Ok now i need help with this Libra!! URGENT

  • CharmedWitchBente,

    what are you getting at? shes been through alot, ill post some of what she said about her past,

    """"""When I was 6 my parents divorced and it was brutal. To see them going thru that and then to be pulled in by all the adults. They didnt mean to but thats what happened in the end. Pretty much all my family hates each other so they do anything and everything to hurt one another, even if it meant using kids. My aunt would call my dad on the weekend and makeup some bogus story about my mom so my dad would come get us kids and we'd bounce back and forth til my mom found out what was said. My grandma (my mothers mom) is a total bitch from hell. she ended up kicking me my mom my sister and our dog out of the house and giving it to my uncle who already had his own house. We ended up living in a car for the summer ( this is in cali at the time) my mom tried to make the best outta it so we didnt realize what was goin on but it was hard. I dont know if you can even imagine the following 5 years. I went crazy. When i say me and my sister didnt get along...i cant even tell you all the things that went wrong between us. I ran away all the time. Didnt go to school for most of my 8th grade and ended up having to be put on a program where i had to sign into school every mornin cause if i missed a sign in then the cops would come find me. I treated my family like trash and didnt care. I tried to kill myself. I almost died. My sister was the one that saved my life that night.""""" OK THATS ALL HER TALKING , and she said that she left out alot of stuff too!!! OH and she has said that one of her sisters died at 16 years old , a few years back, and it sounds like she did lose her dad early in life, but now that is who she is staying with.


    yes leo, i am taking a break from her right now and trying to focus on what i need to get done in my life, cause i couldnt stop myself from thinking about her, but now it is a little easier, resilience???? i thought us sags were impatient and dont wait for what we want?? but i geuss thats different than, knowing what you want and not stopping until you have it lol normally i would have given up on her already because alot of what she said about her past, i have also been through also (my sister passed i was very depressed and wanted to kill self also, i fought with my older brother like gladiators) so this is why i understand her so much and the way she thinks, and i think thats alot with what attracts us to eachother cause i have never been understood and she never has either but now we both found someone that "gets" us.

  • you are impatient and resilient,

    I wrote that in a post for you before

    somewhere in the forum heck I made a lot of posts

    I understand you said you feel a connection

    then don't worry if she is yours she will be yours

    you're doing the right thing now, taking a break

    give it a week or two for both of you to cool down

    then come back to the heart of the matter

    I know it's hard to be patient, fire sign is always in a rush and blunt

    but you are not dealing with a fire sign here

    she is only blunt as much as she wants to let out at the time

    you have to wait until she lets it all out and I mean every single thing

    attend to your life until this happens

    anyway again, hope for the best Sag

  • Chevelle - this explains her wanting to be with u n yet not. it explains why she doenst know what to do. she was brought up not to never know. being in one place feeling safe is unknown to her. loosing the ones she loved the most. she is scsred to love bc she has so far lost that love. love to her equals loss

    i´d advice her to see a therapist. sounds like she badly needs one.

    i hope this helps u understand her a tad more.

    cheers sweetie

  • thanks guys again yes being patient is hard for me, but i also can be very patient also, yes this time apart is what was needed in my eyes, i will contact her maybe in a week or two just to check in on her and see how she is doing, i think by that time she wont be mad anymore and actually be glad that i made contact knowing that i didnt leave and that im still there, im just making this post commenting on both your posts. i like to think that she feels safe with me cause im a big guy lol and ive told her stories about me being protective over any friend of mine that was a girl. she only had one relationship and she probably bases everything off of that one now, and he was her first everything! so thats another thing, we are both afraid of losing eachother, she always has said that she always wants me to talk to her no matter what, even if i were to "date" other girls lol and wishes that i would always be her friend even if it didnt work out. ALSO i did notice a while back i said something about me wanting to leave, and it seemed to really piss her off and hurt her, and she said this """if it makes your decision any easier i've always known you'd end up leaving. maybe thats why i never got as close to you.""" and ive known that she thought i was gonna leave, and ive told her many times that im not going anywhere,(but yes i know words only mean so much, and i need to SHOW her im not leaving) she has trust issues and i also know that, she has a very hard time trusting people(which to me, i trust people too easily),

