Ok now i need help with this Libra!! URGENT

  • seriously i want everyones and anyones opinion on this, I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW!

    ok im sure everyones has seen me talk about Jenn "libra girl" and i took everyones advice and backed off, i messaged her today saying this

    """"how have you been? havent heard from you for a while, i have noticed that everytime we talk serious (my fault), but in the end of it all we have fun, and i can tell with whatever i have said that it makes you happy, and which i had a blast last time. you so cute lol but heres the thing, even after a fun time, its seems to come to a dead end and i get no more responses anymore when i text you. and yes it has me wondering all this time, why? i have a theory on it but ahh well or maybe with you going to see twilight and i didnt go, you thought i would be mad at you? honestly its damn near im possible for me to be mad at you, yea it sucked a little but i wasnt gonna dwell on it.

    hmm what else did i have to say?.............ohh and im offically done with talking serious,and putting this pressure when it isnt needed, so i will be here as your friend(like it used to be), it doesnt mean i take back everything ive said, cause i mean them, but im just in a different mind set now and i like it here, im still gonna ask you how your day was? how was work? how was school? how you did on test? cause i do enjoy hearing about those things from you, umm you dont need to respond to this im just talking, anyways if i dont talk to you before you go to disneyland, i have to say be safe and have fun! looking forward to hearing about your time there when you get back, ok talk to ya later""""""

    i thought that she wasnt talking to me the last few days cause she possibly had feelings for me even more, after i said that i loved her (2nd time) last week, and she said she was lonely on her mood status yesterday, so i sent that message today, she kept her response short talking about how she was sorry about about me not going to twilight cause her friends didnt tell her where they were going that night. AND NOW AFTER MY MESSAGE (did it sound like i gave up on her? she has been saying all this time(4 months) that she cant be more then friends right now and it seems thats not the case, she doesnt talk about her feelings SHED RATHER PUT UP A SONG WITH LYRICS THAT SAY IT FOR HER. the first song is by dream called "when i get there" here some lyrics

    """"" Your still trying to capture the moment

    I'm living in it

    your still tryin to pry your heart open

    the sky's been my limit

    I've been wondering if you are ever going

    to met me half way

    someday will you ever make me happy babe

    When I get there I'm finely free and when I get there I'm home

    when I get there I'll turn the key and when I get there I'll know

    I don't know where I'm going but I'm going and I'll know it when I get there

    cant wait another minute cause your heart just isn't in it and its not fair

    when I get there I'm finely free and when I get there I'm home

    when I get there I'll turn the key and when I get there I'll know

    I see myself in a cathedral all dressed in white

    there's someone was willing and waiting to be there by my side

    I don't know where I'll find him but I'm sure enough going to find him somewhere out there

    I know he's going to make me happy babe

    I've been thinking about are situation its not what I want

    if you cant get what cha giving you got to be moving on

    but I got no hard feelings just the heart that needs healing

    it takes time but I'll find another road

    then I'll will know he's the one

    sure as rain

    sure as sun

    till the day hope is gone

    I will keep holding on

    OK PEOPLE!! you might think that im reading into these songs too much and that they might be songs she likes? 4 months ive known her and i know puts up song on how she feels tell me what you think PLZZZZZZZZZZ

  • 2ND SONG is Kristinia DeBarge - Died In Your Eyes


    '''''""i, i, just died in your eyes, eyes.

    just died in your eyes, eyes.

    just died in your eyes.

    there's a silence in the air tonight.

    there's a secret we can't hide behind, no more.

    there's a distance we don't dare to go,

    and a million things that i don't wanna know.

    your hands are undressing me;

    your lips won't stop kissing me;

    i hear you say you love me...

    but baby you're lying, lying.

    i see the truth your hiding, hiding.

    i look at you and i, i, just died in your eyes, eyes.

    before i start crying, crying

    give a reason for trying, trying.

    the one thing that keeps me alive, i, just died in your eyes, eyes.

    just died in your eyes, eyes.

    from the window i've been looking through,

    i have seen the end of me and you.

    oh, oh.

    and it's not about what's right or wrong.

    when you wake up in the morning i'll be gone.

