like the guy that everyone wants but no one! has been able to break down my wall to keep everyone out cause of my own fears of letting someone close to me and having them be worthy of being with me, cause i know i will treat whoever that is like a godess pretty much and be very romantic etc.... and the Libra girl jennifer has everything im looking for, but i know she really needs to stop being afraid of being hurt etc... so ok here it is, im very glad i met jennifer cause i never have gone "looking" for anyone and she has made it ok for me to let down my walls and open up even more instead of being so "closed off".

    so with that being said, i am no longer actively looking for a Relationship with this Libra girl at this time, i havent really contacted her for a week cause she is on vacation in Louisiana for 2 weeks, i know she is not ready for a Relationship now, and either am i, but i think i have been growing on her, because her friend last saturday at her party said this randomly, " so Jennifer hows that guy youve been talking too on the internet over the last 5 months, that you have been "falling" for? when she said that, Jennifer looked at her friend and had the "omg face" and she even whispered " what the hell, why did you say that? but instead of me reacting too it and saying something about it, i didnt i just left it alone, i didnt want to push it. sounds like her friends are tired of her not doing anything about me if she has feelings for me but oh well i guess, since im withdrawing and just focusing on me right now, maybe she'll wonder what has happened to me, I HAVE BACKED OFF so chill out ladies lol

  • UPDATE: what is said below is what i said on another thread about my current situation with the libra girl, and i still do feel this way but ill type more at the bottom.

    i have begun to realize and see that i have been putting all of myself into a person that doesnt even give me the time of day, and for what? so i havent messaged her since new years, so maybe she will see what i did for her, with me always being there talking to her everyday, making her laugh, making her happy, asking her how her day was, asking how school was, i showed more than enough interest, BUT of course i do understand that she is scared of being involved, and shes busy with school, but a guy can only take so much rejection before they completely get over you and leave and dont look back, cause we will think that she will never change esspecially when a guy like me came along and tried everything for so long without succeding, and i will feel very bad for the next guy that she does this too, and i feel that she will one day settle for the wrong guy, just to stop being lonely, which is sad, but thats her choice, i have changed myself ALOT since meeting her, to make sure i could handle a Relationship, if she cant do the same thing and change the way she acts and get over her fears, like i have, then it would never work in the first place.

    that was the other day i said that but as of now it has changed a little bit, since i didnt talk to her since new years and i figured id wait for her to message me, the other day i gave in and i messaged her, but the thing is that she hasnt messaged me back yet and it says that she has read my message, BEFORE i would worry about this and stress why she hasnt messaged me back, but now, not so much, im doing my own thing with getting serious about losing some weight this year and getting things straight, so im not worried about her, but yes i still do think about her alot but im alot better lol heres my theory:::::::: she didnt respond because she knew that i would send another one to see whats going on, but nope, i havent sent anything, nor am i going to unless she contacts me first, if she wants to talk to me or see me, then she has to not be afraid of showing interest in me, whats the problem with saying i miss you and i wanna see you? that would be nice lol but the meaning of this post is because YES ANOTHER SONG, i think this one has to do with that i havent contacted her WHEN I THINK SHE WAS GETTING CLOSER TO ME, then i kinda just stopped talking to her, i dunno but ill post the songs lyrics in english because its an opera song sang in another language, remember that i have told her that i loved her in the past, and i do but its weird, i feel like she does also(i hope lol) but she isnt letting her self be happy because she has school to deal with etc...,


    I am the voice that calls your name

    I am searching for you, love

    I am searching for you

    Where has love gone?

    Nothing remains

    Only blood

    And sadness prevail

    My heart bleeds for you, for you

    I crawl in...in darkness

    I am the voice

    Of love that cannot live

    Yet it doesn't die


  • I am going to TRY to help. I am a Libra female (and my first name is Jennifer). I am a hint dropper, and I expect my mate to just know what I want. I find it hard to be direct, and sometimes I don't even know what I want. I know this can be confusing, but if you let her know that you will be her friend and will always be there for her, she will come around. Try not to be so pushy; we Libra women don't like our men to appear pushy or desperate; it drives us away. We also don't like to make decisions on the spot, so DON'T give us an ultimatum! Our moods can switch from second to second. We want our men to be flexible and go with the flow. Ask her if she wants you to leave her alone for a while. If she says yes, then LEAVE HER ALONE. She will come to you when she is ready. Let her know that you are available for her, but don't wait around pining by the phone. I know this is hard to understand, but sometimes we like our space to ponder our options. It sounds to me like this is the case. She may be confused. Give her some space to breathe and just let you know you care. I hope this helps. If you have any questions for me, you can let me know. I will be happy to help if I can.

  • Oh G*d don't get him started again! Did did you read this whole thing? Please he is a young man and he will get his heart broke more times than not. He has to learn to stop obsessing about someone. Or he will miss the others out there. Keep on movin on Chevelleman. There are more fish in the sea. Don't miss the one your suppose to be with. You have many more lessons to learn it this life so confront them, work through and move on.

