• I have been having these dreams where i feel like i am actually in the dream kind of like an outer body experience. the first one i was talking to this guy who i am friends with but he was talking to me like he wanted to be with me instead of where he is now. i do not have any types of attraction to him but he is the male version of who i am...weird because i never met anyone who was like me but the opposite sex. the second dream was of him again and he was talking to me agin. i could hear myself talk to him in my dream and woke up looking around. the third dream i had of my family getting together for thanksgiving and everyone crying because we were sharing the problems we were having in our lives and with each other. i woke up and looked around because once again i could feel myself crying and i could hear myslef talking to them. i am really confused about the first two dreams because i am not understanding what is going on. can someone please help me to understand what is going on and if i should feel confsed bad and every other negative emotion. i dont know how to act towards this person because i feel he was there too as i was...please someone help me

  • Hi missleolady, I am wondering how often do you actually get to talk to your friend? How close of friends are you? Is this someone you see regularly? I think maybe you need to get in contact with him. Maybe its not a romantic possibility but maybe this is a great person in your life that needs you right now or vice versa. Do not be frightened by your dreams I think its really that you are very closely connected with this man and you are ignoring this connection. Try letting your gaurd down with him a little and see whats going on.

  • i see this prson almost everyday. he is a friend of a friend of mine and they seem to be invovled but i dont know what to say about that relationship. i have picked a few things from being around him and being that i am not the type to step on toes i ignore it but it is starting to come to me in my dreams. as i stated i do not have any romantic feelings towards him but he keeps coming to me in my dreams.i do not think about him in that way but i question why i pick up the vines that i do from him. i dislike the dreams because it makes me feel like a bad person but i know it has to be something wrong for this guy to come to me in my dreams. we dont talk about much when we are around each other but the body language and what i see within him tells me other things. dont ask i have this gift of reading people with out them saying much. that scares me too. now i dont know about the close connection but as i stated he seems to be me but a male well maybe that is the connection......... i am afraid to let my guard down with this guy because of not wanting someone tho think that i am taking something that is theirs. any other suggestions. Hanswolfgang I really need your help. I am a leo and so is this guy please help me figure out what is going on

  • This dream has more to do with you than him. Many people have dreams of intimicy with people they would never consider in everyday life. There are two things going on--you are intuitive. But you don't practice it--it's just who you are and random. You pick up nothing on some folks, a little on others. then there's those rare encounters with a few that are very transparent and are almost moon tied to your subconciouse and you can cross each other's dreams. Not everyone we feel this with is meant to be part of our lives. Sometimes people desperately searching for their "soulmate" will mistaken one of these attractions for more than it is. On another level this dream ties you two together in another way. You see something in him that you cannot see in yourself. He represents your shadow side. Your higher self is trying to tell you something. When the pictures of a dream doesn't make sense you should consider the "feelings". Your shadow side knows his shadow side--you share gathering guilt---feeling like a bad person. Your dreams are more vivid now because you have been looking at yourself in a different way lately--really examining yourself like never before--you suddenly see parts of yourself you'd rather not know about. You are trying to heal. As for the other dream all this digging deep you've started is to be celebrated--like a Holiday--yet there is a painful side to it--to acknowledge our past faults and shortcomings is wisdom that helps us be better but to be better means we have the knowlege to recognize how we've hurt ourselves and the ones we love in the past! A happy and sad celebration--like your dream

  • not good with dreams interpretation but it doesn't seem like regular dreams to me

    you may think you can block your feelings for him but psyche only tells the truth

    and so it comes out in a dream

    you know he feels the same, he may also try to block his feelings for you

    but again psyche doesn't tell lies, including his

    he might even have the same dream, or at least he dreams about you

    since he belongs to someone else I'd suggest try tell him about the dream

    but try to have this conversation private, other people may misunderstand otherwise

    ask him what he thinks, since you can read people, you will know if he lies in his answer

    don't hold bottled up feelings. admitting your feelings to him is not the same as being home wrecker. you are just being honest. it will depend on him what he wants to do after he knows it.

  • you said you need hanswolfgang

    try bump this thread as often as you can he might see it

    or create another thread but mention his name on the title he will see it

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