    OK I DONT know whether to be angry or be depressed, i feel like i need tio confront her on these songs, and try to make things alright but i dunno.

  • chevelle

    I remember your posts, well not all but some

    I don't think she feels the same for you, the way you feel for her

    I could be wrong but that's how I feel

    if she wants to be friends then you need to accept that

    she may go further later but for now this is how far she wants it

  • ok she just put up yet another song by the same girl pretty much saying that shes gonna end it

    """""You Held Me Down For Too Long

    Battery Charged Up Now I'm On

    I'll Flip Your Breaker Now

    And Take Your Recharging Off Of Me

    Drain Me Emotionally

    Though I Could Ride On Empty

    So I Brought A Back Up

    Knowing You'd Be Back Up In The Outlet

    I Feel


    (Pull The)

    Electricity (Power)

    This Is It For Me

    It's About To Be, It's About To Be Lights Out

    (Pull The)

    This Is History (Siren)

    Solve The Mystery

    It's About To Be, It's About To Be Lights Out


    What You Think This Is

    I'm 'Bout To Flip Off The Switch

    And Shut It Down Baby

    I'm 'Bout To Leave You Powerless-Less

    Leave You Powerless-Less

    Is It A False Alarm

    Is It A False Alarm

    (I'm About To Leave You Powerless)

    Now That Your Circuit Is Blown

    In The Dark And You Alone

    Taking Out Your Fuses

    Now You're Just Useless

    No More Doing Me Wrong

    Stole All Of My Energy

    Couldn't Just, Just Let Me Be

    Thought You Was Golden

    Now I'm Withholding Everything That You Need

    Your Body's Having A Blackout

    Before You Ask What's That About

    Let's Recall How You Tapped Right Into Me

    Used Up All Of My Life Line

    Took Too Much Of My Life

    I'm Putting All Of The Power Back Into Me

    i cant take this crap, after reading all these, i wanna give up, i say that she is worth it all the time to people, but i cant help but feel right now that no one is anymore. she sends me mixed messages 24/7 and then flips out cause did what i thought she wanted and has told me she wanted, then doesnt like it when i do it, jesus christ i wish women were more straight forward with your feelings instead of playing all these games with us men and get mad when we dont do it right cause we respect you and we actually listen to what you say and tell us to do, god dammit now im getting angry, i better just not saying to her until i sleep it off

  • leoscorpion, you miss understand, read the lyrics of the songs, and this is what im getting at,

    IIIII SAID that I want to be friends! and stop talking serious like we have been, and i could tell that she has been more willing to open up to me lately and now cause of the songs, they are pretty much saying that she doesnt want to be friends anymore, and know that i want too be friends, she feels like her dreams of being with me are gone, and i cant help but feel like the biggest A** hole right now cause of it, and afraid that she might be gone for good, ughhh this is just stupid

  • OK wow calm down 🙂 I did read the lyrics and I read what you said

    "she sends me mixed messages 24/7 and then flips out cause did what i thought she wanted and has told me she wanted, then doesnt like it when i do it, jesus christ i wish women were more straight forward with your feelings instead of playing all these games with us men and get mad when we dont do it right cause we respect you"

    she has been saying all this time(4 months) that she cant be more then friends right now and it seems thats not the case, she doesnt talk about her feelings

    this is why I thought she wants to be friends, at least the first 4 months.

    I hope someone can help you 🙂 since I am never like that. If I like men, they will know. If I like men but shy to admit, I will avoid them.

    I never go halfway such as being just friends with the men I like. to me it's halfway, because if I like men I would want more than friends, not just friends.

    I see your point, you do respect her and I think you should just leave the ball at her court now. she is going to have to come out with the truth, her words, not songs. how to make her do this? I think you know how.