    after all that she has been through, i know she needs counceling or something cause she holds all of her problems inside and doesnt express them, which i am in counceling right now(for fighting with brother) and i have changed soooo much over these last 4 months and i got 2 more months to go, i dont regret anything cause im getting alot out of the councelting classes, she has had counceling before she said but stopped after a while cause it was getting exspensive. we both have problems but im the only one getting help for it right now,(i also was pushy cause i just wanted her to talk about things rather than holding stuff in, like i did and still do sometimes), i also think she feels she is not worthy of a guy like me sometimes, and that i could do alot better than her, but i dont think so, cause im sure ill never find anyone that i have so much in common with, when we both talked about our pasts it was a very good feeling that i found someone that didnt think i was a freak and understood me which i think she felt the same way that day.

    i rambled on again lol ive always understood her but that just reminded me of how much i actually do understand

  • And aint that always nice to know n get confirmed when one needs it the most? i know i do. im an expert in worrying myself sick seriously

  • WoW...She and I Are In Parallel UNIVERSES** HERR THIS*******

    I was in the same situation as Jenn...I too am a LIBRA. On Novemeber 7 when Venus entered scorpio....and mars in Leo (my rising)...a began a feverent 2 week pursuit of my long time cap/scorp lover...the 1st song was how i felt in the beginning...I felt the ephiphany of it.....than i began to get dicouraged by my self-pecieved self image in his eyes-because i did something that was shockingly cruel to him over a year ago...hence the 2nd song ( i actually teared up reading the lyrics...seriously weird shit is happening)....I got tired of texting and i needed to see him to show how sincere i was...and being an intellectually, clever libra...i breeched his highly secured building ....to my suprise....in the moments of seeing him...i knew he wasn't the one. All the words and emotions i thought would surface didnt...i couldnt even feign a tear...and believe me i was trying!!!!lolololol! Hence the 3rd song..which is where I am now...I was a False Alarm!...I got the closure I needed..it would have been better if we had had sex,....but then again i might of not had my ephiany of my ONE True Love....He a Leo/Gem moon idunno his rising...but im a Libra/Leo rising/Gem moon, toooo!...(Anyone who does charts, let me know how we match up in different sectors) I think he the one but this time im going to take it SLOWLY!...I ve known him over 2years...he so enthusiastic! he adorable...He looks like Pooch Hall on the Game (he doesnt think so) BODY AND ALLLLLLL! Adonis!....

    .Anyways....Chevelleman7...Jenn may have been involved with someone else and had really intense feelings for them....so much so that all of her energy was blindly overtly solely devoted to this person, that she had no room for anyone or anything else at that moment in her life...she's still in REcovery and is very vulnerable right now....eeven the most nicest attempt could set her off....It Not YouR FaULT!!!! Just back completely OFF...She'll come to you....LET her initiate contact...BE CONCISE IN your interaction with her meaning dont do too much be very basic.....DONT BE EMOTIONAL...THIS Is VERY IMPORTANT!!! LIBRAS dont like verbal sentiments of love and committment if we ARE NOT romanticly inclined toward you....IN a NUT SHELL>>>>BACK COMPEtELY OFF! LET HER MISS U A While...give her space or youll get used in a cold and harsh way...MY other LEO platonic frien who wants waaaay more than i care to offer....Is learning the hard way as he has been for a long time..but my LIBRA GOOD WILL KICKS IN and I cut him momentary slack..........WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN!!!!!!...Libra s Are The SteLAR EXample Of That Cliche for We aRe the SCALES THAT BALANCE WITH JUSTICE AD FAiness as our prized mediators......Dont expect nothing more than a platonic friendship.....In the meantime...Getout and explore New EOPLE and NEW PLaces....The Moon Is In ARIES which Signifies New Beginnings, New People...New Possibilities!!!!! Stay Free!