  • Very well said Libras Lair...I had to add my 2 cents, being the mom of a 24 year old sag. I have watched him grow and yes I am partial, BUT, you sags are really some good guys. Move on. I have watched your progress on these threads and am happy for you. Don't screw it up by backing up. The right lady is out there. Yall will find each other. Dont settle for less!

  • ok heres the thing, im sure she DOESNT want me to leave her alone, because all she has is school and work and i think she gets lonely and a bit bored cause she studies for school ALOT and doesnt get to go out and do almost anything. but also after six months, she is aware that i want more, and she even said this after i was being pushy. ill copy and paste it """"Yes Cody I'd like to be your friend but I honestly don't know if it's going to work. You say you love me so OK we'll go with that but we'd only be friends. And obviously from these fights we can't stay in just the friends mode. So how it that suppose to work? Even if you tell me your OK with it or you can handle it how do I know? You've said before you were OK with it and look at us."""" this part of her last message in a series of messages AFTER i gave her the ultimatum and i finally got her to calm down, im a good talker and i brought up alot of good points and told her the truth on why i was acting so pushy etc.... that message was from Dec 4th,


    lol dont worry im not obsessing over her like i did in the past, yes i still think about her but i cant help that, and just because you think about someone doesnt mean your obsessed, also i have NEVER BEEN THE GUY THAT LOOKS FOR GIRLS, they always seem to come to me, SO right now in my life im just letting her be because the last six months i dont think she knows what its like to live her life without me always in it. sending her messages all the time, and who knows maybe she wont like me doing my own thing and will miss me talking to her? well if that becomes the case she will have to message me first if she wants to talk, cause right now for my new years resolution im working out more and trying to lose some weight and its easier to do that now when i dont have her running threw my head all the time like i did in the past. so i assure you that im not gonna go back to the way i was before, so dont worry 🙂 and thanks


    yep how you described yourself is how she is. RIGHT ON THE MONEY. lol she doesnt know what she wants, and YES it is confusing as he-ll, when we first met we started talking about alot of things, then we realized that we were moving too fast, and said we just gonna be friends for right now. but heres the thing we have never just talked like "friends", everytime i have hung out with her friends i feel there is an uneasy feeling in the room, almost like her friends want to say, "why dont you two be together already!!" kinda feeling, and also she has only had one Relationship before and has been hurt, and she is soo sensitive, so she has had her walls up to protect herself so a long time, but i have made progress (i think), i do understand cause i have had my own walls up also and i have never felt the way i do towards her about anyone before, but i was the one putting myself out there for her like i never have in my life, and being rejected so many times, whats a guy to do??? and another note im very easy going and very flexible and dont have alot of things that get to me. probably the most laid back person in my family,, anyway im out, ill be back later my nephew wants me to watch the cardinals football game with him. thanks and take care

  • I have one thing to ask you. Have you ever heard the saying she doesn't want you but she doesn't want anyone else to have you? Some people just want to make sure that if one doesn't work out they can fall back on you till something better comes along. Please don't be blinded by BS. Clean your vision and move on. Life is too short. And I have a life time of situations like this and sometimes if your smart you'll just once listen to experience unless you really like a bleeding heart. In which case we have listened and been here to suggest and you still think your smarter than people than can see what you can't. So go ahead just don't you dare come back here and cry on anyone's shoulder cause I will be the first one to tell you I have been a Libra far longer than you have been a SAG! And women really have little respect for someone who will allow themselves to be a doormat.

  • I know that all it will take is one little text to give you a false sense of, well she has come to her senses. And you will go running over there with your tongue hanging out and drewling and letting her pat your head and oh what a good boy you came when you were called now I can throw you a bone. Don't be taken for granted cause you just might get mad at yourself for it.

  • Libraslair,

    i have to thank you very much for looking out for me and being blunt and to the point. and i hear every word that you have said and i understand what you are saying, pretty much my whole life i have been taken for granted, and people dont appreciate me doing things, or always being there for them, people calling me up when they need me, when i already got things to do and i drop what im doing to help them out, so yes i have been a doormat, but also me doing all those things, doesnt that mean that people can depend on me?? not to argue of course but i just wanted to ask what you thought, and im not gonna contact Jenn unless she does first, as i said, i have begun to realize that she is used to getting her way and i think always has, and im used to not getting my way so im used to dissapointments, i have i never been the kind of person to ask much of anyone cause i have always expected being let down so i guess with jenn, its not anything new.

  • But you don't see that you need to expect more and be more positive to draw that to you. I have to tell you because I don't think I told you before. But my rising sign is Sag. Thats the face you show the world. I don't know what you rising sign is but you don't have anything on me. Your 21 right and just getting started so when you change you will draw a different group of people to you. So start now being positive that you deserve to be treated better.

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