Offering Prayer

  • Hi MsScorp and others. Thank you for your offer to pray for people.

    I myself have also gone through a transformation. I am experiencing an awakening, I have read about the lost one who have been awakened to reality again, like the prodigal child coming back to reality (to God).

    At the same time God has given me people to be with me. Together we will help each other and other people in the world with doing business (attract money and entrerprises to poor people amongst others) and in spiritual matters. Although mostly the spiritual matters will be for ourselves and each other so that we continue to blossom and be of service to the healer. These days the plans are on its way to materialise and become real.

    Please just ask your healer to heal me too, and to continue to make me become a true servant of The Light.

    Thank you.

  • Hi THW,

    Haven't seen you around for a while, nice to see you are back!

    Wenchie :-))

  • Hi Wenchie;) Thank you. I am not entirely back. Just popping in.

  • Pilot007, no problem consider it done.

    TheHangedWoman, it's nice to hear from you! I will gladly send a prayer for you.

    I will be gone for a while since I have some more work to do. The prayers that have been asked for will be sent. Talk to you all soon!

  • Hi FearNotOne. Good name you have chosen. Thank you for your prayer. I have faith that it will come true.

  • Thank you so much for the offer of prayer. Could you please pray that all of us are more aware of the universe and allowing it to help guide us more toward the things that serve us in our lives and let go of those things that are not meant and no longer serve us. It seems that a lot of us on this forum have gone through divorce and a complete change in our lives. Pray that I along with the others find comfort in our new lives and that we have new love, happiness, good health, financial stability and to recognize our inner intuition to heal and nurture ourselves on our new journey.

  • Hi all, Hope everyone is doing well.

    Please Read!

    This was posted in another Forum by Ahliyah and said that i could post it in other Forum's,

    it brug a warm feeling over me as i read it,it's a nice prayer.

    so if you did not get a chance to read it,here it is.

    Thank you, thank you thank you all. Love,


    Thro’ many dangers toils and snares

    I have already come;

    ‘tis grace has bro’t me safe thus far,

    And grace will lead me home.

    ~John Newton


    In and through you GOD I AM and the CHRIST-LIGHT, I live move and have my being

    Through your comforting love and light, I AM clearly seeing

    In my hours of pain and anxiety,

    I attune my soul to love and victory

    Blaze your loving light by the power of seven times seven

    Descend upon my form, GOD'S comforting angels of heaven

    In and through GOD'S radiant heart of great love

    I AM comforted in this might and light from above.

    Peace & Blessings


  • May God Bless you Always...i'm going through difficult times been praying and you will be in my prayers too...your very kind in offering your prayer to everyone....

  • Yes, I agree that it is very kind to make such an offer. Prayers are important as they also help us focus away from negativity, and instead build up our lives inwardly in our thinking and our attitude. It increases our energy level and generates healing if we truly manage to act on faith and surrender to the higher energy level that heals us. Check the link It elaborates on what prayers and a change in our thinking can do. Although it still does not elaborate what true surrendering is. For example if we say: Light, Healing and Joy, Oneness, let us surrender to you as you cleanse us, heal and protect. To say such a thing and preparing for the responce, or even stopping thought processes and just wait for it to come, is enormously effective. And that is not mentioned in the film I linked to above. It just talks about how we can create, and that is not everything. But a lot.

    Peace and love.

  • Thanks fear not one, what a blessing to have someone else pray for you. Thank you, thank you. ( :

  • I totally agree with you TheHangedwoman May God bless you always !!!! Surrender and have FAITH!!!

  • I would like to share my morning prayer with everyone.

    God,as i make my way through this day with thy constant presence guiding me,please help me to experience any negativity my mind might create in my daydreams and then release it,transforming it into affirmation's of my power,my courage,my capacity to give and recive love and my awareness that,through you,there's nothing i can't endure in the course of the Eternal Life you've given me.....


    Peace & Blessing


  • FearNotOne, thank you so much for your offer of prayer. If you are still following this thread my heart would feel lightened to have you say a prayer for my two son's. The first is nearly a man, but not quite. He has decided to be on his own and live separate from me and his little brother as a senior in high school. He feels he is making the best choice for himself and his future and I am heartbroken but I am letting this "be" for now and have turned this into God's hands now, putting my faith in him that what is right and meant to be will come of this. I would like to ask you to say a prayer for him that he will be safe, well nourished in mind, body and soul, and that he will have the clarity to make decisions that will truly be best for him and his future, along with any thing else that comes to your heart and mind when saying the prayer. For my youngest son (8), I would like to ask you to pray for him that he stays true to his heart, and finds the strength and courage he needs to go through the many changes he's experiencing right now. I would love for him to have his burdens lifted and be filled with the joy, happiness, and lightheartedness of a child his age.

    Thank you, Sarah, and may you be blessed for being such a blessing to others!


  • Even though I am fairly new here I cannot help but notice how many people are looking for solutions or answers at this time.

    Bearing this in mind, I thought it might help if we re-vitalise this Prayer thread so that we can remember those in need, especially those seeking the most basic of needs met; a home, food, security, safety, LOVE. May they find the inner peace they are looking for.

    I found this prayer for calming inner turmoil and felt the need to share it here:

    Gracious Lord,

    Spread out your comforting hand over my soul that I may find peace. Recently I have felt unworthy and overwhelmed, like a storm tossed ship at sea. Help me to find security through faith in you. Grant me moments of insight and calm, so that eventually the storm will pass.


  • Congrad. Thank you for the prayer offer, many of us are in need. I would love it if you can say a prayer for me. Please pray for me to have good health, love, career, finance and happiness. Pray for all of us to fair better this year.

  • Fanofkmm ---Beautiful!

  • Prayer is one gift we all can give. Thank You for revitalizing this thread. fanofkmm 🙂

  • Well said fanofkmm

    That is a beautiful prayer, thank you so very much for sharing it with us

    Tal xx

  • All prayer, whether christian or otherwise with pure intent, is always beautiful as it will bring beauty in this not always beautiful world

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