Need intuitives insight on relationship problem

  • I have been "briefed" on this problem by a few people but the answers are always non-descript and cloudy, so I will ask again and see if anyone has clear insight on my problem at hand. My name is Claire, born 7/21/57... the man in my life is James, 7/9/66..... we have been having an emotional relationship for 8 months.... we have not yet met, he's in California, I'm in Texas. When we first met we connected instantly and began phone conversations. After 3 months we declared "love' emotions to each other. He mistakenly thought I was "still Looking" online and disappeared for 1 month, no communication at all. I finally sent an e-mail telling him goodbye and goodluck. He immediately returned my e-mail and wanted to work things out. We began communicating again only it was strictly infrequent e-mails and mainly text messages, phone calls were a no go for him and he never expalined why when I inquired about it. We were fine for 3 months again and for no reason he has disappeared again, no communication at all. I have sent e-mails asking why but no response. My main question I suppose is what is going on with him as far as I'm concerned. I also need to know if we are meant to be together as lovers in a long term relationship. I am at wits end and very in love with him. I know I should run for the hills as they say but I know he loves me deeply and if he is woth working through his fears of intimacy or trust than I am willing to do this but I need to know if he is willing to do this for me. Where do I stand in this big silent void? Please help..... my heart is breaking wide open.

  • all you need is first to discourse this relationship out with him. dose he want to have you as his woman for a long time in the relationship or dose he just need an emotional connect only as you guys have just had over the months. call him and discourse this out if you think he is worth the pain. and if he becomes weird or snobbish then just nurse your pain with courage and move on with the friends you can connect with around. take a vacation or do something for charity.

    know one thing as a woman you deserve every love you need and give love also to others irrespective of prejudices and divisions. love is the one language that is same and accepted anywhere around the world. so think good of your self and look on into the future with courage and self respect my dear sister!

    love Jeffrey imieh

    Abuja,Nigeria, West Africa

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