  • What I get is u are confused as to why she replies in lyrics instead of her own words. U wish so bad she just fesses up n says whats what.

    Im a tad curious, when she replies u in lyrics do u reply the same way?

    I think i´ll just straight out to her n ask her to do the same. I mean when u are in person together do u speak lyrics? I strongly feel u wish for a NORMAL conversation n not hide n seek what i say feel want as she has so far. 4 months u need a medal for preseverance.

    I gotta ask ya, how long of her lyrics will ya take b4 ya go enough i want a normal conversation.

  • ive confronted her on it before and she got defensive and said "they are just songs she likes and id tell you if they meant different" and YES i was like that in the beginning as well cause we have so dman much in common, and then one day i told her that she can put any song on her profile cause im not gonna read into them anymore, and i have since then out up alot of songs of my own that are JUST SONGS I LIKE, but i think she still thinks differently, cause i listen to from rock to metal anything but rap pretty much, and dman near all bands have songs that talk about relationships so what i supposed to do? lol, everyone thinks im weird for still talking to her, but i feel this connection unlike anything ive had, i cant explain, and i think she does too but i still dont know for sure. and im gonna write her a message and if she doesnt answer it, i dont waht im gonna do

  • Well off bat you are not weird, you are a guy in love. N lovemakes us crazy. human u know. u feel a connection but ask urself, is this a connection u can build a foundation on? can u still live with it 5 to 10 year from now? imagine the conversation flow down say 15 years?

    EEEEKKKKK is my gut reaction. Chevelle man , you deserve so much more n better. useal a girl is not ahm hindered from expressing, but if she uses lyrics with u n anyone else, then something is amiss. how does she converse with others? maybe she has some condition? like dyslexia or something? have u tried not to converse with her ata ll? like say not spoken mailed txt´d her for days? what came of that?

  • My honest opinion is that the theme of all the songs are about wanting to move on and the relationship is over. As one of the lines says, "This Is It For Me." I know for me, when a guy likes me and I WANT to be nice, but he just isn't getting it that it's never going to be...I pretty much just stop responding. I almost never say there is no chance in h-ell...instead I just don't respond because it's harsh enough to get the guy to stop pursuing me, but nice enough to where if you run into them somewhere it wouldn't be awkward and it's not necessarily mean/ego-crushing.

    I hope you find someone who is more honest with you and sees you for who you are. It seems like your heart is open and someone will love it.

  • CharmedWitchBente,

    WELL FIRST OFF i tell everyone that right now, its over between me and this Libra girl, (we been only firends but it has felt like a relationship lol) i sent her a message confronting her about her songs and that im tired of it being like that (among other things) and she still denied it saying that those songs have nothing to do with me, when she added those songs like 5 mins after we talked. in my message i might have been a bit harsh and overboard, but i let everything be known, so as of now she has said "goodbye" to me and told me to leave her alone. she has also deleted me and blocked me off of her myspace. so right now we arent talking lol. yeah she was mad but i was also, and everyone says and does things when they are mad that they regret later, IM NOT UPSET THAT SHE "LEFT" because i think it was what we both needed to do.............for now anyways, i dont know how long this silence will last but i know we will contact one another again,

    and too answer your questions, no right now it wasnt on a solid foundation, shes too busy with school, and i need to get a job and work on other things right now, on the other hand she has said that she is normally open to talk about things with people(which is BS cause she said that she only has deep talks with her mom and noone else) and come on arent usually girls the ones that talk? and guys arent? lol but right now she doesnt want to talk about "personal" stuff with me cause she could see herself with me but not right now cause of too many things going on.


    is was never a relationship but it sure as he-ll felt like one! lol she has said that she likes me lots and LOTS, loads etc.... and i have too but yes everytime she kept telling me that im pushing too much, i didnt listen, i wasnt pushing for a relationship at all, NOT NOW, i just wanted her to be more open with her feelings instead of hiding everything thats it, and after 4 months i think i deserved more then " i like you lots and lots",

    so get this right after i sent her my message confronting her about her songs, all she said was "goodbye cody" (yes my name lol) then i responded saying, """""there is no goodbyes, its more like ill see you later, its not you at all!,because its me.

