Can someone give me a reading

  • i have been feeling alot of powerful things lately some i am afraid of and some i have come to accept. i have outerbody experiences while sleeping and I have aquired this gift of reading people. it has helped me to realize who i should befriend and who i shouldnt. sometimes i have ignored it. right now i am am starting to see things happen that i vision i am confused about everything. can someone tell me something?

  • Hi Missleolady27 and welcome to our world!

    First off the gift was NOT aquaried, it has beem dormant in you since you was born. You inherited it from a grandma maybe even a great grandma. Yes gifts such as ours can jump some generations.

    Outer body experiences are also known as Astral travels, astral teachings. Its a help to understand, cope, learn and use ya gift in this here life.

    as the befriend certain ones n not others is an Empathic gift.

    Visions, are they happening in awake state? or is it a De ja vu feeling from sleep experiences?

    Above all breathe n take time for u when u feel overwhelmed. Light a WHITE candle and allow the magic of the flame calm u.

    Talk to u soon dear


  • thank you for helping me i really appreciate it. i do still have quetions about these dreams. when i experience these astral travels can the person in my dream feel me there with them? When i talk to the person it actually feels like we are on the same wave length if you understand where i am getting at.

  • Hi

    Sometimes they can sometimes they cant. Its hard to explain. Ive found women are more accepting of this than men. Men tend to shrug it off as a weirdass dream u know.

  • I saw some of your other readings and would love to get your impressions on my personal and career path...I feel I am on the right path but I still lack a sense of overall fulfillment which makes me curious about what else may be going on in my life right now that I am unaware of...whether there are blessings I'm passing up somehow... and specifically my romantic life...I have gotten conflicting readings regarding my relationship status with my chosen partner... We have a complicated story but I am confident that we were brought together for a reason... Your guidance and insights into this matter would be greatly appreciated... oh yeah, his bday is 3/15/81 and mine is 3/14/80... Thanks in advance for your time

    Peace & Blessings


  • Hi Rae

    whom are u asking? if its me i need real names, cities n countries u live in, i dont do dobs, sorry


  • Hi CharmedWitchBente!!

    Hope u don't mind me asking a question about my brother cause he is really worried about this.

    His name is Mark and he lives in Macquarie Fields Australia.

    He has been waking up at 12.06am every night this week and he can't get back to sleep and he is stressing over this.He's not member on here and knows I am and hopes someone can give me answer 4 him as to why this is happening.

  • CharmedWitchBente,

    I am so sorry... My name is Sharae, his is Michael; I live in Moreno Valley, Ca, he lives in Los Angeles, Ca USA

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