Weird question I know

  • I have a tiny dragon that sits near me which I bought.

    Mind u I had been looking at him 4 weeks then decided to buy him.

    It was he was saying "buy me"

    I've had him in the same position 4 months and I do know I have ghosts in my house.

    Would anyone know which ghost keeps moving my dragon cause I keep having to move him back to the same position everyday.

    I know it's a weird question but it's becoming annoying.

  • Its an old lady Taurus. Its like she still believes its her home and she has a thing for certain things in a certain spot for the overall ahm look atmosfeare pleasing to the eye.

    She has watched out for your most treasured items n nicknacks.

    HOWEVER it is ok to say :

    " listen dear lady, this dragons place is RIGHT HERE. Kindly do NOT move it again. I will appreciate it if you would on this item OVERLOOK the view pleasing for the eye. This dragon stays there because its special to me and it gives me a feeling of protection. As for what else you move around n place elsewhere is fine by me, BUT this dragin stays right here. Thank you."

    Then observe what happenes next. I think by this she will stop moving it. She will feel a few things:

    1. she is awknowledge

    2. she is accepted in ur home

    3. she is allowed to do things within limits

    Lastly i feel she is somehow related to you, i keep hearing by blood so ..... i hope this helps


  • Hi charmedwitchbente. my dob is 12/8/55. do you see my life calming down some emotionally? it really has been a rough two years for our family. i am hoping we will get to see more of our grandaughter and that my other son finds a new woman to help him heal from his bad relationship. my husbands dob is 7/19/49. my son jeremy is 2/16/77 and my son glenn is 8/25/79. Thanks for your time.

  • Hi Cathylee

    to see anything am i in need of names cities n countries u all live in. I dont work with dobs at all.thanx

  • CharmedWitchBente may I ask you something in private?

  • ok we all live in laurel md usa. thanks

  • CharmedWitchBente,

    Could you possibly answer the following question for me?

    I'm 38 years old (09/15/71), and my biological clock is ticking. I love children, and while I would like to have a life partner, my heart is begging for a child. All my readings keep on telling me that my world is about to be transformed ( the wheel) and the knight of wands and emperor, keep coming up in my readings, yet I still haven't met anyone? Do you feel or see this also? I live in Houston, Tx

    Thank you for your time and kindness.


  • Hi charmedwitch. We all live in Laurel md usa. Thanks

  • Sorry that came through twice

  • Dear CharmedwitchBente,

    I´m from Brazil and i want to know what is happening with my husband. Could you help me?

    He used to be a careless, a clean man, helping in housekeeping, a good husband, but since may, 2009 he changes completely. He became distant, depressing, introspective, doesn´t chat with me like he used to do, and without hygiene.

    What is happening? What can you foresee or see?

    Thank you a lot!



  • CharmedWitchBente I think it's my Nan or my Aunty.

    Just wanted 2 be sure.

    With you saying it's her home it might be my Nan cause she stayed here a lot cause she raised me.

    I think she might be concerned about me worrying about Chris and I think she sent my best friend back 2 me knowing I'll her shoulder to lean on.

    Nan considered my friend her grand kid.

    Moving my dragon got my attention now she has my

    Funny things ghosts do to get attention.

  • GemTwin52: Depends on what it is about.

  • Drolemberg: Has something major in his life changed? Like loss of job? retired? Loss of parents?

  • summerbutterfly:

    When you chose your signature name on tarot dot com you was at the same time given a season when that certain someone will show. Thats what i get n feel.


  • They sure do taurus girl. I didnt see whom just that it felt female. rest is up to u lol

  • Nah sounds like Nan.

    I'm stubborn so she would do stuff to get my attention.

    Looks like she still

    It's a good feeling that she still worries about me.

    Told her could move this icky statue so she has moved it a bit.

    I really don't like it.My Dad gave it to me and now we're estranged don't mind her playing with it.

    Just like she is still looking out for me.

  • Yep that she is LOL

  • CharmedWitchBente, I just wasn't comfortable putting names/locations out here regarding someone I care very much about who has stopped communicating.

    I understand and respect your privacy..thank you

  • If so gemtwin52 u can mail me at bc tarot has no ahm privacy place to go to.

  • In fact he lost his father two years ago, he is afraid about his job, concerning the possibility to not stop working yet, to gain more money and give us, me and my son, our own house, good life, understand? But, he is a man, who hadn´t much life experience, not a religious man, introspective among us now but he used to be funny and comunicative. We used to talk every night, before sleep, even if we didn´t have sex... but now.... almost never we talk, inf fact i dont have subject to it, i miss intimacy...

    What you saw?


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