    ill be here but i need to work on myself for a while and i cant do that with you always on my mind, so im not running or anything, im just doing what i think is needed at this point in time.""""

    then she said this back """"no this is me saying goodbye to you now. i dont want to do this with you anymore. im finished with it all. honestly you've pushed me too far this time. my songs have nothing to do with you. i wasnt even thinking of you at all when i posted those up but your gonna believe what you want so whatever. im done just leave me alone please."""""" i also said that if she denied saying those songs were about me, that she was lying to me.

    after all that!! this was my last message in which we havent talked since then(i had to text her cause i am blocked on myspace) """" if you havent blocked my number yet, theres no need cause i will leave you alone after this, i agree with everything you have said, i pushed you too far and too much, i dunno why you stuck around this long but i know why i have or did. and im sorry. i know that doesnt mean anything to you or help, but thats all i have. my fear got the better of me. as you wish i will not contact you.''''''''

    as bad as all this may sound, im actually pretty good right now, i do wanna contact her but im gonna respect her wishes and not contact her, but what if she wanted or still wants me to chase her after her saying goodbye??? hmmm naw i think that sounds clingy and im not doing that. well what you guys think? i already know that i screwed up honestly the best thing thats ever happened to me(and probably her too) but for right now, it was getting to intense for us to handle, we both alot alike so that kinda makes it bad also, cause we the nicest person ever, but when we get piss-ed, we both lose it and it gets bad, (ive heard her stories, and shes heard mine) so i think now it has hit, that what im missing from my life right now is someone that really brightens my day alot, and im sure she feels the same cause i always made her happy i could tell big time. ughhh but i still got my hope and thats not going anywhere. cause honestly i could see myself marrying her one day. and ive never had that with anyone(god that sounds weird to say lol) cause in the first song up above it says this """ I see myself in a cathedral all dressed in white

    there's someone was willing and waiting to be there by my side

    I don't know where I'll find him but I'm sure enough going to find him somewhere out there

    I know he's going to make me happy babe""" maybe she thinks the same way? i dunno cause she never talked but i think so cause i cant say this enough, we have ALOT in common lol

  • YEap girls woman r notorious talkers. if we make an example. We give both genders 4000 words to speak per day. when they come home women has used twice of not triple 4000 whereas men has used maybe between 2500 to 3000. only deep talks with her mom, pffftttt must be fights oif ya ask me. girls her age yab with her bff´s n not her mom as mom is so old n so doesnt get it. yea i recall bc i aint THAt old yet LOL

  • Chevelle, chevelle, chevelle. Hmmm to be honest I am sorry that this went down like this. Because I think you are going to miss out on a great friend. You had common ground maybe not the nicest start but there was potential. But you was in a hurry to understand everything about this girl. I am a lyric person aswell and others here explained it to you and yes I think the lyrics were meant for you but she didn't dare to tell you that it was so because of your previous response to her.

    We woman have indeed bff''s and sometimes our mom's to confide in but guys are different to be friends with. The girl wants to move on it wasn't necessarly from you but you made it so.

  • Chevelle from what i got she also spoke lyrics when u were face to face no?

  • Chevelleman I feel like she is telling you she loves you like a friend but not someone who has her heart. She may or may not still be waiting for that one. But she does and didn't want to hurt your feelings and you pushed this time and now your cut off. You wanted so much more right this minute and she isn't ready to commit to you. You aren't her knight in shinning armor but she didn't want to hurt you so she was hoping you might take the hint. Now leave her alone because your so passionate about pursuing her she may feel like she is being stalked. Now let go and see who else is out there waiting for you. It is possible for us to love two people at the same time but care just a bit more for one than the other. It is very painful if this is the position she is in but you just took care of her making a choice now if this is where she is at. But by hanging on to her you prevent the one who is looking for someone like you from getting close. Move on and if she didn't mean those things in the song that you took so literally then she will come looking for you but I wouldn't hold my breath or stop my life for someone who doesn't want me. You can't make someone love you just because your heart belongs to her right now. And frankly I am not going to beg someone to want me. I want someone who wants to be with me and I don't see her as ever making time for you. Her feeling are not the same as yours.

