Knave of Chalices

  • Have been getting the Knave (or Page, whichever you prefer) of Chalices a lot lately. Any info on what it could mean??? I know it may represent a younger person that could influence my emotional life, but does anyone else have some other insight? Maybe some personal experience with this card that you'd be willing to share?

  • Page of Cups represents having a full heart for others, a cup of plenty to provide for whosoever should come into contact with that individual. Pages in general represent the potential for whatever suit they're from. In the case of Cups, personal issues are most frequent, though it can also mean an appreciation for art, humanities, or just a taste for the "good life".

    Anyhow, the key point is that Page of Cups represents the potential for these things, but is not a sign representing direction or experience. Just the capability. Pages have to be tapped into, as individuals. If there's a person in your life who's a Page, they're not someone to be relied upon. They need guidance and support. A Page of Cups person might even make a better muse than romantic partner.

    Those are just some possibilities, of course--nothing absolute.

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