  • chevelleman

    well wish you the best I can't read people or anything

    maybe if hanswolfgang reads this he can help you

    start a new thread and write his name on the title if you want, so he can see it

    then give the link to your posts

    and yes I know you trust easily, I did say you jump into things remember? I was like that too

    I'm just older now, not as much fire anymore

    you take care now big guy

  • leoscorpion,

    well i asked hanswolfgang, if me and hers friendship would lead into a relationship, and he said " yes it will lead into a relationship, yes it will work out great, it will change soon and be unexpected"" then i asked him how soon will it change? he said " May 7th" which sounds pretty good when i think about it cause thats when she will start summer break from school and has time to put into a Relationship, but we will see. the "unexpected" part kinda makes me wonder if she will finally say everything that she is afraid of saying right now, about her feeling towards me. and maybe at that time i dont expect it??? hmm i dunno maybe i lose hope by then?


    thanks alot for the advice, i still feel like i should text her in a few weeks. just to let her know that im not completely gone and that im still around. should i do this? or should i just stick it out and not contact her? i do think that she will miss me in time because i was ALWAYS there texting her, giving her all this attention and interested in hearing how she was doing in school etc... and i actually cared thats the thing. so she will get lonely i think but i dont know what i will do with her if she does contact me first. because what if she sends me a friends invite on myspace again? i dont think i could let myself accept it, and i would tell her this also, because i would still be afraid of hurting her again by pushing for her to just talk about things. and i know it would just annoy me again to the point i act like an a-s-s towards her again.

  • chevelle

    enjoy the break and when you return, go with the flow

    the break you take is giving her a break, iin a way of saying

    change is always unexpected

    never fear or lose hope for the future, instead hope for the best and prepare for the worst

    what is meant to be, will be

  • That's why it's not a good idea....Do you think she will for get about you if you ceased contact with her for a while?...is that your fear?...understood. She will not forget about you....give her emotionstime to settle....There's a saying in reference to Libras..."Take heed the message of the PEACEMAKER".....Her message is for you to back off completely....or shit can get real violent verbally and/or physically.

    BACK COMPLETELY OFF!!!! NO TEXTS! NO IMs! NO CALLING! NO FRIEND REQUESTS!!!! NO CONTACT!! Until shes ready to open up to if she is...Sags are vey blunt and opinionated...libras and saga bump heads ALL THE TIME!..My bf gf is a sag...we loveeach other ike fam but we are both headstrong....which can breed competition and envy (on her part)...Fall back.

  • yes i will back off, i still havent sent her any messages or anything and i dont plan too, i was just asking you ladies on here on what i should do, and now i got what i needed so thank you i will not contact her. but i must admit its gonna be hard, but i know that i am strong and i just gotta keep thinking that this time apart is what is needed, and i do think that but still lol, and also we and her are so much alike i cant say it enough, my brother said that she is like the female version of me, and i do agree lol. Libra's are peacemakers??? well thats true for both of us cause she is the one that her friends go too when they have a problem and she is nicknamed "mama bear" cause of it. i am the same way with my friends they always come to me if they need to talk about anything, and since im 6'5 i get called a "A big teddy bear" from most people that know me, so knowing that we are both peacemaker and we both hate fighting and argueing cause both our lives have had nothing but fighting in our familys and we are both the youngest kids so we grew up seeing all this fighting from very young, i could talk forever on how much we are alike, cause ITS JUST THAT WEIRD LOL but me being the peacemaker is what makes me want to talk to her and make everything alright between us again, and im sure she is feeling the same way. but yes i know, you dont need to tell me again lol i will not contact her until her emotions settle down(and mine! cause im a sensitive guy lol)

  • ANYWAYS im back to talking to Libra girl again

    we didnt talk for a week (only a week yes i know) , she told me to leave her alone and which i was doing until this other friend of mine which is a girl ive been telling her whats been going on with me and Libra girl, and SHE TEXTS HER and trys to fix things between me and her, this was last wednesday, and as of right now, we are friends again on myspace, but i still gotta see if my phone is blocked, probably hasnt had time to remove it. the last few days have been intense talks(on myspace) and its seems to be good again, i had to explain why i was acting like i was, and we talked about me being "in love" with her and everything lol but even though were friends again on myspace, after all we just talked about the last few days, we both dont think we can JUST be friends anymore here is what she said """"Yes I'd like to be your friend but I honestly don't know if it's going to work. You say you love me so OK we'll go with that but we'd only be friends. And obviously from these fights we can't stay in just the friends mode. So how it that suppose to work? Even if you tell me your OK with it or you can handle it. how do I know? You've said before you were OK with it and look at us.I just don't know. What I do know is it was never my intentions to hurt you in any way. Maybe we're both at a stage in our life where we can't be friends? I just don't know""""