  • Your still very young you may loose your heart a few more times before you find the one who is going to love you the way you love her. I say your auditioning the women who will come into your life to find the right one when she comes along. You need these experiences in order to learn what not to do to the one who will be your mate. No one respects someone who allows themselves to be treated like a doormat either. I wish you the best in finding your love. But don't try to settle down with one cause the world is out there and she may not be where you live right now she may live somewhere else discover the world or at least your own country she may be in another state. Also stop looking cause she will probably come along when you least expect.

  • It's early and I already have diarrhea of the mouth. Some Sag's are very melodramatic anyway making mountains out of mole hills. I know many of them and my grandmother for one I loved dearly but if she found a new wrinkle on her face she would almost go into solitude. So lighten up and go live and enjoy your life and all the women ahead of you.

  • thanks you guys, but heres the thing that i think about all the time, from like the first week of knowing me she said "i never in my wildest dreams thought i'd meet another guy i might get serious with right now and then you show up and i'm not sure what i should do."" she has always talked about wanting to feel this wanting to do that with me, but shes got her head on straight and knows she needs to be focused on school. so for that alone that increased me liking her because even though shes had a rough childhood like me, she has her sh-it straight and i still dont and it would have never worked out if anything happened at this point. so thats why im not upset about this whole thing cause i want it to work with her so bad its not even funny lol, yes im probably sure she felt like that i might "stalk" her, but im never gonna lower myself to that point, even though i feel intense feelings for her, i have always had alot of self control

    some quotes from her.....

    ""as to WHY i'm scared...it just happens when i let people get closer to me. I feel something for you but i dont know what it is. i know i like you lots. and i think your a great guy.""

    """"i'm just honestly not sure and with my attention so split right now i cant give it all the thought and attention i WANT to. i guess we're gonna have to get seriously brutally honest and see what we both think about it....ok so here goes. i like you but i honestly dont feel ready for a serious relationship. i dont know what you wanna make of that or how you wanna go from here. but i've been trying to think about it when i have time and i dont know i just feel like i need to concentrate on getting thru school and helping my family. i do want you to always be my friend but again i'll leave it to you to decide and think about what you want."""" NOTICE THE (WANT) I PUT IN CAPS LOL shes talking About having a relationship with me, """honestly as much as i'd like to have an intimate relationship and all it would entail i dont feel ready for it. i can deal with hugs and if we are to ever get together to watch another movie i'm up for the cuddle/arm thing thats nice but anything more than that i just dont know.

    and its sooooo freaking hard to even think of setting up get togethers! if i'm not working or at school i'm stuck doing all this damn homework"""

    even after all this bad stuff has happened, i think it was meant to happen because as strange as this may sound?............everyday i check my horoscope on here on tarot and EVERYDAY has been accurate since meeting her, (AND HERS TOO) the past few days on my horoscope told me pretty much that i should watch my mouth and dont take it too far, and as of now it says that i may have to give myself some distance. so yeah it has been a little weird like we both our supposed to do this and kinda "start over" at a later time when the time is right.

  • ´Chevelle do u know if she has lost a huge male figure in her life? left the home or died or something?

  • chevelle

    you said she has her s hit straight

    why don't you focus on your life now and get it straight

    if she is yours she will be yours

    but for now why don't you withdraw, give it a break

    one day she will come out and tell you the truth

    I have to give you man, you really are resilient, just like Sags I know LOL

    toast to resilience :):)

    bye now hope for the best

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