    and after my last message she hasnt responded, which i wrote a good message which explained alot of stuff, but i cant help but wonder what shes thinking............

  • chevelleman your going to keep it up cause you don't want to hear what we tell you. She will start to dislike you to the point of hating if you keep aggravating her. You have Libra women telling you so who would know better. I tired of telling you the samething. You don't want to hear it so you won't.

  • she even said " i feel like you listen to me but you dont HEAR me" im not going to post our messages weve had the last 2 days. getting things straigtened out cause it would take to long, and

    LibrasLair, we talked about alot of things that we both needed to hear to understand eachother, and i explained why i was acting like a jack-ass lol which it has nothing to do with my sign, but more of my upbringing and my childhood. after me being molested as a child it really screws up your head ALOT, and ive never dealt with it until this year with counceling, and telling people instead of holding it in for so long, i have my issues, she has alot of her own as well but she isnt taking counceling for them anymore, together we are slowly helping eachother with our issues, we both good people that got the short end of the stick growing up and now trying to fix so many things at once about ourselves, ive never had anyone that understands me as much as she does, and i bet the same for her probably, and after our talk recently things are more clear on how we both think, and i promise you i wont mess up again, cause i dont wanna lose her again like i did, i was lucky to have her forgive me this time cause she is soooo sensitive. ill be good lol

  • We all hope so!!!

  • wow i just found out something that blew my mind, Libra girls EX has the same birthday as me!!!! December 11th!! but he is two years older than me, i wonder if that means something? but i dunno i just thought i share that with you guys lol really, really weird

  • ok i want to hear from any ladies that read this and tell me what you think,

    after my above posts, we are on good terms again, i dont message her as much as i used too (maybe every 3 days) and everytime i do i can tell she is in a really good mood after i talked to her and see how she is doing. saturday dec 18th, (a few hours ago) i just got back from her PARENTS Christmas party at their house, i didnt spend alot of time talking to them, but when she introduced me she only said " Dad, this is cody" she didnt say " dad this is my friend cody". and the whole night i was extremely nervous of course cause im shy, and it was uncomfortable, i was talkative within her group of friends which i already met before, but they were all quiet as well, it just had a weird vibe the whole night, cause im sure she talks to her girlfriends about me, and they know how she feels, one friend of hers kept making eye contact with me alot probably cause i was more talkative since last time, and Libra girl (aka Jennifer) immedilaty looked at me every time i opened my mouth lol, it also noticed that she was trying to make me jealous, because apparently a co-worker of hers said "your pretty" to her,and the whole time im hearing this, she is completely ignoring me and just talking to her friend but loud enough for me to hear and she thought about inviting him to the party but didnt, and in her messages a few days before tonights party, she invited me no problem, and told me i could park in the drive way if i wanted, and earlier today, it seemed like she was worried i wasnt gonna show up, so she called me to make sure, and called again later because she was going to get one of her friends and if i showed up when she was gone to not leave cause she'll be back. haha

    and she also was playing one of her profile songs quite a bit from her phone(cause it her new favorite song) and kept saying she loves this song, to me ill post up the lyrics

    """When I see your smile

    Tears roll down my face I can't replace

    And now that I'm strong I have figured out

    How this world turns cold and it breaks through my soul

    And I know I'll find deep inside me I can be the one

    I will never let you fall (let you fall)

    I'll stand up with you forever

    I'll be there for you through it all (through it all)

    Even if saving you sends me to heaven

    It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.

    Seasons are changing

    And waves are crashing

    And stars are falling all for us

    Days grow longer and nights grow shorter

    I can show you I'll be the one

    I will never let you fall (let you fall)

    I'll stand up with you forever

    I'll be there for you through it all (through it all)

    Even if saving you sends me to heaven

    Cuz you're my, you're my, my, my true love, my whole heart

    Please don't throw that away

    Cuz I'm here for you

    Please don't walk away and

    Please tell me you'll stay woah, stay woah

    Use me as you will

    Pull my strings just for a thrill

    And I know I'll be okay

    Though my skies are turning gray


    we all hung out a few hours at the party, not doing much at all, we all went into her room cause she didnt finish packing her clothes cause shes leaving today to louisiana for the holidays to her moms house, i think she could tell i was nervous so we all left to IHOP, and i opened up more cause just her and her other friends, but i think she felt like i was ignoring her and i was talking more to her friends than her, when waiting for food she said that she wants to watch a movie so everyone talks a little bit but no one can deicide, and it kinda died, i think she wanted to watch a movie cause she knew i would have put my arm around her again like the 2nd time we hung out, i think she wanted that closness with me again like we once had before we decided to be "friends", seems like she wanted to be more with me for the very first time, and that makes me feel good, BUT i just dunno, a few weeks ago its only friends and that the bottom line, cause she said "i cant/wont let myself give more of myself to you". i dunno what to make of what just happened tonight, people would say that im in the friends zone now because i didnt make a move, and could be (maybe), but i dont think so, one day, one day,

    so ladies im looking forward to hearing what you have to say, did i mess things up? at least most guys wouldnt notice all the things i did tonight but im good lol, what was she trying to show me by saying certain things, or acting a certain way? the songs lyrics are really nice, but i cant let myself believe she thinks that about me cause me accusing her of using songs to talk to me got us not to talk in the past, and im not doing that again. i dunno im gonna head to bed, im very confused on what just happened tonight, thanks ahead of time.

  • http://aphroditeastrology.com/search/label/The Signs of the Zodiac Chevelleman go read this. A good friend sent it to me and I found it full of information even about my own sign. Try reading yours first. I find your little story about last night sounding just like high school. Your young don't spend all your time waiting on her. You will miss too much of your life being hung up. And as far as your childhood traumas we all have them and find a way of saying ok I know all of this now and I can turn what I feel about it into something positive instead of spending the rest of your life using it as an excuse for your behavior. Move past those things because they were lessons maybe not yours but someones and it helped to form who you are now. Good, bad or indifferent and you can do something positive with this knowledge. No excuses. No more being clingy cause it's a major turn off to a strong person. You won't get any respect from anyone even a woman if you turn to putty and stay there. A moment yes but don't be a doormat it isn't a Sag's trait even for the male. But the women in your sign are much more stronger than you appear to me and possible to others. Your young and still finding out who you are. You will always be a work in progress so don't think you are ever done. Good luck your going to need it.

  • Sorry man I just want to break it to you- coming from a Libra girl- we hate clingy people we have a hard time being mean to people in their face but a Libra requires lots of air or free space especially in a relationship. If you are this insecure now you will become very pesky in the future with a constant need to use a Libras get it done attitude to make you feel important - but Libra wont let you bask in the glory some how Libra will come and take the credit for everything good in your life because Libras are always right and know whats good for everyone else, too. if you allow her she will control every your thought and choice that you make- if you don't she will chip away at your ego with her words that use to paint you as a hero but now leave you in a constant insecurity trip helping her to feel more competent than she will ever allow you to feel.

    just letting you know the other way the most romantic sign in the zodiac thinks about people-competition is the name of the game and don't think you will come in and just have your way with Libra they seem passive at first but change into a dramatic bomb that strips down every bit of confidence you have.

    Take it from me I know- I am a Libra girl and sometimes it ain't pretty but fret not Libras are very stimulated by your aggressive conversation you can mentally coax Libra to do anything they hate to say no! they are all logic little emotion so intellectual conversation goes far with Libra you can literally talk them into the mood! with a constant change in scenery and topics you can keep this whimsical sign interested- sag and Libra is said to be a hot union-

    My advice try not to be desperate no matter what sign you are- keep your composure!

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